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Elgton Jenkins


College: Mississippi State

Height: 6'4"



Weight: 310 lbs

Injury History: No Major Injury History

Scout: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.60


Q.A.B. 6.50

Smooth mover and agile but lacks elite foot quicks or athleticism especially while in space. Well balanced and rarely hits the floor unless it's driving an opponent there.


Flexibility 7.50

Great knee bender, coils and sits very low in his stance in order to absorb and halt the rush.

C.O.D. 6.25

Decent redirect and keeps his feet underneath him but rarely puts himself out of position to have to have to quickly shift momentum. Struggles to change blocking angles in space and relies on his length to get a hand a defender.


Explosion 6.00

Lacks tenacity and pop off of the line of scrimmage. Little to no evidence of burst at the point of attack.

Versatility 6.75

Isn't particularly strong in one facet of the center position over another but also has very little to no glaring holes in his game. Jack of all trades, master of none type.

Run Blocking:6.92


In-Line 6.75

Powerful enough to win his one on one's regardless of if he gains the initial body positioning but will need to improve his initial get off in order to be successful at the next level. Rarely ever defeated 1-on-1.


Movement off L.O.S. 6.50

He's a body catcher who consistently stalemates his opponents verse driving them off the line.


Reach Block 8.00

Does a great job of getting his hat across his opponent and cutting them off in order to open up or seal a rushing lane.


Pull & Block Outside 6.50

Smooth but average mover who doesn't accelerate well enough when pulling across the line in order to lead block. Occasionally lacks urgency through the hole.


Adjust In Space 6.75

Better at using his length to get a hand on someone instead of changing blocking angles when adjusting in space.


Use of Hands 7.00

Adequate but often wide/high hand placement that forces him to use strength over leverage.

Pass Blocking: 7.33


Quick Set 6.25

Rarely the first to engage and isn't the fastest out of his stance. His quick set is likely the weakest facet to his game.


Protect Corner 7.00

His length and mirror ability allow him to move well laterally while dictating the distance with his long arms.


Footwork / Redirect & Slide 7.00

Light and active feet for his size. Elgton's smooth footwork allows him to redirect and recover with minimal effort. Rarily false steps and consistently keeps a strong and well balanced base.


Anchor / Reset Ability 8.50

The strongest attribute to Jenkins game is anchor ability. He typically catches the rusher and stonewalls them after surrendering a step backwards. Does a great job of sitting low

Handle Games/Stunts 8.25

Jenkins is great at recognizing and picking up stunts, delays, and blitzes. Always in position to make a block or assist his fellow interior linemen.


Hands / Punch 7.00

Defenders struggle to disengage due to Jenkins strong grip but Elgton possess average hand fighting ability and technique.


Competitiveness 7.50


Toughness 7.50

Physically tough as nails but his playing style isn't that of a nard nose punishing type you'd like in your interior lineman.


Consistency / Motor 7.50

Very consistent from play to play, Elgton's a constant worker from snap to whistle and from the first through the fourth.

Production 7.5

Highly productive pass blocker who thrives against the bullrush and strong run blocking skill set but more of a plug and play type than a impact game changing performer.

Intelligence 8.08


Instincts 8.00

Highly instinctual blocker with "spidey-like" ability to sense and feel pressure outside of his peripheral.

Learn/Retain 8.25

High football IQ and processes information at the offensive line extremely well. Elgton consistently knows his assignment from his responsibilities, to reading the defense, to where the defender is expected to be during each point of a play. Obvious film studier.

Teamwork 8.00

The kind of center a guard wants blocking next to him. Always assisting on the double team and knows when to peel off into the second level.


Elgton Jenkins is a very well rounded, versatile interior lineman who's strengths lie in his ability to anchor and stonewall an opponent's momentum. He often stops defenders dead in their tracks but does tend to take a coil step or two to do so. He's athletic enough to block in space, agile enough to mirrow his opponents with ease, and powerful enough to lose at the initial point of attack and instantly recover.


Lacks tenacity and intensity in his playing style. Non-punishing body catcher type, who settles for stalemating an opponent stead of pancaking them. Can work on his hand placement and using his length to his advantage. Overall technique will need refinement at the next level.



Jenkins is a blend of great size, good functional strength, and decent technique. That all leads to a high ceiling and plenty of room for improvement in his game. The center is already a day one plug and play starter in the NFL that team's will feel comfortable with as a rookie "signal caller" of their O-line. Jenkins will not be considered a sexy pick and will not bring an attitude to any team's trenches but he'll get the job done by opening up running lanes and protecting his QB. Best suited for a zone blocking scheme but his game will translate into any offense. Not do to Jenkins talent but the plethora of defensive talent in the 1st two rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft, Jenkins likely slides in the 3rd but should be considered a mid-day 2 prospect.

Projected Round: Mid 2nd- 3rd
Player Comparison: Graham Glasgow
Team Fits: Dolphins, Broncos, Rams