Curtis Weaver


Boise State


265 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Hawaii, Washington, Florida State, UNLV

Report By: Bobby Greco

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.30
Flexibility: 7.00
Explosiveness: 7.40
Playing Speed: 7.60
Coordination: 7.70

Very good athleticism and explosion. Plays hard and has a lot of patience, but lacks the overall ability you would like to see from a smaller pass rusher. Has quick hands and when they are on the same page as his feet, he is very tough to block. Shows great coordination with his ability to follow the ball with his eyes and still be able to shed blockers and do his job. Needs to be more consistent though, gets swallowed up by linemen too often and on the next play makes the linemen look silly trying to block him.


Initial Quickness: 7.80
Use of Hands: 7.50
Leverage: 7.20
Pass Rush Moves: 7.50
Finish Ability: 7.40

Explodes off the line rushing the passer, but was also dropped into coverage a lot. Has very good hands, but just doesn't use them enough. When attacking the edges he plays with good leverage and quickness to blow past linemen, but when squared up with a blocker, or taking on a double team he gets overwhelmed. Uses his spin move much too often and it isn't a good one. Had flashes of being a great edge rusher, but again was very inconsistent. Should rely on hands more, because he has his best results when his hands are active. Should not be dropped in coverage as much in the NFL. Though adequate in zone coverage, he doesn't possess the lateral quickness to play man. Not the strongest finisher as he has a hard time slowing himself and will run past QBs from time to time.


Toughness: 7.50
Consistency/Motor: 6.60
Production: 8.00

Not the toughest player, can be overwhelmed easily by a physical O-Line. Motor is not an issue as he never quits on a play, but has a big consistency problem. He will be brilliant on one play and be buried om the next play. This happened a lot and it caused him to disappear from games. He was bullied by the Washington O-Line, which led him to be overly aggressive and take himself out of plays. On the other hand, he had a very productive career statistic wise and had many conference and national accolades.


Play with Leverage: 7.00
Stack and Shed: 7.40
Gap Shooting Ability: 7.30
Run at Him: 7.40
Run Away: 7.20
Tackling/Hitting: 7.00

Overall a very smart player, which helps him play the run. Just average in all other aspects of run-stopping, so ability alone doesn't do it. Slow and decisive decision making which puts him good situations, but pad level is too high. Has the ability to get past blockers in the backfield, but plays too tall and can't breakdown in time to make a clean/solo tackle. Numbers are deceiving here, because he led the nation in TFL, but should have been much higher with the number of tackles he missed. Can shoot gap well, but guesses sometimes and takes himself out of plays. Needs to learn to breakdown and secure tackles, because he is very overmatched in space.


Instincts: 8.20
Learn/Retain: 7.70
Teamwork: 7.60

Excellent instincts and a very smart football player. Always knows what is going on when he is on the field and is quick to the point of attack, but lacks in technique to take his game to the next level. Has the ability to digest what happened in the first half and apply it in the second half. Made a lot of "stops" behind the LOS, but a teammate would end up getting the tackle.


Very instinctual player and has a high football IQ. Patient yet decisive makes great reads and stops a lot of plays in the backfield. Quick hands, can shed blockers smoothly, just not consistent.


Plays much too high and misses a lot of tackles because of it. Very inconsistent player looks great one play and bad on the next play. Doesn't a big arsenal of pass rush moves and uses his spin too much.


He is a very difficult player to get a read on because his film does not match his stats. Won Mountain West Defensive POY, but had too many times where he disappeared. Has the tools to be a successful player at the next level, but will need to develop before making a real impact. He should mid-round pick, which would be a good fit for a team that can let him grow like Green Bay or Philadelphia. If he reaches his full potential, I think he will be very comparable to Eagles Brandon Graham.

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