Jake Fromm




219 lbs



Injury History: Broke Non-Throwing Hand in Boating Accident (2018)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Florida, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Auburn

Report By: Jacob Patterson

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 5.30
Flexibility: 6.50
C.O.D.: 5.60
Explosiveness/Speed: 5.50
Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure: 6.30

Not an overly agile player. Below average mobility when running outside of the pocket and is not a guy that is going to make defenders miss in open space. Shows good balance in the pocket to avoid defenders and keep his base. Decent flexibility in his arm and throwing motion. Displays the ability to make throws on the run and can throw from a solid amount of arm angles. Isn't going to juke defenders and make them miss. Becomes a liability outside of the pocket on the run. Average acceleration and speed make him susceptible to big hits outside of the pocket. Below average athleticism. Knows how to step up in the pocket when being pressured. Is able to move around the pocket and has a good feel of pressure around him. Above-average pocket presence due to poise and experience.


Quick Release/Mechanics: 7.50
Delivery: 6.90
Short Accuracy: 7.00
Intermediate Accuracy: 6.30
Deep Accuracy: 5.90
Big Play Ability: 6.50
Avoid Errors/Mistakes: 6.10
Arm Strength: 6.40
Footwork: 7.40

Shows good mechanics with his throwing motion. Angles his body toward his receiver on nearly every throw and puts good zip on the ball. Excels at quick releases. Plays in an offense where quick throws are used often. Short to intermediate throws are his bread and butter. Displays excellent touch on his passes. Very fluid throwing motion that is consistent and puts the ball in a good spot for his target to make a play. Excels at short passes due to the ability to quickly get the ball out of his hands accurately. Has no issues leading his target with the ball. Above-average intermediate passer and is able to make all throws at intermediate range. Has enough power and velocity to get the ball where he wants it on time and accurately. One of the best "touch" throwers in the class. Can struggle at times with his deep ball accuracy. Average arm strength hinders him from being able to put the ball in the best spot for his receiver. Has average arm talent which causes him to come off of his base to launch a ball deep downfield. Accuracy is thrown off due to the loss of balance and inconsistent throwing motions. Big play ability is hindered due to issues at times with deep ball placement. Is capable of making throws downfield but is not something he excels at consistently. Very smart and poised player. Has ample experience running the offense against SEC defenses. His poise may be the best in the class. Doesn't put the ball in harm’s way often. Has 16 INTS through three seasons at UGA. Displays average arm strength. Not a guy that is going to stretch the field often. Relies on short, quick and intermediate passes to move the ball downfield. Isn't going to "wow" anyone with his arm talent. Shows good footwork in the pocket and is consistent with his movement. Fluid motion in his dropback which helps him to have a consistent base when throwing the football.


Toughness: 8.50
Intangibles/Leadership: 8.10
Poise In Pocket: 6.60
Consistency / Motor: 8.50
Production: 6.70
Improvisational Ability: 6.40

Known for his toughness and grit. Has shown excellent durability throughout his college career. Known to be the leader of his team’s offense. Never satisfied and is always looking to improve and get better. Positive thinker and has an amazing demeanor about him. Displays excellent poise in the pocket. Has been in big-game situations with the game on the line. Can get rattled at times by blitzers but overall shows the ability to stand in the pocket and make throws. A model of consistency throughout his career at UGA. Always comes out to compete and gives it all for his teammates. Career totals of 7,500 yards with 71 touchdowns to 16 interceptions. One of the greatest quarterbacks to play at Georgia. Average ability to improvise during a broken play. Average-below average mobility hinders his improvising ability some.


Instincts: 7.60
Blitz/Coverage Recognition: 6.30
Decision Making: 7.50
Learn/Retain: 7.70

Possesses great instincts for his position. Goes through his progressions and doesn’t rush decisions when he doesn’t have to. Displays good blitz recognition and is able to decipher coverages. Makes changes before the play to dial up the best protection against blitzers. Knows how to find the holes in zone coverage and find the mismatches in man to man coverage. Shows great decision-making ability. Doesn't put the ball in harm’s way often and usually seems to know where he’s going with the ball before it is snapped. Excellent ability to learn from year to year and make improvements. Puts in the time and energy to hone his craft and become a more polished passer.


Displays good pocket presence and excellent footwork. Shows good accuracy on short to intermediate throws. Has excellent touch on his throws. Has a competitive midset and has won two intense QB battles throughout his collegiate career. Shows excellent poise in late-game situations and big moments. Has a career completion percentage of 65%. Efficient style of play that leads to winning football games. Known as a leader in the huddle on the field and off of it. Shows processing of situations on the field.


His 6'2”, 220lb frame doesn't knock it out of the park. Will be seen as a smaller quarterback than most teams will like under center. Can be seen as more of a game manager in a run-heavy offense. Has a tendency to overthrow receivers that are deep downfield. Has been able to rely on a strong running game all of his career. Rarely has the game put on his shoulders to win. Not considered to be mobile at all. Doesn't have a lot of mobility in the pocket. His arm talent is seen as "strong enough" but not known for having a cannon.


Jake Fromm is one of the most well-known players in the country. Fromm came into UGA as a highly touted QB recruit and was seen as a redshirt option. However, after getting the chance early on to play due to an injury to Jacob Eason, Fromm never gave the job back and led the Bulldogs to the National Championship where they narrowly lost to Alabama. Fromm then held off another uber-talented QB in Justin Fields to remain the starting QB and led the Bulldogs to the SEC Championship where again they narrowly lost to Alabama. Point is that Jake Fromm does not shy away from competition and is used to a QB battle. They say "Iron Sharpens Iron" and if that is truly the case then Jake Fromm is about as sharp as you can get. Fromm is a smaller quarterback standing at 6'2 220lbs but even though his size is sometimes questionable, his heart and desire to win never is. Fromm has an unbelievable football IQ and is an accurate thrower. He makes smart decisions and rarely puts the ball in sticky situations. He may not have the pure athleticism that some QBs in the upcoming class do but its the way he manages each game that will draw hard looks from scouts and GMs. Fromm is seen as more of a high floor type quarterback than high ceiling but that may still be enough for NFL teams to jump at on draft night. Expect Fromm to be the fifth or sixth QB off the board in 2020. PRO Comparison: AJ McCarron Projected Draft Position: Late 2nd-Mid 3rd Round.

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