Darrell Taylor




267 lbs



Injury History: Shin Stress Fracture: Played Through All Season/ Surgery Pre-Draft (2019)

Off Field Concerns: Suspended For Fighting (2017), Suspended Again For Kicking Teammates in Face During Practice (2017)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Georgia, BYU

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Strong and powerful edge rusher who has great bend and heavy hands to get off blocks and bring down QBs. He has a variety of pass-rushing moves in his arsenal that he can unleash. Experience out of two and three-point stances enhance his versatility. Has a strong build throughout and has NFL ready play strength. Intelligent rusher who will get his hands up into throwing lanes if not able to get close to QB. Looked comfortable dropping off into short man or zone coverage from his edge position. As a run defender, he is very productive due to the ability to set a hard edge and funnel plays back to pursuit. He flashed the ability to stack and shed at a high rate of success and when he gets close to an RB or QB they do not escape his grasp. Showed the ability to get skinny and shoot through gaps in double teams to make TFLs. Intelligent and patient in his backside pursuit and does not give up cutback lanes. Came from a rough background and overcame the death of his mother to still put up quality production.


Seems to lack snap anticipation and comes off the ball a step late compared to OL. Can lean too far forward into blocks which gets him off-balanced on onto the ground. Was comfortable dropping off into coverage, but I wouldn't ask him to do it consistently as he is better off coming downhill in pursuit. Injury issues will need to be vetted. Off-field issues will be something that teams will need to be comfortable with before selecting him as he was suspended multiple times due to fighting. Coaches also have criticized his work ethic and effort at different points during his college career.


Darrell Taylor is an enigmatic edge rusher in this class as he has flashes of dominance and a skill set that any front office will value as a pass rusher, but his injury and off the field issues will be something that teams will need to vet and be comfortable with as they add him to their team. He has high upside if focused and motivated. Teams such as the Bengals, Chiefs, Steelers, Rams, Jaguars, and Seahawks would be wise to keep tabs on him. I see him coming off the board late in round 3 or early round 4 due to the red flags in his profile. His playing style reminds me of Alex Okafor.

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