Denzel Mims

Wide Receiver


6' 3"

207 lbs



Injury History: Injured Arm Playing Baseball in High School, Thumb Surgery (2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas

Report By: Joseph Yun

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.00
Flexibility: 6.50
C.O.D.: 7.50
Explosion: 6.50
Deep Speed: 8.00

Deep speed is evidenced by the 4.38 40 he ran at the Combine. He isn't the most flexible or explosive athlete with the ball in his hands but it’s an underrated tool in his toolbox. Doesn't explode out of his breaks often but has subtle movements to throw off the secondary.


Quicks Off LOS: 7.00
Release VS Jam: 7.00
Route Running: 6.50
Separation: 7.00
Blocking: 7.50

Mims isn't the most nuanced route runner. The Baylor offense didn't ask too much in that regard but he's developing. Due to his size, he eats up jams and spits them out like its nothing. He's a long strider so the quickness off the line is very subtle. A spectacular deep threat that has some separation skills. He has enough speed to blow by the defensive back in most cases. He's not the most proficient blocker but is a willing, physical one. His blocking stood out the most. Tries hard on every block.


Hands: 9.00
Yard After Contact: 7.00
Ability in Space: 7.00
Ball Security: 6.00

Hands are excellent and probably the best in the country. He catches EVERYTHING with an immense catch radius and pliable hands. Even though he isn't the quickest laterally, he has a great ability to get open somehow, some way. YAC monster. Ball security was an issue at times as defenders popped the ball loose on long runs, particularly against Texas. He holds the ball rather loose instead of high and tight.


Toughness: 7.00
Production: 9.00
Consistency/Motor: 8.50

Production was really good in his sophomore and senior seasons but dipped a bit as a junior, probably due to a new offensive system and a new quarterback. Senior production was really good. Consistent producer and always high running motor on every play even when he's out of the play. The toughest player on the team.


Instincts: 8.00
Learn/Retain: 8.50
Position Versatility: 6.50

Plus instincts for the position even though he has to learn a bit more about route running. Position versatility is limited due to the fact that he was primarily used on the outside. Usually learns quickly from mistakes and coaching staff were excellent teachers.


The deep speed to blow the top of any defense. Very physical at both blocking and beating the press. A willing blocker. Plus production in two of four possible years. Really good at accelerating off the line when he's given the cushion. A playmaker with the ball in his hands and has a nose for the end zone. Is a guy who knows how to get open despite the limited route tree.


Limited route tree was asked of him. Needs further route tree development. Could stand to get better lateral agility. Can he learn a more diverse route tree quickly? Needs to get better technically as a blocker.


He profiles as an X receiver-type given his measurements and the 40 time. The hands and catch radius are really good and he has made circus catches look routine. He could be a number one receiver type with some development of his route tree at the next level. Right now as it stands, he projects to be an excellent second banana type. He has bigger Torrey Smith potential.

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