Albert Okwuegbunam

Tight End


6' 5"

258 lbs



Injury History: Right Shoulder Injury (Missed 3 Games: 2018)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: South Carolina, Ole Miss 2018 Vs: Georgia, Alabama, Memphis

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.40
Flexibility: 7.40
C.O.D.: 6.60
Explosion: 7.30
Deep Speed: 7.00

Long and athletic TE, who possesses great bulk for such a young prospect. Huge catching radius that allows him to corral passes anywhere in his zip code. Shows good lateral agility and fluidity in space, but is at his best when moving in a straight line where he can use his size, power, and physicality after the catch. He has very good first step quickness off the LOS, which in combination with his size and power makes it hard for defenders to get a good jam on him. Has the ability to lay some big-time hits on defenders trying to bring him down after the catch when he has a head of steam. Also has a tremendous ability to get vertical, and go get the ball at its apex. Good long speed that makes him a threat to stretch the field vertically, and safeties playing the deep third have to be mindful of that especially with his frame and also showed the ability to pull away from defenders on the RAC.


Quicks off LOS: 7.50
Route Running: 7.60
Separation: 7.50
Hands: 7.30
Yards After Contact: 7.80
Ball Security: 7.20

Very good first step quickness off the LOS, and has great snap anticipation. The combination of his powerful build and burst makes it hard for defenders to get a sufficient jam on him. Ran a wide variety of routes on the route tree, and was deployed from a number of different positions. Sets ups his routes like a seasoned veteran, and is especially dangerous on seam routes with his size and physicality. Showed the rare ability as a very young college prospect to be able to gain separation in multiple ways. He has the power to be able to physical his way open, has the savviness to use subtleties of head fakes, or by being quick in and out of his breaks. He also has an advanced grasp on how to shield the ball away from defenders, and make combat catches. Showed a nice swim and hump move to disengage from a jam at LOS. Strong and sure hands. Was a safety valve for his QB, that when he was in duress, he would look his direction. Would have the occasional drop due to trying to get going upfield before securing the catch. Flashed the concentration to secure catches in traffic, and displayed the ball tracking ability to corral the ball at its apex. An absolute bull to bring down after the catch. He runs with mean intentions and will drag would-be defenders downfield. Once he gets that big frame with NFL ready bulk going with a head of steam, good luck trying to bring him down. Generally, he was very good at protecting the ball from turnovers but had the occasional lapse when he would be fighting for extra yardage where he was facing more than one defender who would be punching at the ball that would lead to a fumble.


In-Line Runs: 7.30
Motion Runs: 7.50
Blocking in Space: 7.60
Pass Blocking: 7.50
Situational Awareness: 7.70

Uses his length and strength to his advantage as an in-line blocker. Shoots his hands inside, snaps hips on contact, and runs his feet continually throughout the block, which allows him to stonewall defender.s Has shown the ability to collapse and seal the edge as a down blocker and uses his NFL ready bulk to anchor and steer defenders away. Initiates contact, but needs to improve at maintaining his block and not allow them to disengage. He was used as an H-Back or wingback a ton and shows that he can target and initiate contact on move blocks at a high rate of accuracy. Not only does he connect, but once he gets his hands on you, and gets his build moving downhill with momentum the defenders get pancaked. Was adept as a lead blocker on counter trap plays, and would open up nice rushing lanes for those behind him. Does a terrific job of being a stalk blocker out in front of screen plays, as well as being able to scrape and flow from first to second level of defense as an in-line blocker. Keeps his eyes up, and flows to target with a high rate of accuracy, the only time he fails is when a DB with better fluidity flashed past him. He was asked to chip in on pass protection here and there and showed an acumen for being able to hold his own. He uses his length to his advantage, showed great patience, and an ability to shuffle his feet to be able to mirror and match pass rushers. Clutch performer both as a receiving target, as well as a blocker. Puts forth a tremendous effort on each and every play, and that showed with him blocking with his feisty playing demeanor even while being up by a sizeable margin.


Toughness: 8.00
Production: 7.70
Consistency/Motor: 7.90

Gritty and feisty playing demeanor, and loves to use his physicality on each and every play trying to break his opponents will. Willing to scrape and claw, and do all the dirty work that makes a TE great, as well as power through tackles. Was a standout red zone target throughout his time on campus, and put up elite-level touchdown production in 2018, with 11 TD's. Was a Freshman All-SEC selection in 2017, and All-SEC Second Team selection in 2017, and was named as a Preseason All-SEC First Team selection in 2018 and was in consideration for the John Mackey Award in 2018 and 2019. He is a high energy player that gets equal enjoyment out of the physicality of blocking, as he does in skying for a TD in the red zone. No questions on his effort.


Instincts: 7.90
Learn/Retain: 7.80
Versatility: 7.80

He has a great feel for the position, both as a blocker and receiver. He understands positional blocking, as well as how to angle defenders away from rushing lanes. He also has an advanced feel for how to leverage routes, savviness to route running, and the understanding of how to run routes differently in zone and man coverages. Lined up all across the formation from in-line TE, to move TE, to lead blocking as a FB, to splitting out as a slot WR, and on some occasion, he was split out wide at WR. He also was not pigeonholed to one side of the field, he played both left and right sides of the formation which shows how intently he studies in preparation by being able to keep all those positional responsibilities in line. He was under a new OC as a redshirt sophomore that was more of a pro-style offense compared to the offense he played in as a freshman, and he was able to pick up on all the small intricacies quickly.


Massive pass catching TE, who looks more like he has already been playing in the NFL for a few years. Terrific red zone target with great length, and huge catching radius, can sky high and catch the ball at its apex. Has good long speed to be a threat down the seam, and put defenders back on their heels. Is a dangerous runner after the catch, because he runs with an angry disposition. Will break a ton of arm tackles, and you will need to gang tackle him. Terrific blocker who understands all the small nuances of the game, and is a very intelligent player. Willing to do all the dirty work that makes a TE great.


Good, not great agility running laterally, and he needs some time to build up to top speed. Will have the occasional drop because of trying to get upfield before securing the pass. Needs to work at maintaining his blocks longer, and not allow them to disengage.


Albert Okwuegbunam, whose last name means, "Eagle cannot bring us down," embodies that theme in his playing demeanor. He is a hulking presence in the red zone, as well as a sturdy run blocker. When it comes draft time, there will be a line of NFL franchises lining up as suitors to spend an early-round pick on this young man, because he already possesses an NFL ready frame with great length, and bulk. I can see him coming off the board during the second day of the draft most likely at the tail end of round 2/ early round 3. I could see the Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, Texans, and Saints as just a few franchises that would take a keen interest in him. His playing style reminds me of a player back in the 1990s in Eric Green who also was a hulking presence with an ability to make a difference as a pass-catcher with great athleticism, and a very good run blocker.

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