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Brian Burns


College: Florida State

Height: 6'5"


Weight: 230 lbs

Injury History: No Major Injury History

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.68

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.60


Very athletic prospect with great quickness, burst and the ability to drive through contact and cross the blockers face working back inside to collapse the pocket. Displays very good speed and the talent to beat lineman with pure speed moves and a flurry of pass rush gimmicks. Good change of direction helps him complete his spin move in traffic working both inside and outside.

Flexibility: 8.60


Possesses exceptional flexibility and a unique bend. He isn't the best hip bender in contact often taking wider angles as a result and getting shoved up the arc increasing the time it takes to break the pocket and close in on the ball. Has showcased an outstanding ability to dip under tackles and run underneath contact with favorable angles. He has the ability drop his inside shoulder and tilt the edge in order to finish. When his only responsibility is in pass rush his pressures vastly increase, as he will often lineup in a wide-9 alignment with his hips and feet already in the direction of the pocket.

Explosiveness: 7.60


Displays great burst upfield that has helped in speed rush sets and breaking the top of the arc. He has an excellent and quick first step allowing him to break launch off the line, but isn't overly long and won't eat up a ton of ground off of solely firing out. Isn't as explosive laterally, as some would like. he is a speed rusher who succeeds through his speed, quickness and burst.

Playing Speed: 7.60


Plays fast and attacks the ball with aggression. He will fight on every play and can chase down ball carriers from behind. Will beat talks to the edge and can run down a line to meet the back at the boundary. Great speed for an edge defender, and his ability to utilize his speed to break the arc or work back inside is well documented.

Coordination: 7.00


Very athletic prospect who will keep his feet in traffic and will rarely get tripped up. Can get lost in run defense and doesn't always know where the ball is with blockers in his face.

Pass Rush Ability: 7.56

Initial Quickness: 7.70


He displays a very quick release off the line of scrimmage and can explode out of a two, three or four point stance to put pressure on the tackle, while getting into his steps quickly. He is the best out of a four point stance when he can focus on driving off the ball and attack the pocket, but his size and play strength may limit his ability to put his hands in the dirt. He is a fluid athlete and can glide off the LOS.

Use of Hands: 8.00


Shows highly developed hands and a deep understanding for timing and placement. He utilizes his length to gain separation keeping his frame clean and has displayed a wide variety of shedding techniques to continue his pursuit of the ball knocking the blockers hands away.

Leverage: 6.60


Fires out with good pad level to beat the tackle and bend at the top of the arc. can tend to get high losing his pad level once contacted and needs to do extra hand fighting to break free.


Pass Rush Moves: 7.80


Repeatedly showcases various counters in order to effectively rush the passer. His speed rush, inside spin, swim and rip/club moves all impact his ability as a pass rusher. He can attack different lineman with different moves to keep them guessing, while utilizing his speed and athleticism to win at the arc. He lacks fundamental play strength and struggles to transition speed to power. Understands how to limit offensive lineman recovery and exploit poor positioning.

Finish Ability: 7.70


He is a fundamental and technically sound tackler with long arms to wrap and twist ball carrier to the ground. Routinely placing his head on the ball and forcing backs to the ground. He is not a physical tackler capable of making bone rattling hits, but his ball skills are sensational and he attacks the ball in every opportunity he gets. Forced 6 fumbles over the last two seasons. Can turn hip speed into explosive pads in contact.

Competitiveness: 7.23

Toughness: 6.10


Poor play strength makes it difficult to disengage from blockers and win in the run game. Struggles with awareness in traffic once enveloped by a lineman. Not a power player, but he never backs down showing desired physicality and toughness each game.

Consistency/Motor: 7.50


He plays hard through the whistle and is relentless in pass pursuit. Can be found 10+ yards down field attempting to make a play on the ball carrier. Will give up on the play if run to the opposite sideline.

Production: 8.10


Excellent production as the backbone of the FSU defense. He has been dominant off the edge throughout his career becoming an impact player during his true freshman season.


Against The Run: 6.73

Play with Leverage: 6.90


Has enough length and bend to drop his hips and hold his ground at the point of attack, but once he sets up there he becomes content to hold his ground failing to attack the ball and will ultimately be eliminated from the play. Plays with good length and great hand usage to knock blockers hands away and flow to the ball. Can set the edge and play strong with discipline, but can occasionally get knocked upfield over pursuing past his lane.

Stack and Shed: 6.30


Can struggle to get off blocks when he allows the lineman to get his hands locked inside his chest. His speed helps him set the edge, but he can't always find the ball in rushing situations and will become content to hold his ground rather than find the ball and attack.

Gap Shooting Ability: 7.20


He has the ability to slash gaps getting off the ball fast. When he hesitates, lineman tend to get their hands on his frame knocking from his intended path.

Run at Him: 6.60


Limited play strength make it difficult to beat engaged blockers every down. He is strong enough and pays with enough leverage to set the edge and attack the ball when he can find it in a crowd. Long arms give him a plus tackling radius to catch the back down the line. Speed and athleticism make it difficult for ball carriers to beat him to the boundary.


Run Away: 5.90


Will often give up on a play when the ball is run to the opposite sideline. Can be found jogging at an angle in pursuit. Has shown the motor to pursue runners deep downfield.


Tackling/Hitting: 7.50


Possesses a large tackling radius due to his length, and he has showcased the ability to bring runners down outside his frame. Can play through blocks and will latch onto ball carriers dragging them to the turf when he can't get his shoulder into them. Not a big hitter and won't create the "WOW" hit. A fundamental and technical tackler who will generate good power through his hips. Targets the ball beautifully and will create forced fumbles on ball carriers with lackluster protection.

Intelligence: 8.23

Instincts: 8.60


Outstanding instincts when rushing the passer. His vision as a pass rusher is among the best in the class, as he can find the ball and attack from anywhere on the field. Displays exceptional mental processing mid play as a well trained edge rusher who knows what to look for to expose deficiencies in his opponents sets. He can consistently attack without letting up. Relentless in pass pursuit. Needs to develop as a run defender. His play recognition against the run can improve and he is still learning what to do in unblocked situations.

Learn/Retain: 7.80


Very smart and refined edge rusher with various pass rush moves to beat lineman in different areas of the pass rush. Very high football IQ who knows how to attack the ball using good technique.

Teamwork: 8.30


He is a team leader who motivates players in practice and bring energy to the team. Humbled on the playing field and in the media.


Burns is an explosive athlete with excellent flexibility, speed and quickness. With good footwork and active hands he does a good job of clearing his pads and working upfield to bend at the arc with loose hips and ankles capable of bending underneath contact to attack the ball. He knows how to use his feet to set up pass rush moves and work opponents off their sets in order to gain an angle to the pocket. Displays very good burst and an excellent first step out of his two, three and four point stance to reach the top of the arc and put the tacke on his heels. Better out of the four point stance in a wide-9 alignment with his body already positioned toward the pocket. Has showcased highly developed hands displaying a deep understanding for placement and timing, while using his length to separate and keep his chest clean. Has a wide variety of pass rush moves often winning with his speed rush, inside spin, swim, and rip/club move at the top of the arc. Possessing a large tackle radius he has shown outstanding range and good fundamental technique as a tackler who can target the ball and force fumbles consistently. He has exceptional mental processing as a pass rusher and his vision is maong the best in the class. He is a well trained edge rusher who knows how to expose deficiencies in the opponent's set. A relentless athlete who will not give up pursuit until the whistle blows. A team leader.


He needs to add bulk to his frame lacking fundamental play strength to hold his ground. He lacks power and won't win with physicality. Could benefit from gaining weight to round out his skill set. He struggles to to transition speed to power and won't win with force. A finesse rusher who can get bodied when he allows the opponent to engage his chest. Can stall in contact and struggles in run support. He struggles to get off blocks and can get run out of the play. Mental processing waynes in run support often losing the ball in traffic becoming content to hold his ground rather than fight for seperation.


Brian Burns is a refined pass rusher with a plethora of ways to win. He is a speed rusher with active hands and a diverse rush plan that keeps the opponent guessing. He can beat tackles inside or out taking advantage of what opponents give him by utilizing his outstanding vision and mental processing in play. He is a well rounded pass rusher who demonstrates elite flexibility and bend to win at the top of the arc. He struggles in contact and will need to gain more fundamental play strength to become a well rounded overall player. He lacks bulk and weight to consistently contribute as a run defender. His overall athletic and speed traits combined with his instincts and variety make him a first round prospect who can come in and contribute as a pass rush specialist immediately.