Antoine Winfield Jr



5' 9"

203 lbs



Injury History: Torn Foot Ligament: Missed 8 games (2018), Hamstring Injury: Missed 8 Games (2017)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Penn State, Nebraska

Report By: Bobby Greco

Scouting Report


Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 7.20
Flexibility: 7.40
Deep Speed: 7.10
Explosion: 8.40
Coordination: 8.30


Man Press: 6.80
Man Off: 8.00
Zone: 8.30
Hand Fighting: 7.70
Hips/Turn Ability: 9.20

Can really thrive playing off the receiver, as it gives him the ability to diagnose the play easier. When he is playing this way, it's when you really get to see not only his physical ability, but his mental ability as well. Playing zone is his bread and butter. Though playing off man was where he showcase his abilities better, a zone scheme best fits him. Being such a smart player, playing zone gives him an advantage in making plays. He has more freedom to take chances going for an INT, or delivering a big hit. Love watching him hand fight with receivers, you can tell he spent a lot of time hand fighting with his dad. He's an overall tough player and can really make that point fighting for the ball with receivers. Like I have said a few times already, I think he has the best hips of all safeties in the draft. His ability to change direction and make a play is fantastic. Didn't really see him press much, but he is a physical player and should be able to jam receivers just fine.


Quickness: 7.60
Ball skills: 8.00
Route/play Diagnosis: 8.80

He is very quick diagnosing plays and that really helps him close on receivers. He really has the ability to lock down an entire side of the field, because in the film I watched he was around every play. Even in times he gets beat, he is able to recover and limit the damage. Very good ball skills. Doesn't matter if he is drifting back on a ball or coming up to make a play, he always puts himself in the right position for the ball. Great example of this is his second INT vs Penn St, he came up on the WR and split him and the CB to make a fantastic play. Again his pedigree has really helped him in this area. Winfield is an extremely smart player, I don't think I saw him overwhelmed by anything this past season. He is the type of player that makes it like having a QB on defense.


Quickness Upfield: 7.80
Fight Through Blocks: 7.00
Tackling: 8.00

Quick play recognition and quick to the point of attack. He seems to be around the end of every play in the run game, always ready to clean up a tackle and stop the RB in his tracks. He is a tough player and so is difficult to block, but if a lineman gets his hands on him he can stop Winfield. There are times that good offensive lines have been able to shut him down in stopping the run. He does have active hands though, which makes him difficult to get a good hold of. Very good tackler and never afraid to deliver a punishing hit. Love watching him tackle because it's a great example of how to do it correctly. Even when delivering a hard hit on a WR, he always has great form. This quality will really help him at the next level.


Toughness: 8.40
Production: 7.60
Consistency/Motor: 9.00

Super tough player, who loves getting his hands dirty. I think he is the prototypical safety and that means you have to be tough. Winfield really jumps out at you when watching the film, he just seems to always be in the action. He dealt with some injuries in his career and missed a good portion of last season. However, he deserves an above-average grade, because when he played, he was always very productive. If Winfield is on the field, his presence is felt. Has a "junkyard dog" mentality where, if you're in his yard he is coming to get you. He is very smart about how aggressive he is from play to play and never seems to take himself out of a given play.


Instincts: 8.90
Learn/Retain: 9.20
Teamwork: 9.00

Has some of the best instincts that I have seen in a college safety and again it comes down to his pedigree. If you like watching safety play, then Winfield is your guy and is a joy to watch. I have said it throughout my report, but he truly is around every play. Very fast learner and rarely makes the same mistake twice. Honestly, I did not see him make many mental mistakes and if he did make you, he recovered quickly. He was a team captain for a reason. He was the clear leader of the entire team and always seemed level headed in stressful situations. He will have no problem taking a leadership role at the next level.


You can really tell he was around the game his whole life and emanates his dad Antoine Winfield Sr. on the field. It has made him a solid player in every aspect of the game. He has great coverage and ball skills, as well as being very active in stopping the run. He is one hell of a blitzer too and punishes any RB who has to block him. All around Winfield is a tough and smart player, who will make an instant impact.


He really doesn't have many weaknesses. He probably won't be a combine All-Star, but his on field attributes make up for his average measurables. The only thing that sticks out to me is his inability to shed blocks when a lineman is engaged with him.


Overall I think you will be getting an instant impact player and depending on the situation, he could be a leader very early on. He is very comparable to an Eric Weddle, because he isn't going to wow you just by looking at him or his measurables, but is a real problem for offenses come game time. He will probably end up being drafted in the mid-early 2nd round, which would be perfect for teams like Baltimore or San Francisco at the end of the 1st round. He was a 2019 Unanimous All-American, First Team All Big 10, Big 10 Defensive Back of the Year, Bronko Nagurski Award finalist. 2018-19 Academic All-American.

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