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Damien Harris


College: Alabama

Height: 5'11"


Weight: 216 lbs

Injury History: 2018: Concussion (Missed Practice), Undisclosed injury (left game against Louisville) 2017: Leg (Left Arkansas game early)

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.78

Q.A.B.: 6.90


Although he is a good overall athlete, he lacks elite athleticism. Possesses quick feet and impressive lateral agility in short spurts capable of frequently making the first defender miss. He is a one-cut runner with a good ability to find open space after utilizing a jump cut or side-step avoiding the defenders in the open field constantly attempting to split defenders at the line of scrimmage when working the perimeter. Lacks the same agility in the open field. Possesses good contact balance capable of enduring hits and staying on his feet.

Flexibility: 6.40


Solid knee bend and capable of lowering his shoulder providing power in traffic. Runs straights up on the perimeter and in the second and third levels. Struggles to keep his pads low and has to bend quickly before contact to often.

C.O.D.: 6.90


Good change of direction possessing the ability to plant his foot and split defenders. Is a North and South runner who would rather bully defenders than run away from them.


Explosion: 6.80


Fluid athlete with solid burst through gaps in the line of scrimmage. Lacks explosion that could make him a lethal combo back at the next level.

Top End Speed: 6.90


Good speed to break the corner with blockers in front and the necessary speed to outrun the secondary when he possesses a step initially. Often exposes angle pursuits and creates missed diving tackles on the edge. Hasn't shown home run speed to consistently beat defensive backs deep. Will get caught from behind lacking the second gear needed in the third levels of the defense.

With Ball In Hands: 7.18

Vision: 7.40


Possesses excellent mental processing and has developed into a very good and decisive runner with a North and South mantra. Consistently fires through the line looking for creases to jump into. Can find the hole in a heart beat and cut in meeting defenders and power through them. Has a knack for finding open space in tight spaces. Decisiveness can turn into impatience if a gap fails to open.

Cutting Ability: 7.00


Great one step cutting ability with an ability to split defenders at the line and make defenders miss on the perimeter. Doesn't possesses the lateral quickness to consistently cut in the open field.

Elusiveness: 6.70


A very good one cut runner who can consistently make the first defender miss. He lacks agility in the open field near the second and third levels. Resorts to running through defenders when he lacks the movement ability to avoid them.

Yards After Contact: 6.80


Possesses good contact balance capable of absorbing hits and staying on his feet. Will often fall forward and power through defenders. Needs to develop a deeper repertoire of tackle breaking moves - stiff arm, spin, jump cut - in order to make better use of his opportunities down field.

Ball Security: 8.00


Ball security is excellent always holding the ball high and tight rarely letting the ball drop to the turf.

Receiving: 6.73

Hands: 6.50


Displays solid hands capable of making hard catches on wild throws in the backfield, consistently catching the ball away from his frame.

Route Running: 6.50


A fluid athlete who has been asked to split out wide, but rarely runs routes down field. Usually runs screens, arrows and outs. Will need to develop a deeper understanding of the route tree.

Ability In Space: 7.60


Great ability in space after reeling in a screen pass. Capable of pushing the ball upfield quickly and making the first defender miss consistently.


Ability to Separate: 6.30


Needs to develop in route running and limited athleticism makes it difficult to repeatedly separate from defenders. Will need to develop better technique in route running to gain more separation against athletic coverage linebackers.

Blocking: 6.48

Lead Blocking: 6.40


A willing blocker who is strong at the point of attack. Will throw his body at defenders to create a lane for the ball carrier.

Blocking In Space: 6.00


can overextend in space and won't consistently use his full body mass to battle in blocks.


Pass Blocking: 5.90


Very willing in pass protection who suffers from poor technique. Will often get pushed back by bull rushers and will fail to use his entire frame in the effort.


Situational Awareness: 7.60


Will flow to the free rusher and will always work inside out. Excellent mental processing and great instincts in the backfield.

Competitiveness: 6.95

Toughness: 7.30


He is a tough runner who looks for contact and usually engages defenders first. Will attempt to power through contact rather than avoiding it in the open field. A true north and south runner with a good NFL build.

Production: 6.40


A productive back in Alabama's system. Started the last two years and was never awarded a featured back workload splitting carriers throughout his entire career. Never reached 20 carries in any single game and only reached 20 touches twice.

Consistency/Motor: 7.20


A very consistent presence on Bama's offense often imposing his will on the defense. Will give every play his all with the ball in his hands fighting for every inch of ground. Won't put all his effort in pass protection.

Teamwork: 6.90


Reliable team leader who has garnered the respect of his coaches and teammates. Benched in 2018 for "internal reasons."

Intelligence: 7.17

Instincts: 7.60


Mental processing is outstanding in each area of the game, and it shows up in the game with blocking assignments and vision while carrying the ball.

Learn/Retain: 6.70


A very smart player who can be utilized all over the field. Is a quick learner. Never needed to learn the full route tree and will have to develop better open field tackle breaking moves.


Versatility: 7.20


Has the versatility needed to be a three down back at the next level will need to develop as a pass catcher and blocker.


Possesses great size and power for an NFL runner. He is a solid athlete who primarily displays a one-cut running style capable of making the first defender miss in the hole or on the perimeter. Loves to run as the aggressor often looking for contact dropping his pads in tight spaces and regularly breaking first contact. Has impressive contact balance capable of absorbing hits and bouncing off keeping his forward momentum. He is a very decisive runner who can hit the hole hard and quick picking up positive yardage as he attacks the line of scrimmage with a reckless presence. Has solid burst and short area quickness to move upfield quickly. Possesses the speed to break the corner with blockers in front of him often exposing angled pursuits on the edge and forcing diving tackle attempts. Has shown solid hands out of the backfield constantly catching the ball away from his frame. A willing pass blocker with good play strength.


Lacks overall athleticism with few explosive tendencies possibly capping his overall ceiling. Runs with high pad level. Decisiveness can tend to turn into impatience when a hole fails to open up. Lacks elusiveness in the open field and the necessary agility to make defenders miss. Not dynamic in space. Struggles to break away in the third level leaving big plays on the table often getting caught from behind, as he doesn't have a second gear to out run the secondary. Fails to create on his own and will not provide big game breaking splash plays. Used simplistically as a receiver catching most balls in the flat or on screens. Never used down field. Struggles with technique in pass protection often throwing his shoulder at defenders, failing to use his entire frame and giving up ground against the bull rush.


Possesses an NFL frame with good power, mental processing and play strength. Acts as a one-cut runner who looks to dominate defenders often looking to be the aggressor. Lacks overall athleticism that could cap his ceiling, but has the upside and versatility NFL teams crave in day 2 prospects. A decisive runner with great vision capable of finding the hole in a flash. Lacks elite explosion and overall movement ability in space and looks to engage in contact as a result. Possesses very good contact balance, but isn't a true power back. Has the versatility to morph into a three down playmaker who will not create on his own. Needs to develop as a downfield pass catcher and utilize better technique in pass pro.