Derrick Brown

Defensive Tackle


6' 5"

326 lbs



Games Evaluated:2019 Vs: LSU, Alabama 2018 Vs: Purdue 2017 VS: Georgia (SEC Champ.)

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 8.50
Flexibility: 8.20
Explosiveness: 8.50
Playing Speed: 8.00
Coordination: 8.30

A nimble, wide-bodied IDL who has the fluidity and lateral agility of a much smaller player. He is able to get skinny through gaps and penetrate right into the backfield in an instant. He has an excellent combination of quickness and strength that OL simply cannot contain. Light on his feet and is able to scrape down the formation laterally to dissuade runners from cutting towards him. He plays with excellent speed for an IDL and shows the hustle to get downfield in pursuit. His play style is best described as controlled rage, because he can simply bully his opponent's into submission without him getting himself out of position or balance.


Initial Quickness: 8.40
Use of Hands: 8.50
Leverage: 7.70
Pass Rush Moves: 8.50
Finish Ability: 8.20

Excellent at anticipating the snap and flashing an impressive first step off the LOS. He has heavy hands that once they are latched onto OL he is able to ragdoll and control them at will. He utilizes a strong sense of leverage and is able to overwhelm IOL with his bull rush. At times though he gets his shoulders too far over his hips which leads to him being tossed to the ground. He has a wide variety of moves in his toolbox, and can unleash a spin move that you cannot believe at his size. Brings down his targets at a high rate of success and is thumper at the contact point who will deliver a heavy blow. Plays with great awareness and if he cannot get home to the QB he will get his big hands up into throwing lanes.


Toughness: 8.50
Consistency/Motor: 8.50
Production: 8.20

Gritty defender who plays through double and triple teams without ever complaining. He is a consistent performer on and off the field who puts in the effort in the classroom, the film room, and off the field. Did missions work in the Dominican Republic, was a member of the SEC Leadership Council, and even has aspirations of working or lobbying for government security departments after football. He had 3 years of great TFL numbers in the vaunted SEC conference.


Play with Leverage: 7.80
Stack and Shed: 8.20
Gap Shooting Ability: 8.50
Run at Him: 8.20
Run Away: 8.20
Tackling/Hitting: 8.00

In run support he is able to two gap and keep his LBs clean by using a strong sense of leverage, heavy hands, and ridiculous upper body strength. He uses his length to bench press his opponents off of him and make the tackle on runner. He is not just a two-gapping NT, has the first-step quickness and flexibility to shoot gaps and take down runners behind the LOS. He is equally impressive at reestablishing the LOS as he is working his way laterally down the formation because of his athleticism and effort. He is a heavy hitter and secure tackler who doesn't allow a lot of broken tackles.


Instincts: 8.50
Learn/Retain: 8.20
Teamwork: 8.50

Excellent feel to be able to work through how the offense is trying to scheme at containing him, and is willing to do the dirty work to succeed or allow his teammates to succeed. Played up and down the formation from multiple techniques as well as from both two and three point stance. He is the ultimate teammate with a kindhearted and jovial personality.


Brown is a bull along the IDL, and has excellent quickness and burst to rock IOL back off the snap. He has tremendous strength and understands how to use leverage which allows him to stand up and anchor against double teams. He combines his strong build with heavy hands and impressive effort to make plays from a variety of technique alignments and stack and shed those who try and block him. He is not just a lumbering DL, and plays with impressive coordination and light feet to be utilized in short areas. He worked from 3 point stance as well as being unleashed as a stand up rusher on rare occasions. Plays with good snap anticipation and is usually one of the first players off the ball. Terrific off the field personality and a team leader in the community, will make a difference in the world off the gridiron.


Offensive lineman know the talent he has, and if they know they can't block him one on one they will cut block him. At times he will struggle with overextending himself at the POA and will allow his shoulders to get too far out over his hips or he will put his head down on contact which makes his hip susceptible to OL throwing him to the ground.


Derrick Brown has been a hyped DL recruit from day one he stepped onto the Auburn campus, and he did not disappoint, playing immediately as a freshman and never coming off the field since. He has a rare skill set for an IDL that has the quickness, strength, and rare fluidity to make him a consistent game wrecker at the next level. He will come off the board quick in the 2020 NFL Draft and has the opportunity to be selected within the first 5 pick. His skill set and off the field presence reminds me of Cameron Heyward.

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