Adam Trautman

Tight End


6' 5"

255 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Drake, Jacksonville State, San Diego

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.80
Flexibility: 8.00
C.O.D.: 8.00
Explosion: 7.80
Deep Speed: 7.30

Former QB and high school basketball player who has great athleticism for the position. He has the fluidity and agility to win his routes laterally and the size and strength to win over the top of defenders. Is able to make defenders miss in space with underrated elusiveness for his size and the strength, forward lean, and leg drive to run through poorly planned tackling attempts Has explosive jumping ability and when used in conjunction with his height presents a huge catching radius. His deep speed is more than enough to threaten defenses on seam routes and to have to account for him on downfield throws.


Quicks off LOS: 8.10
Route Running: 8.30
Separation: 8.10
Hands: 8.50
Yards After Contact: 8.50
Ball Security: 8.20

Excellent first step quickness off the ball, and will use his hands to keep himself clean out of his release. Ran the entire route tree from a number of different positions. Has an advanced approach to getting open both early and late in the pace of the route. Showed an impressive hesitation move early in routes as well as hand checks late to get open for his passer. Hands are naturally strong and doesn't fight errant throws, rather he is able to use excellent body control to adapt to them. Can be hard to bring down when he has a head of steam as he has a solidly built frame with strength throughout and a finisher’s mentality to every run. He is able to secure the ball neatly away from harm's way and is aware of players trying to punch the ball out.


In-Line Runs: 8.10
Motion Runs: 8.20
Blocking in Space: 8.00
Pass Blocking: 7.50
Situational Awareness: 7.80

Without having much experience since converting from QB as well as coming from a smaller program his understanding and effort in the run blocking department are impressive. Shoots hands inside pads when blocking in-line and runs his feet on contact which led to a number of plays where he gives his assignment a ride 5 yards downfield. He uses his lateral agility when asked to lead block in front of counter traps, and was great at flowing and targeting blocks at the second level. Quality pass protector on the limited number of reps viewed. Flashes a mean streak when run blocking and seeks to bury his opponent. Showed patience and light feet to match pass rush as well as the ability to anchor when engaged. is a clutch performer and can be trusted in key moments and with important assignments.


Toughness: 8.00
Production: 8.20
Consistency/ Motor: 8.20

Flashes his toughness at the catch point where he is a combat catch artist. Few DBs are able to separate him from the ball when it is in the air. Is willing to do the dirty work blocking to let his teammates thrive. Was a go-to target his two years of starting while at Dayton, and put up excellent production with 9 receiving TDs in 2018 and an astounding 14 TDs in 2019. High revving motor that never shuts off and can outwork his opponents late in games.


Instincts: 8.20
Learn/Retain: 8.00
Versatility: 8.10

Excellent feel for how to get open as well as field awareness as he made a number of highlight-reel catches along the sidelines. He converted from QB just two seasons ago and seemed to be able to fast track his way through developing all the small nuances of the position. Not only that but he was asked to play a number of positions such as: In-Line TE, Move TE, Slot WR, Outside WR, and FB.


Trautman is an athletic pass catcher who uses his size, strength, and jumping ability to dominate smaller-bodied defenders. He is able to win his route in a variety of ways whether by savviness or by pure strength. Is able to adapt his route to how the defenses are playing him. As a blocker, he plays with a nasty temperament and seeks to bury his opponents. In space, he is able to flow and fit at a high success rate.


He needs to continually add quality strength as he steps up in competition because heavy-handed DL can shed his blocks. Can also have trouble staying in front of quicker DBs when blocking in space.


Adam Trautman comes from a small school, but his talent is that of Power 5, blue-chip recruit. He has everything you look for in a starting caliber TE and can contribute immediately in a variety of ways. He should come off the board quickly during the second day of the draft most likely as a 2nd Round Pick. Teams such as the Steelers, Patriots, Bengals, Falcons, Packers, and Cardinals should have an interest in his services. His skill set reminds me of Greg Olsen.

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