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Garrett Bradbury


College: N.C. State

Height: 6'3"


Weight: 306 lbs

Injury History: No Major Injury History

Scout: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.75

Q.A.B. 7.25

Garrett has tremendous playing balance and rarely hits the floor unless it's pancaking a D-lineman but lacks elite athleticism.


Flexibility 6.50

Good knee bend and decent pad level allows him to often gain inside leverage against his opponents.


C.O.D. 7.50

His feet can get away from him at times but he does a great job at redirecting and shifting momentum to pick up blitzers and when combo blocking.


Explosion 9.00

Versatility 8.50

Played guard and center at N.C. State and excels in both run blocking and pass protection. Garrett is best suited to play in a power run style offense but would find similar success in a zone blocking scheme. There isn't much Bradbury can't do!


Run Blocking: 8.63 

In-Line 8.50

Punishing in-line and down blocker, who consistently delivers the blow. His strength is on display each and every snap.

Movement off L.O.S. 9.25

Garrett possesses great functional power in both his upper and lower body. Often driving his opponent 5+ yards off the line of scrimmage with both leverage technique and brute force.

Reach Block 9.00

Quick and agile enough to get his hat and body in position to cut off and seal run lanes. His leverage technique is near flawless and understands using a players own momentum against them.

Pull & Block Outside 8.25

Bradbury is a wrecking ball if able to gain any speed when pulling across the line of scrimmage. He's an outstanding lead blocker and puts the fear of god into defenders who have to take him head on.

Adjust In Space 8.25

Takes accurate and intelligent angles when blocking in the second level. Agile enough to redirect momentum last second to pick up a block and always seems to know the location of the defender he's responsible for. Garrett's highlight reel is full of impressive combo blocks in which he'll assist a guard, pancake the DT, and instantly peel off to attack a LB.

Use of Hands 8.50
Excellent hand placement, strong mits, and a hell of a powerful punch that often displaces a defenders momentum. Once Garrett has gained inside, it's all she wrote for any DT.

Pass Blocking: 8.13

Quick Set 7.50

Decent speed out of his stance but was at times vulnerable to guys with elite get off and a quicker 1st step but often recovered with brute strength.

Protect Corner 8.00

Against outside moves or when picking up blitzes, Garrett does an exceptional job at forcing a rusher completely out of the pocket and play all together.

Footwork / Redirect & Slide 7.00

His feet can at times get out from underneath him when in pass protection but he moves well laterally and his happy feet never stop working.


Anchor / Reset Ability 8.75

His low center of gravity, wide base, and elite strength allow him to stonewall players who are often, bigger, stronger, and more athletic.

Handle Games/Stunts 9.00

Always alert and aware of stunts, blitzes, and delays. Has eyes in the back of his head and often peeled off one block to pick up another.


Hands / Punch 8.50

Strong powerful puncher with great inside placement that often displaces his opponent and halts all momentum.

Competitiveness 8.67

Toughness 9.50

Toughest (both physically & mentally), meanest, nastiest guy on the field at all times. Rarely missed a snap from 16'-18'.

Consistency / Motor 8.50

Bradbury is often the hardest working man on the field play in and play out! High motor athlete with elite endurance for a 300 pounder.

Production 8.00 Was a key factor in N.C. State's offensive production. A key contributor in the run game who was often solely responsible for springing open big runs with devastating blocks in the second level.


Intelligence 8.75

Instincts 9.00

Insanely instinctual, Bradbury has eyes in the back of his head and senses pressure he can't see like a QB. On several occasions, he would peel off a double team and pick up a delay, stunt, or blitz that wasn't even in his peripheral.


Learn/Retain 9.00

Two time Earle Edwards Award winner for highest GPA on his team. Very football smart!

Teamwork 8.25

Excellent at assisting either of his guards and often both in a single play when freed up. Such a presence in the middle of the line, DT's are forced to continuously shoot the 3-gap and avoid Bradbury at all costs.



Garrett Bradbury is a physically dominant prospect that will bring tenacity to any offensive line. His run blocking tech is NFL caliber. Winning the leverage and the body positioning battle is his bread and butter. Bradbury is tremendous combo blocker and consistently manhandles multiple defenders in a single play. In the passing game, he stonewalls defenders with ease and anchors with the best of 'em.


The N.C. State center isn't perfect by any means, but his strengths constantly overshadow his weaknesses and flaws. His footwork when pass blocking can be sloppy and inconsistent but recovers with pure power and athleticism. His 1st step and quick set isn't the greatest and when beaten, it was typically by players with elite quickness and burst. Better run blocker than pass blocker. Somewhat stubby frame hinders him against lengthy DT's and has to rely on his tech to overcome the disadvantage.


Garrett Bradbury is certainly not at the level of a Quenton Nelson by any means but his violent playing style, demeanor, Football IQ/Instincts, and intensity are very similar to that of the first year All-Pro. The Wolf Pack prospect is a day one plug-N-play starter at both center or guard, who could use some refinement in terms of lower body mechanics but is already polished in all other aspects of playing as an interior linemen. Garrett Bradbury is a top 25 prospect, the best center to come out of the draft in years and a first round lock.
Projected Round: 1st (top 25)
Player Comparison: Jason Kelce
Team Fits: Panthers, Vikings, Broncos