Bryan Edwards

Wide Receiver

South Carolina


212 lbs



Injury History: Knee Injury: Missed 2 Games (2019), Broken foot: Couldn't Perform at Combine, Knee Injury (2015)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Missouri, Alabama, Appalachian State

Report By: Pat Pryor

Scouting Report


He has great size with a tall frame and underrated speed for his size. He only had 7 punt returns in 2019 but had an impressive 17.9 yards per return. Thanks to his speed and size he's quite tough to bring down after the catch. He has a very good vertical ability to go up and compete for the ball will often come down with it. Cuts well in the open field and is able to get himself a nice running lane early in the play for his deep routes. Due to his physicality with the ball and his speed he is quite the threat with the ball and knows how to use his space. He does know where defenders are on the field making him a threat in the middle.


He generally has sure hands but has issues with drops when cutting near or during the catch. Needs to improve on going for the ball instead of having it come to him. Once he gets in stride he can get separation off the line but takes a good amount of time to reach full speed, giving opportunities to jam him and greatly limiting his explosiveness. Not very refined as a blocker and has to use his size, so he'll get beat by defenders who are able to leverage it against him.


Edwards suffered from major quarterback issues all throughout 2019, as South Carolina's starting quarterback had an 11-5 touchdown-to-interception ratio, and 56 QBR. He plays well against top competitors, having at least 6 catches and 75 yards against each of the three ranked teams South Carolina faced in 2019. He did go down in yards from 2018 to 2019, despite having 16 more catches, but also had three games of over 100 yards. Not the largest route tree, as he's limited by his lack of acceleration and ability to separate from the defender when he's on the outside, but can control the middle area of the field. He hasn't fumbled in his college career but doesn't always go for balls just beyond his reach, allowing defenders an open opportunity to grab it if they're nearby. With a perfect frame for a big body receiver with speed, he has the tools to be a steady wide receiver a couple of spots down on the depth chart. He can navigate in the middle of the field well, has very good ability in the open field and has the physical tools to block. His routes and blocking are unrefined but he has the physicality for blocking and the speed for deep routes, he just needs to get down the fundamentals. He isn't elusive and destroying defenders with separation, but he has great vertical ability and reliable hands when the ball is on target. He's one of the sleepers for a late-round, being a day three pick, and he'll likely go anywhere in rounds 4-6.

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