JK Dobbins

Running Back

Ohio State

5' 10"

217 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Clemson, Wisconsin B10 Champ, Michigan St

Report By: Bobby Greco

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. 8.00
Flexibility: 7.60
C.O.D. 7.80
Explosion: 8.40
Top End Speed: 8.20

Athletically Dobbins is everything you look for in an RB. He has incredible balance, even after making a hard cut and that makes him very difficult to bring down. He has a powerful base and can cut on a dime. Having such a strong base makes him extremely explosive, he has the ability to make one cut and then pull away from the whole defense. Not getting to see him run a 40, it's hard to say how good his top-end speed is. That being said, just turn on his game film and you will see Dobbins is a big play waiting to happen. The only "weak" spot athletically, is his flexibility. He doesn't have that Barry Sanders elusiveness and isn't the type of player who you will see making an acrobatic play. That is the only weakness I see here and that really isn't a weakness.


Vision: 9.00
Cutting Ability: 8.70
Elusiveness: 7.60
Yards After Contact: 7.80
Ball Security: 7.70

He really has all the tools to be a great NFL running back. He is a very patient runner and arguably has the best vision in this draft class. You can really see how he reads the line every play before making his decision of where to attack and his ability to cut back the opposite way to break off a huge play is at an elite level. Watch the game vs Clemson, he was a real touchdown threat on every play. He isn't the most elusive RB, but that's not his game and shouldn't impact his draft stock at all. He is going to be a very good player, as long as he has a good line. He is a really powerful runner but doesn't get a ton of YAC. He has enough power to be dangerous though and should gain more, as he builds mass with an NFL team.


Hands: 6.90
Route Running: 7.20
Ability In Space: 7.50
Ability To Separate: 7.70

If compared to another Ohio St star RB Zeke Elliott, he is farther ahead of where Zeke was at this point. He is a good route runner and very difficult to cover for linebackers, but you can see he isn't very comfortable catching passes. His hands are just too inconsistent and it seems he looks upfield before securing catches, which is why he has a high number of drops. Unfortunately for Dobbins, he decided not to compete at the combine and now probably won't get a pro day. With all that said, he is going to need to figure out a way to prove he can be a viable threat in the passing game. All the tools are there, they just need to be sharpened.


Lead Blocking: 7.70
Blocking In Space: 7.50
Pass Blocking: 7.20
Situational Awareness: 7.80

There is a lot to like when it comes to his blocking abilities. He has a great understanding of pass pro and always makes the right blocks, he just needs to learn better techniques. He doesn't use enough of his natural power and gets driven back into the QBs lap, but he really knows what he is doing. When it comes to run blocking, he is really forceful and greatly effective doing this. Whether it's a designed play where he is the lead blocker or a broken-down play where the QB scrambles, Dobbins is a very good run blocker. It really gives me a lot of confidence that once he gets to the NFL the coaches there will teach him to be just as good in pass pro. It should be an easy thing for him to learn too because he has fantastic situational awareness and knows what he is supposed to do on every play.


Toughness: 8.00
Production: 7.70
Consistency/Motor: 7.70
Teamwork: 8.10

He is an extremely tough player and that was on full display during the Clemson CFP game. He sprained his ankle early in the game and still played the entire game, he also had a huge performance too. This alone gives him a high teammate grade because he showed how far he will go for his brothers. He has had very good production throughout his career, finishing it off with a monster 2,000-yard 21TD season. Overall he is to bring an instant impact not only with his play but with the work ethic and competitive mentality he brings.


Instincts: 9.30
Learn/Retain: 7.90
Versatility: 7.30

Elite instincts! It's truly wonderful watching him play and how he reads the field. Every high school coach should have his RBs watch Dobbins film because he really shows you how great a running back can be, when they are patient and follows their blockers. He can also teach young backs the value of one cut and not dancing in the backfield waiting for a hole to open. He will need to grow as a receiver though, so he doesn't have great versatility yet. Give him a year in the NFL and he should be a complete player, both on and off the field.


Pure running back skills, he has them down almost perfect. Has the best vision in this class to me and is a very patient runner. He also has great top-end speed and is a big play waiting to happen.


Receiving is the only real weakness in his game. He needs to work on his hands because at the moment he isn't an every-down NFL back. The reason I think the NFL needed to be specified is because in the league you are playing the "tip of the spear" in terms of talent and so any weakness you have are pointed out very quickly. He also needs to improve in pass pro, but that isn't as big of a weakness as receiving.


Overall he is a top 5 RB in this draft class, but any other year he would probably be the top guy. The easiest comparison here is Zeke Elliott because they are very similar runners and both from Ohio St. However I think Dobbins is a much more complete player than Zeke was coming into the league. Though I have said receiving is his weakness, he is much further along than Zeke was. He grades out as a no doubt 1st round pick, but with this year being potentially the best draft class we have seen, there is a chance he slips to the 2nd. He would be a great fit for the Miami Dolphins because he instantly gives them a run game and he brings good leadership skills too.

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