Brandon Aiyuk

Wide Receiver

Arizona State


205 lbs



Injury History: Groin Injury: Led to Core Muscle Surgery (2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Michigan State, Oregon, Oregon State, USC

Report By: Joseph Yun

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.00
Flexibility: 7.00
C.O.D.: 7.00
Explosion: 7.00
Deep Speed: 6.50

Aiyuk isn't going to remind anyone of Ted Ginn anytime soon. He gets by with just enough above-average speed to fool defenders. Quicker than fast is what I'm getting at. When he's fully engaged and running crisp routes, he's among the best in the country in that regard. Plus flexibility in space.


Quicks Off LOS: 6.50
Release VS Jam: 7.00
Route Running: 7.00
Separation: 6.50
Blocking: 6.50

I noticed that Aiyuk doesn't go all out in selling his routes if the ball isn't going in his direction. He's a willing blocker but is often content to engage instead of punishing defenders. Doesn't get separation which translates to being a more of build-up speed game. Runs above average routes but has a tendency to float at times (this may be due to freshman QB inconsistencies.) Not the best at getting immediate burst off the line.


Hands: 7.50
Yard After Contact: 8.00
Ability in Space: 8.00
Ball Security: 8.00

Ultra-reliable and catches everything in his zip code, plus runs like a power back bent on destruction. Slippery like an eel on both special teams and offense. Did not struggle with the QB churn at ASU in 2019. Lateral agility is a major plus to his game.


Toughness: 7.50
Production: 7.00
Consistency/Motor: 8.00

Aiyuk really broke out as a senior with a true freshman quarterback so bonus points there. I do have to ding him a bit for the 2018 season but not much with N'Keal Harry around. In his senior season, he was a constant force for the young Jayden Daniels as he got used to D-1 football. Aiyuk makes most of the tough catches over the middle. Harry the primary target for the Sun Devils in 2019 and it showed even with two other upperclassmen there.


Instincts: 7.00
Learn/Retain: 6.50
Position Versatility: 8.00

ASU used him in a variety of ways on offense, including out of the backfield, screens, outside and in the slot as well. Very good route runner and knows where the sticks are. He was the primary punt returner as well.


Route running ability. Reliable hands. Versatility in both the passing game and special teams. Mentally and physically tough. YAC monster. He has a lot of potential as a second or third banana and knows his role within the offense. Not scheme or quarterback dependent even with a true freshman quarterback and a below-average offensive line. Won't be mistaken for any of the speedsters in the game today but gets by on veteran guile and plus lateral agility.


Deep speed. Not engaged enough when the ball isn't going his way. What happened during his junior season? Is he capable of leading a receiver group when called upon? Does he need a top tier option to take away coverage? Rob Likens really hampered him in his last season with poor systemic issues. Blocking might be a question mark as he attempts instead of fully engaging the defensive back.


He's a tier below the top three first-round receivers but should be a third-round pick at worst. Projects as an early second-round pick as he's slightly better than former teammate N'Keal Harry at the same stage. He's not a guy that will carry the receiver room as a top option but can be a solid number two like a Mohamed Sanu or Julian Edelman. Aiyuk can be a reliable second receiver in multi-receiver sets. He would fit teams such as the Browns, Falcons, Chargers, Rams, and Steelers with an already established superstar teammate to help draw coverage away from him. He will need some coaching to undo some horrific play calling he endured at ASU under subpar coaches. While he isn't as physical as A.J. Brown. He could have the same type of impact if he goes to the right situation.

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