Cole Kmet

Tight End

Notre Dame

6' 6"

262 lbs



Injury History: Broken Collarbone: Missed Two Game (2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Virginia, Boston College, Virginia Tech

Report By: Pat Pryor

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 6.40
Flexibility: 6.80
C.O.D.: 5.80
Explosion: 6.70
Deep Speed: 6.20

Won't blow you away with his speed but he gets up and gets going well. He is fast enough to get to the middle of the field and create separation. He really needs to work on keeping his turns tight but smooth. His tight turns end up choppy and he drifts into defenders when trying to be smooth. It relies on technique rather than athleticism but it usually works well due to his size.


Quicks off LOS: 7.20
Route Running: 6.90
Separation: 7.30
Hands: 6.50
Yards After Contact: 8.00
Ball Security: 7.70

Does a nice job of getting off the line into his route. Once on the go, he can manipulate the field and find open spots in the middle. He uses good field vision to get open, and does it well. His ability of getting open is underrated and makes him an intermediate threat on every play. He makes catches when the ball comes to him but sometimes struggles to follow through on the catch. Great YAC ability, almost never goes down to one tackler. Didn't fumble in his college career.


In-Line Runs: 6.30
Motion Runs: 6.40
Blocking In Space: 6.70
Pass Blocking: 6.70
Situational Awareness: 6.20

Hand placement is lacking. Can be unbalanced and if the defender gets their hand on him he'll be beaten. His frame does make him reliable on pass blocking when he gets set up and he knows how to use it to be a reliable pass blocker. His angling and balance need work but has the fundamentals needed. Does good coming across and delivering blocks while moving.


Toughness: 7.40
Production: 7.00
Consistency/Motor: 6.90

Never goes down easy, fights for yards and needs multiple defenders to bring him down. He had 25+ yards in all but one game this year. Had a touchdown in 6 out of 10 games and is usually a reliable target.


Instincts: 7.00
Learn/Retain: 6.90
Versatility: 6.60

His receiving instincts are good and can get open very well. He has the blocking fundamentals down and can become a well-grounded blocker. He's a receiving TE but with NFL coaching he will be all around thanks to his frame and football knowledge.


Cole can’t rely on his athleticism to be a receiving threat so he rather wins with his instincts and good technique, which works out well for him. He is a threat to get open due to his strength and size on every play and plays through the whistle. Reliable when pass blocking and can improve with touchups from an NFL staff. Good frame and does great after contact with the ball.


His change of direction ends up choppy or he drifts off his route. He's a solid pass-blocker but his hand placement can be improved upon. He's most useful when moving as a blocker and needs to learn to deliver force while staying in place. Doesn't always follow through on catches and provides opportunities for breakups or forced fumbles that will be jumped on at the next level.


Kmet has a great frame for the NFL and has the receiving skills mostly down. If he improves his catching technique he'll be a threat every play. He can create separation all over the field and is never easy to tackle. For short and intermediate gains he'll be a top option on any team. With his issues in fundamentals of blocking a coach who will train him in that rather than leave him as a receiver would be great. He doesn't lack the physical tools to be a blocker, just the practices. Starting right now he'd get beat by almost every NFL defender, but once he knows where to put his hands and how to angle himself, he can be a dual-threat tight end. His floor as a receiver is high, but his blocking is low. The ceiling for both, however, is up there thanks to his frame. With names like Thaddeus Moss and Adam Trautman in the draft, Kmet isn't looking at the first or second round, but he could be taken anywhere from the mid-third round to later in fourth, but I don't expect him to drop further than that. His team fits: Patriots, Bears, Cowboys.

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