Elijah Holyfield


College: Georgia

Height: 5' 11"


Weight: 215 lbs

Injury History: 2016: Ankle (Minor - No Missed Time) No Major Injury History

Scout: Rusty Miller

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.20

Q.A.B. 7.10


Quicker than fast. Has great footwork in the backfield and when hitting the hole. Rarely is off-balance.

Flexibility: 7.00


Runs low, relative to his height. Bends around arm tackles in the hole and on the edge. Does not bend as much on cuts.

C.O.D.: 7.40


Very quick feet. Jump cuts take little time to execute. Does not go backward often but side-to-forward motion is consistently speedy.


Explosion: 7.50


Hits the hole with a purpose. Can burst for big plays when clear lanes are opened.


Top End Speed: 7.00


Not the fastest on the field. Accelaration to top speed takes 5-7 yards. Won't run away from faster defensive backs. Top speed is reached consistently faster when he hits a hole hard.


With Ball In Hands: 7.54

Vision: 7.80


Excellent vision and hole recognition. Effectively uses blocks to set up lanes to run through.


Cutting Ability: 7.00


Cuts with purpose. Sticks his foot in the ground and goes. Feet get antsy if holes aren't clearly defined.

Elusiveness: 6.20


Doesn't juke many defenders. Does have the strength to break tackles at the point of attack and in the open field. Needs to improve his arsenal of moves.

Yards After Contact: 7.00


Finishes every run. Delivers the blow to defenders consistently. Falls forward for extra yardage after almost all his runs.

Ball Security: 9.70


Outstanding at holding onto the ball. Never fumbled in 205 collegiate carries. Only dropped the ball on a wildcat snap.

Receiving: 6.75

Hands: 6.00


Good hands. Did not have a drop in college. Only had 7 catches in his career.


Route Running 7.00


Average route running. Not very versatile in types of routes he ran. Mostly quick outs and delayed outs from the backfield.

Ability In Space: 7.00


Is not that effective after the catch. Along with his shallow repertoire of juke moves, he struggles to turn up field after the catch.

Ability to Separate: 7.00


Was not tested in many of his routes. Most of his routes were from the backfield and thus defenders were already playing off coverage.

Blocking: 6.18

Lead Blocking: 5.70


Not asked to lead block. Is not very strong in contact as a blocker. Will not be able to perform this skill at the next level effectively.

Blocking In Space: 5.50


Very poor at blocking in the open field. Constantly whiffed on defenders when he did block in space.

Pass Blocking: 7.00


Does a quality job at pass blocking. Consistently slides and bulls his neck to stonewall defenders. Takes on inside blitzes effectively and has enough strength to hold his ground.


Situational Awareness: 6.5


Has lapses in viewing defenders coming off the opposite edge of where he first looks.

Competitiveness: 7.33



8.20Finishes every run. Powerful runner at the point of contact. Rarely finishes a play going backward.

Production: 7.70


Quality production in only 205 college carries. Averaged over 6 yards per carry in his only season as a co-starter.

Consistency/Motor: 6.70


Very good consistency with everything he does. His jump cuts and vision are his best qualities that stand out on every carry.

Teamwork: 6.70


Only one issue in his character/teamwork was his arrest in 2017 for marijuana possession which cost him a game.

Intelligence: 6.87

Instincts: 6.80


Great instincts on the field. Has a good feel for open holes and where his blockers are going on each play.

Learn/Retain: 6.80


Questions of his ability to learn and retain the offensive information based off of his playing time can be squashed based off the players before him. But, his backfield-mate De'Andre Swift had many more receptions than him so there seems to be a disconnect there.


Versatility: 7.00


Able to play running back, wildcat quarterback, and return kickoffs. Will be a key special teamer as a young player which will alow him to get drafted higher.


Gets off the snap well. Has vision and patience in the backfield and as he hits the hole. Choppy feet produce a very quick jump cut ability that allows him to change holes easily. He hits the hole with determination and, once through, does a great job of getting up to top speed. Consistently finishes runs while falling forward to gain extra yardage. He works well in pass blocking and plants a good base to keep defenders off the quarterback. He did not fumble during his miniscule amount of carries.


Once he gets to the hole, if it is not clearly defined, his feet get antsy and he struggles to search through traffic to find an opening. This attribute leads to bad or missed reads and results in tackles for loss or no gain. The lack of receiving tape is concerning and he was only a one year co-starter. His character is not an issue aside from a marijuana possession arrest in 2017.


Elijah Holyfield is a quality running back prospect. His vision and quick footwork stand out as his best attributes. He is versatile in that he played wildcat quarterback and returned kickoffs at Georgia along with running the football. The lack of receiving tape is a concern and he will need to prove he can catch the ball out of the backfield consistently. But, for being only a co-starter for one year, Holyfield did not get the target share that his partner, De'Andre Swift did. Holyfield is a solid, downhill, one-cut finisher that will consistently get at least three or four yards on every touch. He does not have a huge carry number so any team that drafts him will get a young, fresh back that can play special teams. I think he projects as a two-down back with the potential to include third down if he can prove he can catch the ball.


Pro Comp: Mark Ingram

Team Fits: Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Round Projection: 3rd-4th Round

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