Cam Akers

Running Back

Florida State

5' 11"

212 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Syracuse, Louisville, Clemson, Virginia, 2018 Vs: Boston College

Report By: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 8.50
Flexibility: 7.80
C.O.D.: 9.00
Explosion: 8.70
Top End Speed: 8.50

Cam has some serious burst and acceleration, he can go from 0-100 in a split second. His quickness and agility was often showcased behind the line of scrimmage, avoiding tacklers with clean cuts and ski jukes before exploding upfield. His change of direction is outstanding and helped him turn negative plays into positive gains on a regular basis. His 4.47 speed almost doesn't do justice to his play speed, as it's hard to find where sub 4.4 DB's were able to catch him from behind.


Vision: 8.50
Cutting Ability: 8.80
Elusiveness: 8.00
Yards After Contact: 7.50
Ball Security: 6.00

Akers sees the field extremely well and has a nose for finding the hole and getting to open space with a single cut. Cam is known for making something out of nothing, often eluding defenders in the backfield with his quick feet and turning a tackle for a loss into a 3-5 yard gain. Although the FSU running back isn't known as a bruiser or power back, he does not hesitate to lower his shoulder and fight for yards. He has a speed to power style to his between the tackle running ability. If Akers has any form of a negative it's his 10 total fumbles in 655 combined touches in 36 games as a Seminole. But being FSU's only true weapon, he was heavily relied upon and was forced to fight for every yard.


Hands 7.50
Route Running 7.00
Ability In Space 8.50
Ability to Separate 6.50

The RB has very reliable hands, Cam rariley dropped a pass that was on target and can even bring in contested catches. His route running out of the backfield is solid but wasn't asked to line up in the slot or out wide. In space Akers has a knack for finding soft spots in zone coverage and does a great job of helping his quarterback by moving towards open passing lanes on extended plays. For a back he has tremendous instincts in the passing game and will make a great 3rd down back at the next level.


Lead Blocking: 7.00
Blocking In Space: 7.60
Pass Blocking: 7.50
Situational Awareness: 8.5

Willingness to block and strong at the point of attack. Akers does not shy away from on coming blitzers, defensive tackles, or defensive ends and does a great job on stopping opponents dead in their tracks. Cam will certainly up his stop with his pass blocking ability, as teams will be able to trust him on 3rd downs from day one. Akers field vision translates equally as a runner and pass blocker as he recognizes pressure as well as anyone in the draft. He even has shown lead blocking ability on several occasions, opening up run lanes on end arounds and in two-back sets.


Toughness: 7.50
Production: 6.00
Consistency/Motor: 8.70
Teamwork: 7.00

As tough as he is talented, Akers is always eager to deliver the blow instead of taking it, with or without the ball in his hands. His production wasn't the greatest due to his lack of surrounding talent but he made the best of a subpar situation, finishing with 3361 yards from scrimmage and 34 total touchdowns in 3 years at FSU. His consistency and high output never lacked anything less than 100%, Cam's effort per play is outstanding.


Instincts: 8.00
Learn/Retain: 7.50
Versatility: 8.10

Whether it's with the ball in his hand, coming out of the backfield as a receiver or blocking, Cam Akers has the instincts of a seasoned vet who's played the game his entire life. He's picked up every responsibility Florida State has thrown his way and is known to also be a film room junky. In terms of versatility, Akers is arguably 1a/1b with Clyde Edwards Helaire in the 2020 draft. There's simply no holes in his game.


Akers versatility is his strongest attribute as a running back. He's an explosive runner, solid receiving back, and stout pass blocker. Cam's ability to create production on his own is outstanding. If given even a decent offensive line that can create run lanes, who knows what his true potential could be with the ball. From his contact balance to his elusiveness, and one-cut ability, he's very underrated as a ball carrier. Cam is not scheme-specific and thrives between the tackles, on outside runs, and in space.


The running back has put the ball on the ground a few too many times for any team not to notice and he'll need to prove he can maintain ball security in order to reach his full potential. The only other "possible" knock to his game, is him forming bad habits behind a weak offensive line.


If Cam Akers had been a part of a prolific offense in college, we may be talking about him as a top 3 running back in this year's draft class. Scouts struggle to find the negatives in his game and the positives surely outweigh any doubts teams may have. His three-down ability is what makes him a valuable weapon at the next level. He can run, block, and catch... what more could you ask for? Akers might actually be the best value pick at his position, especially if he falls in the 3rd round due to the amount of talent at his positional group this year. Draft Stock: late 2nd - early 3rd. Team fits: Buccaneers, Colts, Chiefs

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