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Jalen Jelks


College: Oregon

Height: 6'5"



Weight: 256 lbs

Injury History: 2016: Knee ( Missed Nebraska, Colorado and Washington)

Scout: John Stocco

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.18

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.20


Jelks has a smaller frame than most edge rushers you'll see but he's also quicker than most. He can disrupt the pocket in just a few steps, with his foot quickness and the burst he gets off the snap.

Flexibility: 7.40


He shows his flexibility by getting skinny through the gaps and getting low on the edge flipping his loose hips and showing a good bend.

Explosiveness: 6.70


Initial quickness gives him explosion, which he needs because he's not player that will overpower you.

Playing Speed: 7.10


Jelks plays with natural playing speed. He won't beat you with muscle, but he will beat offensive lineman with pure speed.

Coordination: 7.50


He's tall, skinny, and lengthy, but he moves naturally. He's got long speed that can get him to the quarterback and has long distance speed to pursue the ball carrier.

Pass Rush Ability: 7.14

Initial Quickness: 7.30


Possesses great lower body movement. Great first step and he flips his hips to figure out a way to get off blocks.

Use of Hands: 7.20


Jelks has scrappy hands. He can out duel lineman with his hand moves at the point of attack.


Leverage: 7.40


Easy for him to gain leverage on the outside. Jelks has long arms and he's quick to engage those arms.

Pass Rush Moves: 7.10


He has good hand placement, but the rest is predictable. Needs to be able to straight up bull rush people at times.

Finish Ability: 6.70


Gets in the backfield and he disrupts the pocket but he has a tough time finishing. With coaching at the next level and getting himself stronger you'll start seeing a better finisher.


Competitiveness: 6.90

Toughness: 7.40


He is a competitor. Oregon lined him up at the interior but that's nowhere near his best fit. Jelks is an outside edge rusher, but being inside facing stronger competition made him tougher.

Consistency/Motor: 6.60


You like what he gives you on tape when it comes to his motor, but consistency is key for Jelks going into the NFL. He doesn't show the same productive consistency with each snap. Day 1 and 2 talent, but he might be a day 3 pick.

Production: 6.70


Production was a bit inconsistent at Oregon. 2017 was great year for Jelks, while 2018 he showed some inconsistency in his play. Would have loved to see him make that next step.


Against The Run: 7.03

Play with Leverage: 6.80


Leverage and speed are two major strengths for Jelks. He uses that leverage to push and pull his way into the backfield.

Stack and Shed: 6.70


Depending on his explosiveness off the line of scrimmage he can shed off blocks, but if he's a step too slow a stronger lineman can have his way with him.

Gap Shooting Ability: 6.80


Jelks can get skinny because of his flexibility and his loose hips, but he gets himself into trouble at times because he's not strong enough.

Run at Him: 7.30


Long strides makes Jelks get to the ball carrier in a hurry. His pursuit skills are better than your average edge rusher.

Run Away: 7.40


Flexibility and loose hips gives Jelks that ability to get up and go quickly. Will scrape down the line and make tackles outside his frame.

Tackling/Hitting: 7.20


Jelks is an above average tackler. Uses his length to fully extend and reach for tackles outside of his radius.

Intelligence: 6.40

Instincts: 6.20


Instincts against the pass are average, but against the run are below average. He needs to play with his head up to create better vision.

Learn/Retain: 6.10


Jelks is raw in learning and retaining on the line. Gets himself into trouble falling and getting caught in a double team or trapped inside.

Teamwork: 6.90


Solid team play. Jelks can clean up any sloppy tackles or finish the job when the ball carrier is staggered.


Elite lateral quickness coming off the line of scrimmage. Shows that he can work his way out of tight gaps with his fluidity and flexibility. With long arms and long strides, he's great at pursuing the ball carrier and making the tackle that he has no business making.


He is usually out matched in the strength and mass category. Jelks misses the bull rush ability in his arsenal making it tougher on himself to make a presence in the backfield.



Jalen Jelks has rare quickness and length coming off the edge, but that also comes with not having enough mass to his frame. Jalen Jelks has showed that he can work the edge and that's what I see him doing at the next level. I can see where coaches might be confused on how to use him, but using him as a 3-4 outside linebacker is a position where Jelks can maximize his potential. He has the speed to rush the passer and the agility to go out in coverage. Jelks might not be drafted in the first 3 rounds, but by no means is he a finished product. Jelks is raw and with the proper coaching and being in the right system Jelks can win a starting job in the NFL.