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Devin White


College: LSU

Height: 6'1"


Weight: 240 lbs

Injury History: No Major Injury History

Scout: Cody Manning

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.33

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.25

Very fluid with his movements. He stays on his toes which allows him to change direction with ease.


Flexibility: 7.50


He can bend around blockers to get to the runner. He can flip his hips in coverage to stay on his man.

Explosiveness: 7.70


He doesn't have elite explosiveness but excels at getting from point A to point B. Great in open space.


Playing Speed: 7.15


He has the ability to fly around the field but does have his moments where his speed isn't up to par.


Coordination: 7.15

He does a good job at keeping his balance when he gets knocked off his feet by a blocker.


Position Versatility: 7.25


He is more of an ILB then an OLB. He has the athletic ability but is more effective being in the middle.


Pass Rush Ability: 6.88

Initial Quickness7.75


His initial quickness allows him to squeeze in tight holes to get pressure on the quarterback.

Rush with Leverage: 6.75


He doesn't get enough push on the lineman and can get stood up if they land their hands on him.


Pass Rush Moves: 6.00


He is a straight line pass rusher. He does try to bend around the blockers but no moves at all.


Pressure Consistency: 7.00


If he can find a hole to get through then he always gets pressure otherwise can be easily blocked.


Coverage: 7.31

Pass Drops: 7.75


He does a great job at dropping back in coverage. Very smooth at flowing back into his assignment.

Coverage Awareness: 6.75

He has his moments where his reads appear to be delayed so he reacts to the ball too late.


M/M Coverage: 7.50


He can turn his hips and run with his man. He is fast enough to keep up with most RBs and TEs.


Zone Coverage: 7.25


He can move his feet and shuffle while keeping his eyes on the QB. Needs to read the play better.


Against The Run: 7.50

Play with Leverage: 7.00

He can play too high at times. If a lineman gets under him then he can get blocked out of plays.

Stack and Shed: 7.15

He has the length and strength to shed lineman but lacks being consistent with his ability to do so.


Run at Him: 7.85

He is a great run stuffer and can fill a gap in a second. He can disrupt run plays with his quickness.


Runs Away: 7.50


He has the speed to run down the back on the outside. He has moments where he takes bad angles.


Tackling/Hitting: 8.00


He is a thumper. He does a great job at wrapping his arms around the ball carrier to take them down.



Competitiveness: 7.83

Toughness: 7.75


He doesn't back down and will fight his way through blockers to make a play on the ball.


Production: 8.50

Highly productive player. He is his team's leading tackler. He is all over the field making plays.


Consistency/Motor: 7.25


He constantly looks to make a play on the ball but has his moments where his playing speed is off.


Intelligence: 7.70

Instincts: 7.50


He does a great job at reacting to the run but has his lapses when his is in pass coverage on reads.

Learn/Retain: 7.75


Based on his tape, he appears ready to play in every game and understands his assignments.


Concentration: 7.85

He keeps his eyes on the ball at all times and knows where it is going on every play.




White is a see ball, get ball type linebacker. He is very quick in open space as his quickness allows him to close on ball carriers and the quarterback when he is rushing. He is effective at filling gaps and has a way of squeezing his way through tight spaces to make a play on the ball. He is very fluid in coverage and seems comfortable dropping back into zone coverage. He can flip his hips and play man-to-man coverage as well. He plays all over the field and looks to make a tackle on every play if he can. Very good at helping stuff the run.



Has his moments when he appears to have a lapse at reading players when he is dropped back in zone coverage. He can be delayed in reacting which takes him out of the play. Takes bad angles when runs go to the outside which leads to him completely whiffing on tackles. Needs to play with a lower pad level because when he doesn't lineman can have their way with him because he makes it easy for them to get underneath. He isn't much of a pass rusher as he is just a straight line blitzer. He has no pass rush moves so if he gets blocked then he becomes ineffective.




White should be able to come in and be an immediate contributor for any team that needs help in their linebacker corps. He is an all-around linebacker that does well in all aspects of the game. If he can fine-tune his flaws, he can be a great backer at the next level. He possesses the athletic ability to be a sideline to sideline player. During his first year he should be able to come in as a starter. He will be effective against the run and should be able to drop back in pass coverage. I would expect some errors as a rookie but if he can develop at reading plays at a faster rate than his mistakes should drop over time. No team should draft him with the plan on using him as a pass rusher except for well-timed blitzes that he will get a straight-line path to the quarterback. He can be one the best linebackers if he is developed right.