Jacob Eason



6' 6"

227 lbs



Injury History: Knee Injury (2017)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah

Report By: Jacob Patterson

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. 6.80
Flexibility 6.30
C.O.D. 6.40
Explosiveness/Speed 6.60
Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure 6.20

More agile than a guy his size is expected to be. Is mobile and can scramble out of the pocket to pick up extra yards. Displays decent arm flexibility which allows him to make throws from different arm angles. Has no problem making tough throws while being off balance. Arm strength allows him to do things that other QB's are not able to do. His C.O.D is decent. He isn't going to juke defenders left and right but is able to make a couple of guys miss to pick up yards on the ground. Has no issue tucking it and running out of the pocket when pressured. Quicker and faster on the run than he looks. Arm talent and mobility make him an explosive play waiting to happen. Is able to sense pressure in the pocket. Looks more stiff than fluid when dropping back.

Passing Skills 7.48

Quick Release/Mechanics 6.40
Delivery 6.90
Short Accuracy 7.00
Intermediate Accuracy 7.90
Deep Accuracy 8.60
Big Play Ability 8.10
Avoid Errors/Mistakes 6.80
Arm Strength 8.50
Footwork 7.10

Has a long wind-up to his throwing motion. Quick throws are slowed slightly because of this motion. Delivery can be inconsistent. Struggles at times with the touch he puts on his passes. Will put too much power on passes that require more touch, resulting in drops. Short accuracy is good but needs to work on substituting power for touch. Puts too much heat on short passes which can make the receiver come off balance and not pick up potential YAC. Displays the ability to put the ball where only his target can make a play on it. At times air mails intermediate passes due to putting too much velocity on the ball. Must learn how much power to put on passes that are within intermediate range. Flashes beautiful, drop in the bucket throws that shows his potential as an elite passer moving forward. Excels at back shoulder passes or passes to targets outside the numbers. Deep ball accuracy is almost elite. At times can still overthrow his target but usually drops the ball right into his target's hands. No receiver will be out of range for this guy. Might have the strongest arm in the draft and has the talent to make throws to all levels of the field. Has a lot of big play ability due to an arm that seems to have no limit. He can stretch the field with ease. Shows that he can be dangerous on the run and can make guys miss in the open field. Trusts his arm too much at times. Overconfidence leads him to making poor decisions with the football by trying to throw into tight coverage and fit the ball into his man. Has a gunslinger mentality. 16 INTS over two full seasons played. Footwork is basic and consistent. Seems to be robotic, not a fluid mover when dropping back to pass.

Competitiveness 7.37

Toughness 7.50
Intangibles/Leadership 7.50
Poise In Pocket 7.80
Consistency / Motor 7.00
Production 7.00
Improvisational Ability 7.40

Has no issue taking big hits to make a throw. Not afraid of contact when throwing or running out of the pocket. Did miss time with a knee injury in 2017 but has since proven to be durable. Seems to be a leader of the offense and shows to have the traits of a leader. Confident is himself which rubs off on his teammates. Has no problem making a throw while standing and taking a hit in the pocket. Knows how to handle pressure from blitzers. Doesn't get rattled that often and seems to have a calmness about him. Comes to compete every week and plays hard in every game. Consistently gives his all for his teammates. 5100 yards, 37 touchdowns 16 Ints through 2 full seasons as a starter in college. Solid ability to improvise during a broken play due to mobility. Can scramble out of a collapsing pocket and find a receiver who is breaking away from defenders coverage. Excellent ability to extend plays.

Big bodied QB with a cannon for an arm. Can make all the throws at any level of the field. Shows a good feel of the game and doesn't shy away from big moments. Deals with pocket pressure well. Makes tough throws often and has unique arm talent. Has the ability to make passes with different throwing motions. Will stand in the pocket and make throws under pressure. Has the size NFL coaches look for in their quarterbacks.

Didn't play a meaningful snap from 2017-2019. Development could have been stalled due to this break. Trusts his arm too much at times. Puts the ball in risky situations often.
Jacob Eason's college career has been one heck of a roller coaster ride. A 5-star recruit out of highschool, Eason commits to Georgia and had a strong freshman season. Eason threw for 2400 yards with 16 touchdowns to 8 interceptions with a 55% completion percentage. Things were looking up for his sophomore season until he sustained an injury in the first game and Jake Fromm substituted in for him. Jacob Eason never got his starting gig back after going down with the injury, not because he didn't have the talent but because Fromm was performing so well. Eason has enough potential to possibly have the highest ceiling in the upcoming QB class. He has the arm talent that quarterbacks dream about. He can make throws to every spot on the field and is much more likely to overthrow you than underthrow you. The thing that is most interesting about evaluating Eason as a prospect is that he didn't play a meaningful snap from the 2016-2017 season at Georgia to the 2019-2020 season at Washington. Eason transferred to Washington after losing his starting job at Georgia and had to sit out a season due to NCAA rules. This season is extremely crucial for Eason to remind scouts why he was so highly coveted out of high school and show how talented he is once again. As mentioned before, Eason could have the highest ceiling in this class and if he can put it all together this season, he will be an early draft pick.

DRAFT POSITION: Mid 1st-Mid 2nd Round

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