Jalen Hurts







Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Houston, UCLA, Texas Tech, Kansas, Texas, Kansas State, Baylor, Baylor (2019 B12 Championship), LSU

Report By: Chaz Turnbow

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 8.10
Flexibility: 7.30
C.O.D.: 7.60
Explosiveness/Speed: 8.30
Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure: 7.70

Great athletic profile is evidenced by his QAB profile, in specific his agility in the open field against head-on defenders. Great COD ability is easy to see in the open field as well as in the pocket. Shows good burst when he scrambles upfield or has a designed run, long speed is evident as well. WIll outpace most LB and even slower box safeties. Pocket mobility is great, only limiting factor is dropping his eyes more often than he should.


Quick Release/Mechanics: 6.80
Delivery: 6.50
Short Accuracy: 7.50
Intermediate Accuracy: 6.20
Deep Accuracy: 5.70
Big Play Ability: 6.20
Avoid Errors/Mistakes: 6.90
Arm Strength: 6.40
Footwork: 5.60

Good release and holds the ball at a good level to snap off throws. Good upper body delivery mechanics. Excellent short accuracy placing the ball where his receivers can get it in stride, however, that accuracy dwindles with how far the ball has to travel. His scrambling ability leads to a lot of big plays, but many of his plays were predominantly due to scheming and players being wide open and making moves after the catch. However, he gets greedy when scrambling at times and has thrown more than one interception on the run due to bad decisions. Has trouble with fumbles. Doesn't produce a lot of zip on the ball. He played mostly out of the shotgun and very rarely took many dropbacks, and is a statue in the pocket until he starts to scramble. Also has a habit of drifting back a lot and throwing fadeaways a la Mahomes but doesn't have nearly the arm talent that Patrick does to make that work.


Toughness: 8.50
Intangibles/Leadership: 9.50
Poise In Pocket: 6.80
Consistency / Motor: 7.50
Production: 7.50
Improvisational Ability: 7.50

Never quits. Always wants to lead by example and is loved by all personnel he came in contact with. Never panics in the pocket, though he could work on his internal clock. Is a very consistent player, though he showed major improvements in production his year in Oklahoma as compared to his time in Alabama. Is comfortable off-script when running but his decision making in that arena leaves much to be desired.


Instincts: 7.30
Blitz/Coverage Recognition: 6.80
Decision Making: 6.90
Learn/Retain: 6.10

Has very good instincts as a runner and evades pressure when he sees it. He needs to work on reading coverages as it seems he only targets wide open receivers and doesn't know where to go with the ball after seeing his first read or two taken away. Decision making is solid though he snowballs, meaning he gets in a positive groove or he will keep forcing decisions if he makes mistakes to try and keep his team in the game.


Great athlete for the position, highlighted by his speed and ability with the ball in his hands. Places the ball well to his receivers in stride in the short area of the field, making him an effective screen/slant thrower. A locker room leader, from Alabama to Oklahoma we have heard nothing but positivity when his coaches speak of his attitude and work ethic.


Is not an advanced passer. Passing production was only very good in his one season at Oklahoma under Lincoln Riley. He still has mechanics and accuracy issues in his passing. His deep accuracy is probably the worst aspect of his game, as he consistently his wrong shoulders, had to have his receivers adjust or vary their speeds, something that needs to be worked on. Fumbled the ball a lot and made a lot of bad decisions, particularly when the team was trailing.


Would be best suited for a west coast offense, where they try to keep the ball on schedule and can make use of his athleticism and mobility and not have to rely on him to push the ball down the field. His leadership will bring a lot to the locker room and coaches will want to get their hands on him. I like him as a day two pick but the fact that he’s a QB might push him up the board for a QB needy team. The New England Patriots should have some interest in him, my only concern is the lack of playmakers there, but if N'Keal Harry comes back to ASU form that will be a great weapon for him. If he falls to them I could see Pittsburgh as a good landing spot for him, they have good skill position players and he would be well served to sit and learn a bit as well.

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