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Emmanuel Hall


College: Missouri

Height: 6'3"


Weight: 195 lbs

Injury History: 2018: Groin (Missed: South Carolina, Alabama, Memphis +Kentucky) Offseason: Shoulder Scoped, 2017: Hamstring (left Arkansas early)

Scout: Jacob Patterson

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.44

Q.A.B.: 7.10


Shows excellent quickness and agility making him a tough cover for opposing corners. Displays good balance as well that helps him make tough catches and come down on his feet.

Flexibility: 7.40


Displays good flexibility in his shoulders and hips. Allows him to make difficult catches due to the ability to twist and turn his body.

C.O.D.: 7.20


Has good change of direction and shows it in intermediate routes. Shows quick cut ability that allows him to gain space from his defender.

Explosion: 8.10


Displays good explosiveness off the LOS and shows the burst ability at the top of the route to break away from his defender.

Deep Speed: 7.40


Threatens vertically with his top gear. Shows the ability to blow by his man and get down the field. Was a major deep threat at the college level.

Without Ball: 7.34

Quicks Off LOS: 8.60


Has fantastic quicks off of the LOS. He excels in short and underneath routes. Displays good acceleration and twitchiness that gets him open quickly.

Release VS Jam: 8.70


Shows excellent release due to his ability to close the cushion vs the jam. Shows good hesitation and drop back moves to help keep his man off balance to give him the advantage at the beginning of the route.

Route Running: 6.70


Route running could be better but isn't a major issue. Needs to improve on tightening and cleaning up his routes. Learning more of the route tree would help Hall immensly to become a better receiver. Hall wins the beginning of the route with a great release but shows rawness in longer developing routes.

Separation: 7.10


Shows good separation due to his willingness to be physical and use his hand to fight off corners that are jamming at the line. His COD helps shake his man during the opening of the route to break away further down the field.

Blocking: 5.60


Decent blocker but could still improve in areas. Doesn't engage his opponent enough to take him out of the play, more of a touch and go type blocker.

With Ball In Hands: 6.75

Hands: 6.20


His hands are a liability at times. Often struggles with drops or bobbles the ball before controlling it which is an issue.

Yard After Contact: 6.70


Fights for extra yards when given the opportunity. Typically runs routes that don't put him in the situation to fight for extra yardage.

Ability in Space: 7.30


Shows good ability in space due to his quickness, speed and agility. Looked at as a big play threat with the ball in his hands.

Ball Security: 6.80


Displays enough ball security to not be a liability. Hasn't show a history of turning the ball over.

Competitiveness: 6.67

Toughness: 6.30


Has had injuries throughout his career that have bothered him. Hall can be outmuscled by more physical cornerbacks when fighting for positioning. He needs to learn to beat his man with a mix of technique and physicallity to overcome this weakness. He gets banged up and shows that the physicallity is starting wear on him through the longevity of the game.


Production: 6.60


Has had good production and is a consistent go to player in the offense. Knows how to be "the guy" for a team.

Consistency/Motor: 7.10


Has an excellent motor when he's on the field. Plays like every game is potentially his last.


Intelligence: 6.47

Instincts: 6.50


Shows solid instincts and has a good feel for the game. Shows good awareness of situations on the field and shows the alertness you want from your receiver.

Learn/Retain: 6.70


Has shown the ability to improve year to year. Has worked on his weaknesses and has cleaned up areas of his game throughout his collegiate career.

Position Versatility: 6.20


Shows some versatility at the position but should be mainly fit into one roll on the offense.



Shows good explosiveness off of the LOS and is threat vertically for a big play. Very twitchy player that has good change of direction. Shows excellent footwork against corners jamming at the LOS. Is able to separate well from his defender to get open and is a smart player who shows good situational awareness.


Hands can be a liability due to drops and bobbling the ball when it comes his way. Isn't going to clear the running lane with his blocking. Needs to clean up running his routes. Hasn't been given the opportunity much to show his abilities in YAC.


Emmanuel Hall has been a big time receiver for Drew Lock at Missouri. He is the number one option for the Tigers and always gets extra attention from the defense. He's known for his big play ability and has wreaked havoc on the SEC during his collegiate career. Hall is an explosive player that does his best work vertically down field, however, he is very capable on short and intermediate routes as well. He struggles with drops occasionally but has cleaned up that part of his game enough recently that teams will overlook that issue. He will need some grooming at the next level but has the potential to be a solid WR2. He will need to clean up his route running to succeed against much more physical and talented corners in the NFL.


Projected Round: 4

Team Fits: Patriots, Vikings, Raiders and Dolphins.