Jaquan Johnson

Position: Safety

College: Miami

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 205 lbs



Injury History: 2018: Hamstring (Missed 2 weeks + Limited against North Carolina) History of Hamstring issues

Games Evaluated: 2018: Florida State, Boston College, UVA, LSU

Scout: Jacob Patterson

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.44

Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 7.90

Displays good quickness and agility. Shows the ability to maintain his balance when knocked off his base by blockers. Has good change of direction ability when keeping up with opposing running backs and receivers.

Flexibility: 7.10

Has good overall flexibility that helps him to make tackles at difficult angles. He is able to twist and turn his body and position himself to make a play.

Deep Speed: 6.90

Shows solid deep speed that he is able to maintain for long distances. This allows him to cover large areas and helps him to cover receivers racing downfield.

Explosion: 8.10

Very explosive player that has a knack for causing chaos in the box. He shoots through gaps to find his target and is always in on the play. His film screams "explosive player"

Coordination: 7.20

Displays good coordination that helps him when coming in to make a tackle. This allows him to get the angle on the player and get his body in the position to make the play.

Coverage Ability: 6.98

Man Press: 5.60

Lacks the ability to deal with press coverage efficiently. As physical as a player that he his, he still gets shook by a good release at the line that leaves him chasing his man from behind.

Man Off: 7.10

Johnson does well when dealing with cushion. Has good timing to go along with the agility to keep his man from blowing past him.

Zone: 7.10

Understands his role in zone coverage. Has the ability to lock up his area of the field and cover it without much of an issue

Hand Fighting: 7.30

Very physical player that has no problem with contact. Will fight his man all day to ensure that the highest level of difficulty is in place to make a play.

Hips/Turn Ability: 7.80

Johnson has good fluidity in his hips. Shows fantastic knowledge of when to open up his hips, turn and run with his man downfield.

Play Making: 7.57

Closing Quickness: 8.50

Johnson's closing quickness is elite. He has fantastic burst which allows him to close in on his target at a very fast clip. Once he knows where he is headed, he will arrive there in the blink of an eye.

Ball skills: 6.80

Shows decent ball skills that translated to 8 INTs in 4 years. Playmaking could be better however and he is known more for big hits than his ability to force turnovers.

Route/play Diagnosis: 7.40

Play and route diagnosis are good. Seems to know where the ball is going more times than not. This allows him to position himself best to make a play on defense.

Run Support: 6.83

Quickness Upfield: 7.80

Elite quickness when assisting in the run game. Charges upfield and looks to lay a hit on the ball carrier.

Fight Through Blocks: 5.70

Has issues at times fighting through blocks due to his size. Not being able to get off of blockers at times takes him completely out of the play and can hinder how effective he can be.

Tackling: 7.00

A sure tackler that has good tackling technique but has times where he should just wrap up his man instead of trying to level him. One of the hardest hitters in the entire draft

Competitiveness: 7.67

Toughness: 7.50

Extremely tough player that plays hard every snap. Has no issue with contact and looks to knock the heads off the guys that he hits.

Production: 7.40

252 tackles, 8 ints, and 6 forced fumbles across 4 years. The guy has a resume for making things happen.

Consistency/Motor: 8.10

Fantastic motor as a player. Has that competitive edge about him that wants to win. Film shows he is the best player on the field. What you see is what you get with Johnson, he plays his game every game

Intelligence: 7.40

Instincts: 7.30

Has good instincts that help him make quick decisions on the field. Johnson is a headhunter and he knows how to insert himself on every play

Learn/Retain: 7.10

Has shown growth in areas throughout his college career. Has a good work ethic and shows a willingness to learn

Teamwork: 7.80

Very team oriented player. Was looked to as a leader on the Hurricanes defense.


Physical player that looks to lay a huge hit when he arrives at his target. Shows tremendous leadership ability when on the field. Very aggressive in run support and has the ability to play inside the box. Fantastic work ethic and gives his all consistently during the game. He is no slouch in coverage and is not going to be a liability in the secondary. Has the ability to force turnovers for his team.


A little undersized which can lead to issues when covering larger receivers. Has trouble at times getting off of blockers which takes away his effectiveness. Can get beat by receivers that have an elite release off of the line. Needs to work on his diagnosis of when to lay a big hit or simply just wrap up for the tackle.


Jaquan Johnson has been a staple in the Miami Hurricanes defense for four years. Often seen as the best player on the defense, teams would gameplan to take him out of the game as much as possible. However, Johnson has continued to make plays consistently. Johnson is seen as one of the hardest hitting players in this draft. That is impressive considering his size (5-10, 190lbs). Teams in the NFL will be skeptical because of his smaller size as many safety are built bigger than him. What Johnson doesn't have in size he makes up for in competitiveness and heart. Johnson gives his all every play and does everything he can to get the win. Johnson can make an immediate impact for a team at the next level. He will make teams that pass on him pay down the road.

TEAM FITS: Steelers, Buccaneers and Raiders.

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