Cameron Dantzler


Mississippi State


188 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Ole Miss, Southern Mississippi 2018 Vs: Alabama

Report By: Pat Pryor

Scouting Report


Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 7.20
Flexibility: 7.10
Deep Speed: 7.40
Explosion: 7.60
Coordination: 6.90

Very quick and light on his feet, but is used to keeping his hips pointed inside at the start of play for zone and could definitely use work turning early to go downfield with his receiver. He's flexible with length and uses it to break up passes when they're coming his way. He possesses enough speed to stay with receivers deep.


Man Press: 6.90
Man Off: 7.20
Zone: 7.40
Hand Fighting: 7.00
Hips/Turn Ability: 6.70

He can be very physical and fierce at the line when playing man press, but can sometimes be beaten by bigger receivers. Can over-commit in press and fail to be there when the ball comes in at times. Most of his man came with a lot of cushion in between him and the receiver, which served him well, allowing him to recognize the play and respond, which he does well. He played in a zone heavy system, allowing him to get experience and he ended up becoming a lockdown corner there. His ability to recognize routes and answer them is what sets him apart. Does a very good job of realizing where a receiver will be where the ball is thrown and getting there to break it up. When the ball is coming to him and the receiver he always positions himself in the right place to be disruptive. He can turn his hips up field usually easily but needs distance between himself and the receiver to do so, meaning sometimes in press he'll have some struggles to stay with his assignment early.


Closing Quickness: 7.70
Ball Skills: 7.50
Route/Play Diagnosis: 8.20

Very quick reaction time and speed to get upfield. He does a great job of realizing where the ball is and possesses very good ability to get there fast. He knows when it's a run by reading the quarterback, which he has a great ability to do. He's very aware of what route is coming and how to beat it. He doesn't get a lot of interceptions but can break up the pass with great reaction time.


Quickness Upfield: 7.70
Fight Through Blocks: 6.70
Tackling: 7.00

He has a great ability to get upfield quickness thanks to his play recognition. Lacking some weight, he can struggle to get around blocks. His best bet for run support is to use his ability to recognize plays early and try to get to the ball quickly. When tackling he does have good form and packs a good punch for someone without much weight behind him, but will sometimes noticeably come at the ball carrier in an awkward direction.


Toughness: 7.80
Production: 7.10
Consistency/Motor: 6.90

Despite not being huge, he is very physical and can go for the ball against most receivers. He's not an interception machine but is reliable to lock down in man or zone. When playing bigger receivers he can be somewhat inconsistent in his physicality and they will get the best of him sometimes. Otherwise, he's very reliable and can play in every system.


Instincts: 7.70
Learn/Retain: 7.40
Teamwork: 7.70

He can read the quarterback and knows how to disrupt the play very well. He did a very good job of playing both man and zone through college. Due to his versatility, he can play in zone and man allowing the team to play the right scheme to face their opponent.


He has height and length for the position. He played a combination of zone, press, and off-man that gave him a lot of good experience in all areas. He showed he could play very well in each scheme, giving him an ability to transition well into a lot of systems. His play and route recognition is great. He can read the receiver and the quarterback to find out where his assignment is going to be, or in zone, who is coming to him. In zone, he has good reaction time and displays quite the ability to get to the ball. In man-off, he does a very good job of flipping hips into the route and sticking with the receiver as he has very good speed. His run recognition is great and he has a good ability to run upfield if it's an open lane to the ball carrier.


He could definitely use more weight, due to that he can struggle with holding down big receivers at the line. He can struggle while in press to turn upfield with his receiver as he works best with space. When this error occurs, he can get frazzled and end up off the receiver when the ball comes. Usually tackles well but can sometimes come off blocks wrong and miss the target. He has to rely on technique to get around blocks and isn't as polished as he should be. Due to this, he isn't as reliable in run support as he should be with his speed and recognition.


No matter where he goes Dantzler will be reliable as he looks to be productive in any system. Mississippi State ran a zone coverage that allowed him to be a top corner in the SEC, playing against lots of good receivers. He has no lack of experience playing top prospects and proved he can hold his own with them. One of his biggest concerns is his size, something an NFL trainer can likely take care of that before the season begins. He ran a slow 4.64 40 at the combine, but also ran a 4.38 at his virtual pro-day. It is tough to judge which one is his true speed but many see it as in between one of those two numbers, probably closer to the faster time. Thanks to his history at lockdown zone, length, height and athletic abilities he'll be a hot commodity in the mid-rounds of the draft. He's a very coachable prospect, as most of his issues are basic and he should develop into a starter-level corner on any team thanks to his great versatility. He's a very adjustable corner with a mid-level floor thanks to zone and a considerably high ceiling due to his consistent bright spots in press and off man. Due to a good number of more refined press corners in front of him, he'll likely last anywhere from the middle of day 2 to early day 3.

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