Harrison Bryant

Tight End

Florida Atlantic


243 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Ohio State, UAB 2018 Vs: North Texas

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.70
Flexibility: 8.10
C.O.D.: 7.70
Explosion: 7.50
Deep Speed: 7.50

Unique athleticism for the position as he looks almost like a WR playing in-line. He has excellent body flexibility and seems to pick passes out of the sky with his explosive jumping ability and body control. Can change directions with ease and will leave slower defenders in the dust. Had a somewhat underwhelming Combine showing and seemed to be more explosive out on the field than in his underwear. Has the quickness to separate from defenders in small spaces and the long speed to be a consistent seam stretching threat.


Quicks Off LOS: 7.70
Route Running: 7.80
Separation: 8.00
Hands: 7.90
Yards After Contact: 6.00
Ball Security: 7.50

Great snap anticipation and quickness off the snap. He can be rerouted by heavy-handed Edge rushers due to his size, but can also use his quickness to flash past them before they can even get their hands on him. He is a nuanced route runner who uses small subtleties to get open such as head fakes and stutter steps. He has no problems getting open due to his fluidity and short-area quickness in and out of his breaks which give him the upper hands against slower LBs and Safeties. He has strong hands and is very comfortable plucking catches away from his frame. Has no fear of combative catches or absorbing hits while hanging onto his targets. He runs with an angry disposition but simply doesn't possess the strength or body type to break a lot of tackles. Did not have a problem with fumbles in the tape viewed.


In-Line Runs: 6.20
Motion Runs: 6.80
Blocking In Space: 7.20
Pass Blocking: 7.00
Situational Awareness: 7.50

Outstanding tenacity and effort in the blocking game, but his production is limited in this aspect due to an alarming lack of strength and bulk. He has the disposition of an ankle-biting dog that will continually come after you but can be subdued by their more forceful owner. As a blocker, he is best utilized out in space against defenders with similar builds like off the ball LBs and defensive backs. Does a terrific job on stalk blocks and wham blocks on counter traps, and was even deployed from the FB position on a number of snaps. He did the surprising well with his ability to win as a pass protector due to his light feet, shuffle, and tenacity against blitzing DBs and Edge rushers. He is a clutch performer who the team would depend upon in big moments.


Toughness: 7.60
Production: 7.60
Consistency / Motor: 7.70

Great toughness and grit to do the dirty work that the position calls for even though he knows his physical limitations. Was the Mackey Award winner in his senior season, and has been a first or second-team All-Conference selection since his sophomore season. 3 years of great production even from a lesser competition like Conference USA warrants attention. No questions about his effort or motor whatsoever.


Instincts: 7.90
Learn/Retain: 7.80
Versatility: 8.00

Great feel for how to win his route and present a target for his QB. Understands how to adjust his routes to coverage. Willing and dedicated worker in his preparation in the lead up to game day. Was under the tutelage of a well-respected coach in Lane Kiffin who understood how to put him in situations to succeed, but also helped him understand what he does well and how to improve on his weaknesses. He was used all over the formation from in-line TE, Move TE, FB, Slot WR, and Outside WR.


Passing catching weapon who has the speed, jumping ability, and ability to separate that make it seem like he is a WR playing the position. Shows the toughness to come down with difficult catches in combat situations and absorb big hits while holding onto the ball. Versatility is a plus and can be deployed all over the offensive formation. He gives maximum effort as a blocker and can excel if asked to block out in space or on second and third-level defenders.


Lean TE that lacks strength (Only 13 reps on Bench Press at Combine) and lower body bulk. His frame may be maxed out and I am not sure he can add much more size to it. As a run blocker, he can be tossed around by DL and heavy-handed Edge players. He won't be able to break a lot of tackles due to his shortcomings size wise and will have to depend on his athleticism to break tackles in the open field.


Harrison Bryant was one of the best TEs in college football the last two seasons and what he does well as a pass-catcher will make evaluators value him highly, but his shortcomings as a blocker and the questions of if his frame is already maxed out will put a cap on where his draft stock will rise. I see teams such as the 49ers, Broncos, Colts, Steelers, Chiefs, and Packers keeping tabs on him during the draft. He should come off the board in the 3rd-4th round range and his playing style reminds me of Irv Smith Jr.

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