Darnell Savage


College: Maryland

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 198 lbs



Injury History: 2013 broken femur

Games Evaluated: Ohio St., Texas, Temple, Minnesota

Scout: Cody Manning

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.19

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.85

His quickness is space is very impressive. He can cut and change his direction with ease.

Flexibility 7.00

He has a tendency of coming up high as the play goes on. He can bend around blocks.

Deep Speed 6.85

He can make up lost space quick but loses separation as he struggles to flip and run.

Explosion 8.00

He has disruptor speed as he can end a play in the backfield right as it begins. He flies.

Coordination 6.25

He can get knocked off his feet at times and can take bad angles when pursuing the ball.

Coverage Ability: 6.80

Man Press 6.50

He struggles when playing up close because he loses space when he needs to flip his hips.

Man Off 6.85
He has great reaction speed to help close the space to make a play on the ball or tackle.

Zone 7.15

He tends to make more plays out of zone because he can sit back and react to the ball.

Hand Fighting 7.25

If he is in the area then he is making a play to force the incompletion. He is in it to the end.

Hips/Turn Ability 6.25

He will open his hips too wide which allows space to be created. He needs to be more fluid.

Play Making: 7.33

Closing Quickness 7.85

His ability to close space and make a play on the ball is outstanding. He zips down the line.

Ball Skills 7.15

He has a knack for being around the ball to make a play. He will get his hands on it if he can.

Route/play Diagnosis 7.00

He tends to make better reads when he is in zone but can get lost tracking routes in man.

Run Support: 7.08

Quickness Upfield 8.00

He can just zoom up the field and break up the play before it starts. Amazing quickness.

Fight Through Blocks 6.75

He normally will rely upon his speed to get around blocks when can take him out of plays.

Tackling 6.50

He does need to work on his technique as he can come in too high and doesn't breakdown.

Competitiveness: 7.33

Toughness 7.50

He is a fighter. He flies all over the field looking to get to the ball. He will run through people.

Production 7.00

40 games, 182 tackles (139 solo), 9 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 8 int, 13 PDs, 1 FR, 0 FF

Consistency/Motor 7.50

He always seems to be making his way to the ball. He is a high-motor player that brings it.

Intelligence: 7.13

Instincts 7.15

His reaction speed is outstanding when he reacts to plays developing. He misreads at times.

Learn/Retain 7.00

He shows the ability to learn from his mistakes and improve as the game goes along.

Teamwork 7.25

He will lay his body on the line for his team. Ended a series hurting himself vs Minnesota.


His athleticism will allow him to make plays at the next level. He has outstanding quickness in open space which allows him to flow freely towards the ball. He uses his speed to breeze by blockers to help blow up the play before it begins. He can close space very quickly which allows him to force the interception or incompletion. He isn't afraid to run through the rusher and will put his body on the line. He has the ability to play as a deep safety or in the box because of his agility to flow through the front.


His small stature does give me concerns because of the style of his play. He could knock himself out of games. He can misread plays and take bad angles which results in him opening up free rushing lanes. He needs to learn how to pump the brakes because he can outrun the rusher when he gets in the backfield early. He does leave tackles on the field because he won't breakdown and comes in with a high shoulder pad level which allows the runner to run right through him. Better technique will end that.


Savage has the ability to play at the next level because of his ability to fly around the field and be around the ball at all times. He has the capability to come in and play as a deep safety or inside the box from day one. He doesn't have the versatility to play directly in the slot but can be used in off man or zone coverage. He is tough enough to play strong safety but his size could deter some teams from playing him there. He will struggle in coverage because he tends to lose separation when he opens his hips to run with the receiver. He does have make up speed but bigger receivers can box him out to get the reception. He does make up his deficiencies in coverage with his ability to sit back and react to the ball. His quickness allows him to close space to get the deflection or pick. He can be a disruptor because of his overall game speed which allows him to end a play before it begins. He will fly up the field to get the tackle for a loss or fill the gap. While he didn't have major sack production at the college level I do believe he can be sent on certain blitz packages and help get pressure on the quarterback. As a rookie, he should be able to come in to compete as a starter or at least get majority of the snaps. If he can develop as a player and possibly bulk up a little without losing any of his speed then he should be a long-time starter in the league with Pro Bowl potential.

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