Devin Duvernay

Wide Receiver



200 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Oklahoma State, LSU, TCU

Report By: Ali Jawad

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.00
Flexibility: 6.00
C.O.D.: 7.00
Explosion: 8.00
Deep Speed: 8.00

Will win with explosiveness as he has the speed to pull away from defenders in pursuit. Deep speed is a big plus as defenders will rarely press him and play off him more knowing he is a deep threat. Change of direction is good but not great isn't especially twitchy in lateral situations he's well balanced and when not trying to push the pace he'll adjust well enough but route breaks can be rounded and he shows some tightness in his hips when trying to roll through speed cuts and will fail to effectively snap his routes appropriately. Does a good job maintaining balance through contact and this helps him gobble up yards after the catch.


Quicks Off LOS: 6.50
Release VS Jam: 6.00
Route Running: 5.50
Separation: 7.00
Blocking: 6.50

Gets physical as a blocker will deliver shots at times will seal off linebackers or safeties from the slot but if he can engage more with his hands he can be more violent as a crack blocker. Below average as a route runner will struggle to create separation and often times get tangled up in contact. He is at his best when defenders are playing off coverage and will use his speed to make up for lack of route running. He is fluid off the LOS and uses a burst of speed to fire off, but could look to be more physical with his hands when jammed at the LOS otherwise he rarely faced getting jammed at LOS. Quick out of his breaks and puts himself in position to make catches.


Hands: 7.00
Yard After Contact: 7.00
Ability in Space: 7.00
Ball Security: 9.00

Good hand size for a player of his size, has soft hands, can make over the shoulder catches, has shown the ability to use his strength to make tough catches. His balance and speed set him up to gain yardage after catches. He will take at least a few steps before getting tackled. Once in the open or given any type of space he will make defenders pay. Zero fumbles this past season and has no issues in ball security.


Toughness: 7.00
Production: 7.50
Consistency/Motor: 6.80

Led the nation in receptions and was fourth in yardage. Gave consistent production with seven 100 yard receiving performances. Was UT's leading WR in yards. Fearless getting to the ball and will take on contact like a running back.


Instincts: 5.50
Learn/Retain: 5.50
Position Versatility: 5.00

Will mainly play in the slot due to his height but also due to his speed and explosiveness. Saw lot's of soft coverages at Texas and a strong ground game that made life easier at the second level. The offense set him up to get the ball quick and just let him be the creator on the play.


Duvernay exploded onto the scene in 2019. He is a very fluid athlete who does a good job turning his hips and accelerates well out of his breaks. He does a good job adjusting to the ball in high point situations and can change direction as a route runner. He also excels at making defenders miss and will showcase some flashiness in open space. His speed allows him to stretch the ball deep down the field.


Duvernay could improve his game in multiple areas. His technique as a route runner can be off at times as his cuts are not consistent and this allows for corners to stick with him at times. Will need to be more aggressive with his hands when trying to separate out of man coverage. His size will be an area of concern. He doesn't have the length to play outside WR. Is not the most reliable in 50/50 jump balls. Will need to do a better job boxing out defenders in tight windows.


Overall Duvernay is an electric playmaker out of the slot who brings a ton of athleticism and toughness to his game. He may not have WR1 written all over him but should be a good weapon at the next level. Not all the pieces are there but his speed, YAC, and hands will make him a scoring threat. Improving as a route runner will allow him to take the next steps in his game. Draft Projection: Early to Mid-4th Rounder. Pro Comp: Marquise Brown. Team Fits: Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills

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