Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Running Back


5' 8"

209 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Clemson (National Championship), Alabama, Auburn

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. 8.80
Flexibility: 8.70
C.O.D. 8.70
Explosion: 8.60
Top End Speed: 7.00

His balance, lateral agility, and quickness are outstanding. His ability to pick his way through small spaces without losing any speed is rare. He is able to string together multiple moves and cuts without losing any balance or presenting a target to defenders. He has explosive lateral agility and can simply bounce off would-be tacklers. He has good, not great long speed, which is evident on tape as he was able to break off a number of 20yd+ gains, but didn't seem to have the juice to pull away from defenders deep down the field.


Vision: 8.70
Cutting Ability: 8.80
Elusiveness: 8.70
Yards After Contact: 7.80
Ball Security: 8.20

He has outstanding peripheral vision and allows paces himself behind the LOS to let his blocks develop in front of him. His ability to stick his foot in the ground and cut without losing much if any speed is impressive. He makes multiple defenders miss whether it is by his elusiveness in space or by his outstanding contact balance. He churns his legs on contact and makes it hard for defenders to bring him down one on one. He runs with such balance and strength that he seems to pinball off defenders try to lay big hit and not wrapping up. He is keenly aware of ball security and shields himself away from big hits.


Hands: 8.80
Route Running: 8.60
Ability In Space: 8.80
Ability To Separate: 8.70

Outstanding pass-catcher who catches the ball like a WR. He was deployed outside the formation and in the slot due to this quality and ran routeS with great awareness and instincts. He is a menace in the open field on screen plays or on short passes due to his patented running style. He is able to gain all kinds of separation when matched up against LBs because of his quickness and lateral agility.


Lead Blocking: 7.50
Blocking In Space: 8.00
Pass Blocking: 8.00
Situational Awareness: 8.20

He wasn’t used a lot as a lead blocker outside the occasional QB draw, but he showed good effort in those attempts. He showed great field vision and quick feet to mirror pass rushers in space and on obvious passing downs. He has a smaller build but he is stout and strong has shown the ability to anchor against bigger second-level defenders. He is a clutch performer who can be depended upon in the vital moments of the game.


Toughness: 8.50
Production: 6.50
Consistency/Motor: 8.60
Teamwork: 8.60

Tough as nails runner who is comfortable running between the tackles even though he has a smaller build. Only had one year of excellent production, but was a quality contributor in years prior. He is a highly motivated son of a police officer who is disciplined in his approach to preparing for games. He is the ultimate teammate and is willing to sacrifice for the good of the team.


Instincts: 8.70
Learn/Retain: 8.50
Versatility: 8.60

Outstanding feel for where the rushing lane will develop. Understands how to set up defenders in space to blow past them with little effort. As a pass-catcher, he knows when he has the athletic advantage and will adjust his routes accordingly to present an early target for his QB and collect a bunch of YAC. He played primarily from shotgun formations as a runner but was also deployed as an outside WR and slot WR.


Bowling-ball type RB, who has an impressive blend of balance, burst, lateral agility, and speed to be a dynamic, lead runner at the next level. He also is one of the best pass-catchers I have ever scouted and was deployed outside in a high percentage of snaps on third downs. He is a shorter back but uses that to his advantage by hiding behind his massive OL to cut and burst through LOS. Is a patient runner who allows his blocks to develop as he presses the LOS, then will stick a foot in the ground and get to top speed in an instant. A durable runner who can handle a heavy workload, and has huge hands that help him to not have problems with fumbling. He also showed very good pass protecting technique and tenacity.


Shorter than ideal build standing at only a little over 5'7." His timed long speed may not wow you, but when you put on the tape he consistently was able to pull away from defenders trying to chase him down. May struggle trying to block bigger, stronger defenders who are blitzing.


Edwards-Helaire was a cornerstone of an LSU offense that will go down as one of the best ever in NCAA College football history. His prowess as an explosive runner and pass-catching threat will immediately endear him to a number of talent evaluators. His playing style reminds me of Frank Gore when he was coming out of Miami (Fl.). I see him coming off the board as a late first-round/ early second-round pick, anywhere after there and he will be one of the steals of this draft. Teams such as the Eagles, Steelers, Chiefs, Rams, Colts, and Patriots are just a few of the teams who should be keeping a keen eye on his draft stock.

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