JJ Arcega-Whiteside

Position: Receiver

College: Stanford

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 225 lbs



Injury History: 2018: Ankle/Leg (Left Washington early - Missed Oregon)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Washington State, Oregon, 2017: USC, TCU

Scout: Jacob Patterson

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.28

Q.A.B.: 7.10

Lacks good quickness due to his long strides. Shows good agility and overall athleticism displaying excellent balance, especially when fighting off DBs for a catch.

Flexibility: 8.10

Extremely flexible, makes difficult catches look easy and is able to twist and turn himself to get a good position on the ball coming his way. Makes circus catches regularly and is able to do so due to his overall length.

C.O.D.: 6.10

Shows the ability to change direction although this is not a strong part of his game. He isn't going to shake a defender out of his shoes but shows enough shiftiness at times to gain more yardage.

Explosion: 7.30

Shows good explosion off of the line likely due to his long strides. Shows the ability to get past DBs to provide himself enough cushion to make a play on the ball.

Deep Speed: 7.80

Has surprising "blow by" speed for his size which catches defenders off guard. Shows the ability to come of the LOS and leave DBs trailing behind him due to sneaky speed.

Without Ball: 7.64

Quicks Off LOS: 7.90

Displays an elite stutter step that often loses defenders and allows him to get open. He has an excellent get off that helps him to catch his man off guard and gain the advantage over him.

Release VS Jam: 8.50

Dominates press coverage. Shows the ability to jab his feet to close the distance between himself and the DB and then blow by him. He is able to get off the jam due to his size and physicality.

Route Running: 7.50

Runs excellent clean and crisp routes as well as displays solid traits within the route itself. Shows to have a good head fake that will shake a corner that is shadowing him.

Separation: 7.20

Separation is not a problem for Whiteside due to his long strides and physicality. Has good elbow and hand placement to get by his man and take off downfield.

Blocking: 7.10

Not afraid to block during running plays and is physical with the man he is blocking. Has no problem with motivation in blocking situations and seems to seek out someone to make contact with.

With Ball In Hands: 6.50

Hands: 8.10

Shows strong and dependable hands during contested catches. Meets the ball at its highest point and is able to box out smaller defenders consistently to make a play.

Yard After Contact: 5.40

Hasn't shown the ability to take advantage of YAC. Has the size to do so but seems to brought down easier than most guys his size.

Ability in Space: 5.70

Doesn't show great ability in space due to his lack of elite quickness and shiftiness. More lethal as a vertical and red zone threat. Excels at jump ball situations.

Ball Security: 6.80

Has never had an issue with securing the ball. Is not known for turnovers and seems to protect the ball due to his awareness of where defenders are.

Competitiveness: 7.10

Toughness: 6.80

Doesn't shy away from contact and has a very physical play style. Toughness should not be questioned.

Production: 7.10

Has consistently played a large role in the offense and is looked upon often when a play needs to be made. Has become a true focal point. His numbers have steadily risen since he started playing at Stanford.

Consistency/Motor: 7.40

Has shown good consistency with his level of play throughout his career. Comes to work on every play and never seems to take a play off.

Intelligence: 6.67

Instincts: 7.50

Has excellent instincts for the game. Shows that he knows his role in the offense and is very aware of the situation at hand.

Learn/Retain: 7.20

Shows the willingness to learn and has grown each year. He has cleaned up his game and worked on his weaknesses.

Position Versatility: 5.30

Does not show much versatility at the WR position. Most effective in deep ball and jump ball situations. Major threat to defenses in the red zone.


Shows immense potential as a go to redzone threat due to his length and size. Has the ability to box out DBs and finish contested catches. Dangerous as a vertical threat and can really stretch the defense to open up the field. Has a knack for making acrobatic catches and taking over a game. Has surprising burst off of the LOS and shows good release traits against press coverage.


Struggles at times to gain yardage after contact even though he usually has a size advantage over his defender. Does not display great shiftiness or quickness that would normally allow players to gain extra yardage. Not a guy that will be used all over the field in the game. Will be put more into specific role rather than possibly helping in other parts of the offense.


Arcega-Whiteside comes from a family of athletes. His mother played basketball for Appalachian State and his father played basketball professionally for Spain. It is well known that prospects become more enticing if they have a notable athletic family history. Whiteside has improved his numbers each season at Stanford and is currently 4th all time in touchdowns at the receiver position in school history. This speaks to his good work ethic and overall talent as a player. His game relies more on his size and physicality than speed and quickness which is not unusual for a guy his size. He is a vertical threat that will stress the defense and will at time command the respect of having a safety over the top. This will take pressure off of the rest of the offense and help create mismatches. Whiteside can be a #1 option at the next level and take on a large role in an offense.

Round Projection: 3
Team Fits: Green Bay, Arizona, Buffalo, Seattle
Pro Comparison: Michael Thomas

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