James Proche

Wide Receiver



201 lbs



Injury History: Kidney Issue (High School)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Florida Atlantic, Temple 2018 Vs: Tulane

Report By: Bobby Greco

Scouting Report


Incredible ball skills and equally good hand-eye coordination. Has top tier instincts and it really helps when adjusting to passes. Very good hands and loves competing for 50/50 balls. Can gain separation late in his routes and can adjust his body to any position to make a catch. Overall smart football player, he has great field awareness and always knows how to be most effective. Relentless competitor and an above-average blocker for his size.


Not your prototypical WR in size, speed, and athleticism. Doesn't have very good deep speed, so may have difficulty beating corners on a go route. Depending on the team that drafts him, his position versatility may be limited. Doesn't have the quick-twitch that elite speed receivers have, so may have trouble gaining separation on short passes. Small stature might deter some teams from taking him.


Looking at the depth of this receiver class and Proche's measurables, it's not hard to see why he gets overlooked. However, what he lacks in size and speed, he makes up for in just being a receiver. He not only has outstanding ball skills, he might just have the best hands in this draft. I think he would be ranked as top 5 WR, had he not played with a lot of inconsistency at QB. That really affected his overall stats, because there were many times he was open and his QB completely missed the throw. He will most likely end up being a day 3 pick but will be the steal of the draft for the team that gets him. I think with his playstyle, he could be similar to Julian Edleman, or even Antonio Brown if everything comes together.

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