Chase Young


Ohio State

6' 5"

264 lbs



Injury History: Sprained Left Ankle: Two Different Occasions (2018), Injured Both Ankles (2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: FAU, Cincinnati, Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin (B10 Championship), Clemson (CFP)

Report By: Chaz Turnbow

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. / C.O.D. 9.50
Flexibility 9.70
Explosiveness 9.60
Playing Speed 9.60
Coordination 9.60

Elite athlete for his size. Explosive off of the snap is clear and obvious, but his flexibility is unique for his size. His ability to use his hand and keep his lower body working is fantastic. His QAB/COD/Playing Speed for his size is going to be in the elite tier in the NFL from day one.


Initial Quickness 9.30
Use of Hands 9.70
Leverage 9.70
Pass Rush Moves 7.90
Finish Ability 9.00

Exceptional get-off from a 3 point stance. Uses his hands to gain outside leverage on a tackle in an instant with an elite success rate. Is consistently winning leverage and going against "half a man". Finishes on the QB consistently and will often go for the ball to try and create a turnover. The only knock I have is that he tries the same pass rush move too many times, trying to swipe the tackle's hands and bend the edge. It works so much that he doesn't try to get away from it, but his counters are effective when he uses them, I'd just like to see them used more.


Toughness 9.40
Consistency/Motor 9.30
Production 9.80

Elite production as he averaged over a sack a game in his final season at Ohio State. Motor is always running high and rarely leaves the field.


Play with Leverage 9.60
Stack and Shed 8.50
Gap Shooting Ability 7.60
Run at Him 7.60
Run Away 7.90
Tackling/Hitting 9.50

Long and powerful enough to maintain leverage on a tackle to ensure nobody beats him to the edge. Sheds blocks very well when the play is coming his way. This is a projection more than anything but I'm confident on his gap shooting ability based off of his known athleticism and explosiveness. Sure tackler. Will maintain leverage so he doesn't attack as tenaciously in the run game as he does when rushing as so to stay disciplined.


Instincts 8.20
Learn/Retain 7.60
Teamwork 9.60

Elite teammate as his presence alone affects the offense with the attention paid to him. Good instincts and coaching are shown through his discipline in the run game and not to be caught out of position on play action or options to prevent big plays.

Elite athleticism and competitiveness. Dominant production and hand usage as a pass rusher. Will be an outstanding player for a long time in the NFL.

My only knock on his is his lack of variance in his pass rush arsenal.

Young is an outstanding prospect with elite athletic tools and size to succeed at the next level in both the pass and run games. He is the best player in this draft and I expect him to be the first non-QB off of the board in the 2020 NFL Draft. Washington or the Detroit Lions will welcome a great player in Young.

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