AJ Terrell



6' 1"

195 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Ohio State, Syracuse 2018 Vs: Duke, Notre Dame

Report By: Jacob Patterson

Scouting Report


Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 8.00
Flexibility: 8.30
Deep Speed: 8.50
Explosion: 8.00
Coordination: 8.20

Terrell's film is fun to watch and his physicality pops on tape. An athlete with good agility and balance that has the flexibility to disrupt a receiver from any angle. His flexibility in his hips also allows him to make swift changes in direction to stay with his man. Film shows a speedy corner that has no issues keeping up with receivers step for step. From an athleticism standpoint, Terrell has it all. Very athletically gifted player that at times looks like the best player on the field.


Man Press: 8.40
Man Off: 6.10
Zone: 6.30
Hand Fighting: 8.30
Hips/Turn Ability: 8.60

Physicality is what makes Terrell's game so impressive. His size allows him to jam receivers at the line well and his strength helps him combat them with good hand fighting. He is very fluid when it comes to his footwork. His transition from jamming to opening up and running with receivers downfield is seamless. As mentioned before, Terrell's ability to flip his hips and cover is excellent. He is a very rangy corner that can cover large areas due to his overall quickness. He is disciplined in zone or off man schemes which allows him to on the field almost constantly. He is anything but a liability in coverage.


Closing Quickness: 7.00
Ball Skills: 7.20
Route/Play Diagnosis: 7.00

Quickness is a strength for Terrell. His 4.42 40 yard dash time showed that speed is no issue either. He has very good ball skills and knows how to give himself the advantage by knowing where to be and often times knows how to keep bigger receivers from boxing him out. He stays tuned in and knows how to read and react to each play.


Quickness Upfield: 7.20
Fight Through Blocks:6.90
Tackling: 6.70

With quickness not being an issue, Terrell can get upfield fast and help out in run support. He is a willing tackler but needs to work on his technique. He is caught often times trying to "arm tackle" instead of wrapping up his man. This can lead to broken tackles or whiffed tackles all together. His lanky build can at times lead to him getting caught up and not be able to fight off of blocks.


Toughness: 8.00
Production: 8.30
Consistency/Motor: 8.20

Terrell's physicality shows how tough of a player he is. During his time at Clemson, Terrell has come up with quite the resume. In his career, he has totaled 102 tackles, 11 PDs, 0.5 sacks, 2 FF and 6 INTs. Terrell is a competitive player that gives it his all every game. No need to worry about him showing up.


Instincts: 8.00
Learn/Retain: 8.10
Teamwork: 8.00

Terrell is smart and knows how to read plays or the QB's eyes. He has improved his game season to season and is a leader in the locker room. From an intelligence standpoint, Terrell has it all figured out. The ability to elevate his game each season should make coaches feel good about his work ethic.


Good length and size for modern NFL CB. Displays good ball skills. Good in man and zone coverage. Shows the ability to play press coverage and is able to jam his receiver well. Shows good fluidity in his hips to turn and run downfield with his man. Is able to diagnose plays and doesn't get confused or have problems staying with his assignments.


Needs to work on his tackling technique. Most often leads with his shoulders or arms instead of wrapping up the opposing player. Gets handsy at times when battling receivers that get towards the outside.


Film shows a long, speedy corner that excels at footwork and technique. AJ Terrell has the size and instincts you look for in a modern cornerback. He has the ability to run with almost anyone and can stay right on their hip. From an athleticism standpoint, AJ has it all. His speed, quickness, ability to change direction and footwork are elite. Terrell doesn't shy away from contact but does need to work on having better technique when tackling. Clemson put Terrell on an island for most of last season and for good reason. He has good traits that he puts to good use on the field. He's a competitive player that plays with a unique intensity. Terrell needs to show scouts that he can clean up his tackling and that the National Championship game against LSU was a fluke. He has the talent to do so, so let’s see if he makes it happen.

DRAFT POSITION: Early-Mid 2nd Round

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