Andrew Thomas

Offensive Tackle


6' 5"

315 lbs



Injury History: Ankle Injury: Kept Getting Reaggravated (2018)

Games Evaluated: 2018 Vs: Alabama 2019 Vs: S. Carolina, LSU, Notre Dame

Report By: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.50
Flexibility: 6.50
C.O.D.: 7.25
Explosion: 8.00
Versatility: 7.50

Thomas isn't the greatest athlete when compared to some of the freaks amongst his draft class but he's got all the physical tools to play the left tackle position at the next level. He possesses functional agility and play strength, is explosive out of his stance especially in the run game, and is quick enough to change direction on a dime when picking up stunts. He's versatile enough to play in any scheme and excels as both a run blocker and in pass protection.


In-Line: 8.50
Movement off L.O.S.: 8.25
Reach Block: 7.25
Pull & Block Outside: 6.50
Adjust In Space: 7.25
Use of Hands: 7.00

A destructive road grader type down blocker who eliminates opponents from the play entirely with his explosiveness out of his stance. He manhandles even the biggest of DE/DT's the SEC had to offer in the run game and has a highlight reel of pancake blocks throughout his collegiate career. His hand placement isn't perfect but his strong grip makes it nearly impossible for players to disengage. Thomas was rarely asked to pull across the line but did a great job in space when getting to the second level or peeling off for a screen.


Quick Set: 8.50
Protect Corner: 7.75
Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 8.00
Anchor / Reset Ability: 8.25
Handle Games/Stunts: 7.50
Hands / Punch: 7.75

His quick set is NFL caliber and his active, choppy feet help him stonewall opponents at the point of attack by getting low in his base and continuing to pump his legs. Andrew redirects very well and is rarely beat on counter moves. Typically his bad reps were tied to his high hand placement against rushers who can bend the corner and get under his long reach. If able to engage first with a strong punch he's practically undefeated and rarely allows rushers a second chance. Once he's stopped a defender’s momentum, Thomas looks to finish and drive his opponent to the ground or 10 yards out of the play. His strengths lie in his consistent lower body and base technique. It's hard to find film where he's out of place, off-balance, or losses the body positioning battle. Andrew's ability to cuts off the rushers path to the QB with his ability to mirror defenders counters, spins, and stunts. Punishes a defender anytime they false step or lose balance.


Toughness: 8.50
Consistency / Motor: 8.00
Production: 7.75

Andrew Thomas has a mean streak to his playing style that gets you excited to watch his film. He consistently delivers the blow and rarely attempts to absorb the defender’s momentum. His effort and motor are never lacking but he can improve his consistency from a pass protection standpoint and gave up a handful of sacks at Georgia because of it. His production in the run game is undeniable and outside of those few technical inconsistencies, he stonewalled pass rushers and protected Fromm's backside as well as any left tackle in CFB.


Instincts: 8.25
Learn/Retain: 8.00
Teamwork: 7.75

You can tell he's a football player first and athlete second. Andrew sees the field very well and often senses pressure immediately, whether it's a stunt or delayed blitz, the Georgia tackle understands defenses and where defenders are supposed to be. Does a good job at transferring blocking responsibilities and peeling off double teams to pick up and cut off linebackers in the second level.


Thomas's length and usage of the many tools he utilizes in the passing game to halt his opponents in their tracks. A strong base and lower body are showcased in both the run and the pass as a blocker. He's a true mauler and plays with a punisher type attitude. Has a great understanding of weight distribution and leverage, he often uses his heavy frame to his advantage and forces defenders to move all 315lbs due to his technique. His footwork isn't perfect but they're very active and never stop turning. His awareness and ability to locate his targets are likely the most important trait to his game and was shown in his second-level blocks.


Inconsistent technique and high hand placement have been one of the few knocks you can find in the tape. In reps that he lost, it was typically against speed rushers who were able to get low, avoid his hands and beat him around the corner. Thomas does tend to give up a ground when speed to power rushers are able to build momentum before engaging but was never completely buried into the pocket.


Andrew Thomas is a day one plug and play left tackle who'll become the staple of an offensive line and protect his QB's blindside for 10+ years to come. His floor is still that of a starter, his ceiling could easily be as high as all-pro. Thomas can play both left and right tackle and will have a major impact on any team's run game and will eventually develop into an equally dominant pass blocker once a quality O-line coach is able to correct the Georgia prospect's coachable inconsistencies. He's a top 10 prospect who may slight into the early teens due to the steep competition at the tackle position. He's the least athletic of the top 4 but arguably the 1a or 1b most pro-ready with Jedrick Wills. Teams who can't wait for a player to develop year one or are strictly looking for a left tackle may have Thomas as their #1 overall target at the position, while others may view his upside or ceiling to be 4th highest because of his athletic traits. Either way, Andrew Thomas is a stud and is sure-fire, can't miss prospect. Draft Stock: Top 10-15 Team fits: Jets, Browns, Buccaneers Pro Comp: Ronnie Stanley

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