James Morgan


Florida International


229 lbs



Injury History: Sore Shoulder (Missed Bowl Game 2018)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Miami, Florida Atlantic, Tulane

Report By: Pat Pryor

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 6.00
Flexibility: 6.70
C.O.D.: 7.00
Explosiveness/Speed: 6.20
Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure: 6.80

Morgan is not too light on his feet when going to throw. However, once he gets moving, he can actually be quite shifty and make rooms to launch it. His ability to make space doesn't do a lot for the run game as he doesn't possess blazing speed, but he can move around to throw. He gets his extra time from upper body movement rather than taking off. He can flip his hips well while rolling out and turn up the field to try and save the play. His ability to extend plays does falter as he needs a good amount of space to make a reliable throw. However, he does a good job avoiding pressure and attempting to save the play if the pocket starts to collapse.


Quick Release/Mechanics: 6.60
Delivery: 5.90
Short Accuracy: 6.30
Intermediate Accuracy: 6.60
Deep Accuracy: 6.10
Big Play Ability: 6.30
Avoid Errors/Mistakes: 5.90
Arm Strength: 7.10
Footwork: 5.80

He can have a very quick release but sacrifices it for control, and balls will drift on him. As he attempts to zip the ball out of the pocket it often goes off target. He struggles with control of his velocity and often overthrows his receivers on short passes. When he does make the throw he risks throwing it too hard, forcing drops. Morgan is best over the middle as his short ball can be overpowered often. Intermediate throws are just right for Morgan, it's where he reads the field best and can make reliable throws the most. He definitely has the ball for the long game but can overthrow his receivers often. When he is accurate deep he does really well getting it past the receiver to his receiver for big gains. Interceptions haven't been an issue since 2016 for him, but he throws balls that can be broken up, and when he throws short a lot of plays are tackled for little or no gain. His footwork is very inconsistent. He will overstep while dropping back and needs to take extra time to slide into his throwing position. He almost never keeps his legs under him while he's moving.


Toughness: 6.80
Intangibles/Leadership: 7.20
Poise In Pocket: 6.70
Consistency / Motor: 6.20
Production: 5.90
Improvisational Ability: 7.20

Not afraid to take the hit, willing to throw while being taken down. Described by teammates, scouts, and coaches as very smart. Played in 2019 Camellia Bowl, and threw for 300 yards in the loss. He does know where defenders are in the pocket. He can provide himself space to make the throw when given just enough time. He doesn't always make best the throw in the end, but he can rely on himself to get the opportunity. After missing the 2018 Bahamas Bowl with a sore shoulder, he greatly regressed in 2019. He had 2 fewer interceptions but went down in completion percentage, yards, touchdowns, and yards per attempt. He did bring Florida International to 2 bowl games and their best record ever in 2018.


Instincts: 6.40
Blitz/Coverage Recognition: 6.30
Decision Making: 6.20
Learn/Retain: 6.50

Morgan is very aware of who is in the pocket with him. He does show promise of knowing where receivers are going to be but needs to work on getting the ball to that location. On a lot of short throws, he doesn't realize who is around his receivers and sets them up for a lot of big hits. Many of his deep throws are into double coverage or lockdown single, resulting in a lot of breakups that will be picked off in the NFL.


Morgan has good pocket presence and knows where defenders are closing in on him. Can fire the ball into his receivers well but will benefit from being coached into controlling it. He has a good sense of where his receivers are. When he narrows down accuracy he could become a big-play threat, as he already has the power and velocity for it. He has the perfect frame at 6'4", 230 lbs, and will translate physically to the NFL well. His release is quick enough to be threatening on blitzes but it will take work.


Morgan has a very quick release but his speed is exchanged for control in an uneven trade. His delivery ends up far off when he tries to zip it. He isn't reliable as a pure passer and while his accuracy is usually solid, he can make off throws frequently. On short throws, he puts too much power in it, making it difficult for his receivers to catch when it is on target. He also struggles with where he throws, as an alarming number of his short throws are tackled immediately for little gain. His deep throws repeatedly drift or get broken up easily. His footwork is inconsistent and he often fails to keep his legs underneath him. Went from 26 touchdowns last year to just 14 in 2019, and his completion percentage plummeted by 8%.


With a perfect frame and very good arm strength with a quick release, he will have teams looking for a future quarterback ready to send in his draft card. However, he lacks a lot of throwing skills needed to translate to the next level. One major concern is his regression in his final year at FIU. He dropped by 12 touchdowns, 150 yards, 7% completion rate, and 29.2 rating. After being a reliable winner last year he took a major step back, having a losing record and throwing 2 picks in their bowl game. He didn't have the greatest supporting cast, with many drops coming from his receivers, but he didn't do them any favors with hard thrown balls and overthrows. If a coaching staff can control his release he'll definitely become a threat when teams decide to blitz him. Another major concern is his inconsistency. He shows a lot of promise with pocket presence but sometimes gets flustered and throws a bad pass. Physically in the pocket, he has the ability to avoid sacks but not enough speed to take off. Excluding accuracy, the fundamentals are there for him but he needs quite the work to be NFL ready. His best fit would be to play behind a veteran quarterback with a good offense to support him. Overall James Morgan would best fit in a late-round pick to a team that gives him the ability to learn from a quarterback while he gets ready to play with a good supporting cast. Team fits: Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers. Round fit: 6-7.

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