Jachai Polite

Position: Edge

College: Florida

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 245 lbs



Injury History: 2018: Shoulder (Missed South Carolina), 2017 - AC Joint Sprain

Games Evaluated: 2018: Georgia, Vanderbilt, LSU, Kentucky, Mississippi St

Scout: Nick Farabaugh

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.72

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.60

Extremely fluid in space and changes direction with ease. Fits into a scheme that drops its OLBs into coverage occasionally. His lateral agility is a huge asset in setting the edge and making tackles.

Flexibility: 7.30

Shows great flexibility in the hips and lower body as he bends around the edge, easily can use his flexibility to get around tackles.

Explosiveness: 8.40

Incredibly explosive off the jump and flies off the line immediately.

Playing Speed: 7.80

Flies around the field and does not stop, is as fast as many RBs and some DBs.

Coordination: 7.50

Shows fantastic use of his balance around the edge by using length to fend off longer tackles, and will not get knocked around easily even by power blocks.

Pass Rush Ability: 7.12

Initial Quickness: 8.00

Elite first step that might be the best in the class. Times the snap with ease and his explosiveness wins him some reps straight off the line.

Use of Hands: 5.90

Has a great length, but is still developing hand usage. Fails to have effective hand counters once bitten off his initial step.

Leverage: 7.90

Plays low with good pad height. Utilizes his pad level to get around the edge and rag doll tackles that cannot match his length.

Pass Rush Moves: 6.20

Has an absolutely lethal spin move and good cross-chop-rip combination, but fails to create enough separation with his hands. Combined with lack of counters, he can be occasionally stonewalled.

Finish Ability: 7.60

Never stops until the whistle is blown and has the talent and mental awareness to strip the QB when he gets around the edge. Finishes plays as well as any EDGE prospect this year, as he stays aggressive from snap to whistle.

Competitiveness: 7.00

Toughness: 8.20

Has consistently battled top tackles with aggressiveness equal to theirs, and has played through a left shoulder injury that inhibited his ability to rush, but was still productive.

Consistency/Motor: 6.70

Endless motor that doesn't stop until the whistle is blown. Has great splashes of plays, but needs to be far more consistent is his production.

Production: 6.10

Lack of consistent pressure is an issue. Sometimes seemingly ghosts around the field and then shows up much later. Elite splash play production, but inconsistent.

Against The Run: 7.43

Play with Leverage: 7.30

Always plays low enough to hold his gap. Drives his blocker back to redirect and blow up plays consistently. Once he wins leverage, he never loses it. Seldom ever plays high.

Stack and Shed: 8.00

Has the strength to stack up blockers at the point of attack and easily sheds with a rip move. Slows down runners with free arm as he holds the edge. Uses his length to grab runners around the edge and tackle them.

Gap Shooting Ability: 7.10

Smart at using his leverage to move inside to shoot gaps on power runs, and can shed and fly to the outside on stretches and other outside run concepts.

Run at Him: 7.50

Uses his strength to win the edge easily and then shed. Accomplishes the gist of his assignment and does not let big plays to his side.

Run Away: 7.30

His motor and speed allow him to go across the field and make the tackle. Impressive range for an EDGE prospect, and his hustle is never questioned.

Tackling/Hitting: 7.40

Wraps up and seldom missed tackles. Will lay the boom if he has a clear shot, but careful enough to not get called for targeting.

Intelligence: 7.93

Instincts: 7.80

Processes easily and flies off the snap due to it. Can read the play and uses his instincts to flow back inside or attack the edge.

Learn/Retain: 8.00

Has grown tremendously as a pass rusher in his years, and is already improving on his hands. Extremely coachable and improvable player.

Teamwork: 8.00

The ultimate team player, Polite is a leader and clearly uplifts his team. If his teammate is down, he is the first one to pick them up. Balancing force on the sideline that allows him to be a veteran-like presence.


Polite's first step is ridiculously quick and he has some of the best speed-to-power exchange among the EDGE class. That first step combined with his explosiveness and bend allows him to get sacks rather easily. However, he is also a great processor and has moves to win inside or outside with his spin and cross-chop, which has been proven to be lethal. He is fluid and can drop back into coverage and is fantastic in space. His run defense should never be questioned, as his motor and strength highlight his ability to make splash plays and set the edge. Just about as polished as you can get for a pass rusher coming out of college, and he will have an immediate impact on a team with his ability to force turnovers, much like Harold Landry has with the Titans.


Marginal weaknesses, but hands need improve drastically, as his hand counters are just not there. He is far too reliant on his first step due to his lack of counters, and without improving it, he will be nothing more than average. His consistency has to improve straight away, as there are too many delays between splash plays.


Polite is an elite EDGE prospect who will be a top 20 pick in this year's upcoming draft. His combination of speed-to-power and turning that into bend is a key trait that scouts look for in elite EDGE prospects. His run defense leaves nothing to be desired and he will be best served as 3-4 OLB rather than a 4-3 DE. His fluidity also allows scheme versatility, however, as he can be slotted into the off-ball with good instincts and blazing speed. His hands go right with his consistency as his biggest weaknesses and they could hold him back if they do not improve, but given his improvement arc, it is likely that he will. His intangibles only make him a more intriguing prospect, as he is a natural born leader.

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