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Andy Isabella


College: Massachusetts

Height: 5' 9"


Weight: 188 lbs

Injury History: No Major Injury History

Scout: Ashton Moore

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 8.60

Q.A.B. 8.75

Very good athlete who knows how to create space in a short area. Does not go down easily with arm tackles and its due to his functional straight and balance. Effective short route runner due to his ability to make the subtle yet effective moves against his nearby defenders.

Flexibility 8.25


Has provided enough tape to show he can use his flexibility to his advantage on his RAC and can dodge diving arm tackles and ensure he doesn’t go down on diving arm tackles. Athletic runner who shows bend during hiw escapes and routes.

C.O.D. 8.25


Very capable of creating space when corralled by defenders. Good athlete that knows how far and when to make move.

Explosion 8.75


Has very good athleticism which is visible in his tape, and he will win most 10 yard races. If he gets a free lane, he will create availability downfield.

Deep Speed 9.00


His 40 time translate in races downfield. Will beat most to 50 yards. His athleticism and quickness is evident during his jumps.


Without Ball 6.47

Quicks Off LOS 8.25

His athleticism and quickness is evident during his jumps. Covers a short area effectively and efficiently. Can provide separation quickly if a defender chooses to get in a press situation and misses.

Release VS Jam 6.00

Can be bodied by CBs due to his size, but has good enough separation and quickness to win some battles. Would be a better option as someone who is in motion and can utilize his athleticism.

Route Running 7.25

Provides enough tape to show he understands the nuances of route running but overall his value wont come a full route tree. Understand what you’re getting from him and play him short or deep.

Separation 8.35


His size and explosion help him gain an area of availability with his windows. He thrives on downfield routes where he can capitalize on his foot races. Wasn’t utilized enough inside to show how he’d do on routes outside of flats, meshes, screens, curls, and deep routes.

Blocking 5.00

More of a “get in the way” blocker than a true asset out wide. Cant really blame his limitations due to his size but overall you cant consider him a relible blocking option when on the field. Either use him as decoy or true option.

With Ball In Hands 6.19

Hands 8.00

Has a propensity to body catch it but doesn’t really get a lot of balls that are necessarily “in traffic”. If you threw a ball at him he's pretty reliable to catch it but his lack of radius limits the capability of his targets.

Yard After Contact 8.25

His low center of gravity and tremendous athleticism provides him with a susceptible amount of ability to become a true threat as a short yardage and deep threat option.

Ability in Space 7.50

Has a nuance for what move to make to compensate with his low center of gravity.

Ball Security 8.50

small catch radius helps him in the sense that the ball is close to his body at all times and with that his security is optimal.

Competitiveness 8.50

Toughness 8.00

Minimal injuries which is something to say considering his size. Cant feel comfortable giving him a “durable” grade going forward knowing the risk with his size

Production 9.00

Has record for most receiving yards in a season. Played on a bad team which prioritized his involvement in the game plan. 

Consistency/Motor 8.50

He’s kind of limited due to size but there weren’t many instances of him “giving up” on a play. He did seem to provide consistent effort throughout each of his routes even though it was an elementary playbook. Don’t get to achieving most yards in a season without providing value each rep.

Instincts 8.00

You can see his instincts shine through when he has the ball in his hands or he’s trying to bait a defender on a route. Definitely a ball player and knows how to play.

Learn/Retain 7.50

Position Versatility 5.00

Doesn’t provide much versatility value outside of a gadget weapon who is used for end arounds/screens/flats/deep routes. Could be a genuine asset as a returner and I’m sure that’s how he’ll get early playing time.


He is a ballplayer who happens to also be an amazing athlete. Impressive tracking ability teamed with his effective deep speed will carve out a role for him as a downfield option. Also sows strong YAC abilities which translate in his end arounds. Makes small, savvy mannerisms that appear when he is running routes or with the ball. Amazing productivity at a small school but showed enough on tape to give confidence in him being able to make plays when in the NFL. Has a low center of gravity and surprising amount of functional strength which make him a more difficult tackle than his size would make you think. I think he could be a true weapon as a returner as well. His yac and overall running capabilities should translate.


He’ll be the noticeably small guy on the field at all times. His size doesn’t do him favors when blocking, do not count on him to hold containments on outside runs. He has a propensity to body catch somewhat consistently. Has an extremely limited catch radius which is to be expected with his measurements. Don’t ask him to go over the middle, that’s not where his game is. Limited in route capabilities, could be a predictable tell whenever he’s in the game because he won't provide much value unless he’s a deep decoy or flat/screen option.


He reminds me of Albert Wilson. If he goes to a smart and progressive team that knows how to cater to their players strengths, he can carve out a role very soon. Don’t consider him a typical WR prospect because he isn’t due to his size, but if someone can accept him as purely a downfield or screen/flat option, he will provide value. He does body catch quite bit but he isn’t someone you scheme into traffic where catch radius is a true necessity. You throw him the ball near the line of scrimmage to him or 40 yards down the field and you will have a quality contributor to your football team. His ceiling is an elite role player and his floor is a team treating him as a typical WR that is expected to run a full route tree where he will struggle due to his size and lack of catch radius.