Grant Delpit



6' 3"

203 lbs



Injury History: Ankle and Shoulder Issue (2019), Broken Collarbone (2018)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Alabama, Florida, Auburn 2018 Vs: Georgia

Report By: Bobby Greco

Scouting Report


Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 7.80
Flexibility: 7.60
Deep Speed: 7.40
Explosion: 7.70
Coordination: 7.80

Delpit is an extremely athletic player and has all the right measurables you want in an NFL safety. He has been a great playmaker for the LSU defense since he arrived on campus. He has great sideline to sideline ability, which is a very good indicator of his C.O.D ability. He can be vulnerable when covering a top speed receiver but is otherwise a very good coverage safety. He shows a lot of explosion when playing the run and is never afraid of getting his nose to the football. He really shows off his athleticism when playing against the play-action, because even if he comes up to stop the run, he is most of the time able to recover and cover his man.


Man Press: 7.90
Man Off: 7.50
Zone: 8.10
Hand Fighting: 7.60
Hips/Turn Ability: 7.70

Delpit has incredible coverage skills for a pure safety. He is the best safety I have seen play, when it comes to playing press-man coverage and that really should not be overlooked. Even if he doesn't immediately jam the WR at the line, he is able to stay with him step for step and shut down the route. On the downside, he isn't as solid playing off the receiver. It almost seems that he just isn't as sure of himself here, which is odd to me, because it's usually the opposite way. He is very good at reading plays and knowing his job but doesn't have active enough feet playing off a WR. He flourishes in zone and has the ability to lock down an entire side of the field. He also has great hips and strong hands, which are both very important attributes for an NFL safety.


Closing Quickness: 8.00
Ball Skills: 7.70
Route/Play Diagnosis: 9.00

He is an absolute playmaker. He is a really smart safety and is able to diagnose plays instantaneously. You can really see this in the Alabama game from this past season, every time they motioned he did too and was also communicating with the rest of the D on what to do. This is also a good chance to see his closing quickness because he was able to move with the motion man get there in time to stop the play/route. Watching the way he diagnoses plays you can see the leadership he brings too. He is able to communicate with teammates and do the right thing every play, which is something teams should be very impressed by. Delpit has strong hands as well and can disrupt most passes thrown his way. Even when he can only get fingertips on the ball, he has the right ball skills to successfully deflect the pass.


Quickness Upfield: 7.80
Fight Through Blocks: 7.30
Tackling: 6.70

Is very good in run support and is always in the right spot. He is also a great blitzer and can come from up the middle or outside the tackle. However, he isn't very strong fighting through blocks and I just don't like his tackling. This is a straight technique issue though, he always gives great effort and a lot of the time is the one who initiates contact. He just needs to learn better techniques, because he dips his head way too much and has trouble wrapping up the ball carrier because of it. It's very difficult to grade because he is always at the point of attack and is usually makes initial contact. Unfortunately, the great play he makes to put himself in the right situation goes to a loss, because he misses the tackle. This should be something that good coaching in the NFL will fix though and I would not hesitate to take a player like Delpit, because everything else is at a high level.


Toughness: 8.30
Production: 8.00
Consistency/Motor: 7.80

To call him a tough player, would be an absolute understatement. Delpit has played the majority of the last two seasons with nagging injuries and missed very little time. He only missed one game in his career and coaches said watching the way he persevered, really helped his evolution into being a team leader. He is also a player who never quits on a play. For example vs Auburn last season, he came in on a blitz and when the RB broke out the opposite way, he then chased him down 20 yards downfield.


Instincts: 8.60
Learn/Retain: 7.00
Teamwork: 7.90

Instinctually Delpit is an elite talent. He is able to dissect an opponent's offense with such precision, that he knows what everyone on fields responsibilities are. It's very impressive how he communicates with teammates, both before and after the play. It says a lot about his leadership and should be something any team looking to draft him is excited about. He gets a lower learn and retain grade, because of his tackling. Dipping his is head something that should have been fixed by now, so it will be interesting to see how quickly he can improve upon that.


Delpit's top strengths are his athleticism, his coverage, and his toughness. Three things bode very well for an NFL safety and it will really help him develop at the next stage. He is also a leader and will bring a great work ethic with him. Overall he just has all the right intangibles NFL teams look for.


He really only has one real weakness, tackling. He has some deficiencies playing off receivers, but that is very fixable. Tackling techniques however need to be addressed, because when you play against the best talent every week, something like bad tackling will be exposed real fast.


Overall Delpit should be a day starter for any team that drafts him. He has all traits to be great, he just needs to be fine-tuned. Growing up in Louisiana when he did, made him idolize another Louisiana kid having great success and that was Tyrann Mathieu. I think you can really see that in his play because it has made him into a do-everything safety just like Mathieu. Delpit is a no-doubt first-round pick, but where he will go will really depend on how much teams value his skillset. I think he would be a good scheme fit for a team like the LA Rams.

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