Eno Benjamin

Running Back

Arizona State

5' 10"

201 lbs



Injury History: Ankle Surgery (2017)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Arizona, Oregon 2018 Vs: Washington

Report By: Pat Pryor

Scouting Report


Doesn't rip away from tacklers but definitely possesses enough strength to fight for the extra yards. Great moves, with nice quick feet and has a high chance to get around defenders. Can get through a hole in the line even if it's not huge thanks to great body control. Very good athleticism that allows him to use his body control to get extra yards in the run and passing game. He almost always knows what moves to make and how to make defenders miss. He was very reliable in the passing game, as he was third in receptions in the last two years for Arizona State. Had 30 touchdowns from scrimmage in 2 years, proving himself to be a reliable scorer in a scheme that relied on his skills a lot.


Drop in attempts, yards, average yards per attempt in 2016. 6 fumbles in 2019, after just 1 in 2018. He has a smaller frame and doesn't pack a lot of punch with his blocks. To be effective blocking, he needs to learn better where to place his blocks but has shown promise delivering a hit straight on with a defender. Struggles with inconsistent vision, especially when blocks take time to develop. If blocks take time to develop he can hesitate before getting to the line and be unsure of where to go next, which allows defenders to come in for a TFL. He doesn't have much a route tree, mostly coming up to the line and curling or very short out routes. Not always consistent in gains.


A decrease in production combined with an increase in fumbles is a concern for 2019, but he supports his case for a higher pick with good receiving. He has plenty of experience carrying the workload, as in 2018 and 2019 he had the majority of attempts for the Sun Devils. He needs a lot of work blocking and will take time to adjust as he has a small frame and will need to learn to be a strategic blocker, instead of throwing his weight, which is what he's done in the past. He's proven as a team leader and has led the team in scrimmage, yards, attempts, and touchdowns for the past two years. The scheme relied on him a lot and he showed he was able to handle it. He's been credited by teammates, coaches, and scouts for having great football knowledge and working hard. He's ready for a scheme that heavily features the run game that limits his fits but gives him opportunities for high production early on. He is definitely a project, needing to improve his blocking, vision consistency, and route running, but his physical tools and great ability to maneuver around the field make him a target for teams who need an RB in the later rounds. Due to an underrated deep class, he'll drop to day 3 and likely be a fourth to fifth-rounder.

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