Hunter Bryant

Tight End


6' 2"

248 lbs



Injury History: Partially Torn ACL and LCL in Left Knee (2017), Torn Meniscus: Required Surgery (2018)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Cal, Utah, Colorado

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.80
Flexibility: 8.00
C.O.D.: 7.80
Explosion: 7.80
Deep Speed: 7.50

Lean and athletic pass-catching TE. He has very good speed to stretch the field vertically, especially now since he is finally healthy after a couple of knee injuries. He has good length and terrific fluidity to make him a mismatch when he goes against LBs. He has enough size to be able to post up and shield passes away from DBs. He has quick-twitch fiber in his DNA and should put up a quality vertical jump. He has good functional play strength and excels and flowing and fitting on blocks in space.


Quicks off LOS: 7.60
Route Running: 7.80
Separation: 7.80
Hands: 7.70
Yards After Contact: 7.20
Ball Security: 7.50

Has good upper body strength to shed DBs trying to get a strong jam on his at the LOS. He is smooth in and out of his breaks to create separation due to his hip fluidity. Can run the entire route tree. Great pass catcher who has naturally soft hands. He doesn't fight the ball and shows the ability to sky high and reach out at its apex to grab it. He is able to use his fluidity and athleticism to make acrobatic catches look easy, and his body control to make sideline grabs is impressive. At times he will have the dreaded drop due to focus on turning upfield without securing the ball. Dangerous runner after securing passes due to his blend of speed and size. Has the speed to separate from LBs, and can be too big and powerful for DBs to bring him down in the open field when he has a head of steam. He also is no slouch in the open field and has impressive cutting ability for a TE.


In-Line Runs: 6.60
Motion Runs: 7.00
Blocking in Space: 7.20
Pass Blocking: 7.00
Situational Awareness: 7.20

He shows great effort and want to in the blocking department, but a lack of pure size and bulk limit him in his ability to be successful at it. He has good length to lockout LBs or DBs on the edge, but generally, when tasked with blocking in-line versus DL he could not maintain blocks due to a strength disadvantage. Washington knew this weakness so they deployed him a ton as a move TE and FB that really excelled at wham blocking and showed the ability to really rock LBs backward. He has good field vision and ability to locate and engage blocks at the second level when put in space.


Toughness: 7.80
Production: 6.30
Consistency/Motor: 7.60

A hard worker who doesn't let situations keep him down. Worked his way back from two serious knee injuries to finally get healthy and flash the playmaking ability he showed early on in his career. Is willing to keep fighting even when he knows he is a size disadvantage and will give you everything he has on every play. Only produced solid production while at Washington due to the dearth of talent around him and injuries that kept him out of action.


Instincts: 7.80
Learn/Retain: 7.80
Versatility: 7.80

Terrific feel out in between the numbers both as a blocker and receiving target. Will adjust his routes to the tendencies DBs and LBs continually flash, and will take advantage of overaggressiveness of defenders when matched up blocking them. He was deployed all over the formation anywhere from in-line TE, move TE, FB, and Slot WR.


A dangerous, pass-catching TE who has the top-end speed, vertical jump, and body control to be a mismatch against LBs and DBs. He has underrated play strength that allows him to break tackles after the catch. He gives good effort as a blocker and really excels being deployed as a wham blocker from the move TE and FB positions. Has good field vision and can flow and fit with a high rate of success at the 2nd level of the defense. A hard worker who has overcome a number of injuries to flash playmaking ability from the TE position.


Is shorter (6'2") than ideal, lacks the strength, and lower body bulk to operate as a consistent in-line TE. He has a history of knee injuries that took him a while to get back to pre-injury form so medicals will be important. Will have a focus drop now and then because he is too worried about what he has in front of him than securing the pass. His 40-time at the Combine doesn't match the speed you see on tape.


Hunter Bryant is a playmaking force from the TE position, but his skill set will be one that needs to be teamed with a more well-rounded skill set that will allow him to be deployed in areas where he can be a mismatch. Due to the shift in the skill sets that teams value in TEs his playmaking skill will be valued highly in the red zone and down the seam by a number of teams. I see him coming off the board on day two of the draft. His skill set reminds me of Jonnu Smith.

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