Jalen Reagor

Wide Receiver


5' 11"

195 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: WVU, Oklahoma St. 2018 Vs: Texas

Report By: Pat Pryor

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 8.20
Flexibility: 7.50
C.O.D.: 8.40
Explosion: 7.90
Deep Speed: 8.50

Excellent speed, one of the fastest players in college football. Always a big-play threat when he's on the field. Very shifty in the open field, something he displays extremely well on returns. Can escape tackles as long as there's even a little bit of available space. Very explosive starts very fast and in full stride. A track star in high school and translated it to the field. Didn't have a great 40 at the combine but has proven his speed on the field.


Quicks off LOS: 8.30
Release Vs Jam: 6.00
Route Running: 6.20
Separation: 8.40
Blocking: 5.00

Comes off the line in full stride and reaches top speed very quickly. An immediate deep ball threat. Not too physical and can fail at blocking as he has issues maintaining blocks. Gets overpowered easily. Isn't a great route runner but he runs his limited tree well enough to provide openings. Very reliable to get separation on deep routes thanks to his speed. His route tree will be a threat in the NFL as he is extremely shifty.


Hands: 6.40
Yards After Contact: 6.40
Ability In Space: 8.50
Ball Security: 8.40

Good hands when he has to go up and get it but has struggled with drops. He relies on his moves for yards with the ball rather than being physical. Anything can happen when he's got room, his blazing speed and shiftiness make for a deadly combination. Gets a reasonable amount of YAC for someone his size, especially when defenders give him a bit of space to work with. No fumbles throughout his career.


Toughness: 7.00
Production: 6.80
Consistency/Motor: 6.00

Didn't put up huge numbers, but is always a threat to score and got 8 touchdowns on 33 receptions in 2019. Always a threat to score. Why he isn't the most physical, he can always go up to get the ball and will make go after the defender whenever there is a turnover. Not the most consistent, but suffered poor quarterback play all throughout his college career. Great athlete, always willing to go up and get it.


Instincts: 7.30
Learn/Retain: 6.50
Position Versatility: 6.90

Not the best route runner, but was never asked to run more than the basics. Almost always knows how to outplay defenders with the ball, whether it be his speed, moves, or jumping ability. He knows the game well and uses his knowledge to make big plays. He can line up anywhere on the line and was reliable as a runner on reverses.


One of the fastest players in college football. Comes off the line at nearly top speed and maxes out quickly. Shifty as ever with and without the ball. As soon as he has the ball he is a threat and difficult to tackle. Dangerous returner that can make guys miss and take off quickly towards the end zone.Great vertical ability to go up and fight for catches if there isn't much contact. Always a threat to make big plays.


Route tree was kept painfully simple, across the middle short, curl, or go route. It's not to say he can't learn the system, but it will take time. He drops too many passes to consider him a highly reliable option. Small enough so that it's tough to tackle, but also lacks competitive ability against big corners and linebackers. He has little, if any blocking ability, and on runs up the middle usually makes no attempt to partake in the play.


Reagor is not going to be a number one option for the first play of 2020. He's a project, but one with a high floor due to his athletic gifts. Fast wide receivers turn heads, but he needs quite a bit of polishing up. His issues aren't as bad as they could be. His biggest concern is the lack of a route tree, but with his football instincts and agility, he should be able to master an expanded one quickly. Given an NFL level receivers coach he'll be a weapon. His next issue is drops, which he'll really need to work on with pro quarterbacks whizzing it at him. His blocking is lacking the very basics, something he should be able to get coached into him. Despite being a project, he's got a high floor and a high ceiling. If he picks these things up he'll be a threat all around the field and be able to use his athletic ability to be an effective threat.

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