Jared Pinkney

Tight End


6' 5"

255 lbs



Injury History: Wrist Injury: Missed One Game (2019), Unspecified Injury his true freshman season forced him to redshirt.

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Georgia, LSU 2018 Vs: Notre Dame, Arkansas

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 6.70
Flexibility: 7.20
C.O.D.: 6.80
Explosion: 5.80
Deep Speed: 6.50

Good athleticism and agility as a pass-catcher. Is able to get separation in and out of his routes because he is able to cut with balance and without gearing down too much. Flashed the body control to be able to adjust to errant throws. Has some slipperiness to make defenders miss in space, but is better suited to one cutting and getting upfield. Doesn't have a lot of explosive characteristics, rather does a variety of things well with quality athleticism. His deep speed is only solid and won't win a ton of foot races to the deep part of the field. Is at his best being used as a short to intermediate target.


Quicks off LOS: 7.20
Route Running: 7.30
Separation: 7.00
Hands: 7.00
Yards After Contact: 6.80
Ball Security: 7.20

Very good quickness off the ball and uses his hands to be able to swipe away defenders trying to jam him. Ran a wide array of routes at Vanderbilt from both inline and flex positions. He has a good understanding of how to get open whether by utilizing body positioning or by using his athleticism. Used a stutter step and head fakes on a number of plays to sell routes. Is a sure-handed pass-catcher who will make for a quality outlet target for his QB. Breaks his share of tackles due to his lower body strength, but generally, once a defender gets ahold of him he goes down. He protected the ball and didn't have problems with fumbles.


In-Line Runs: 7.40
Motion Runs: 7.20
Blocking In Space: 7.30
Pass Blocking: 7.10
Situational Awareness: 7.20

Does a very good job of initiating contact off the LOS when blocking in-line. Shoots hands inside pads, chops feet, and steers his assignment. Will maintain his blocks well, unless the player has a notable size or strength advantage. Quality wham blocker who can seal the edge when he was deployed from a flex position. When tasked with getting to the second level he was able to target and fit on blocks quite well. In the limited amount of snaps, he was tasked with pass protecting he showed patience and ability to run pass rushers wide but did not show the ability to anchor against bigger, more powerful players. Sure handed target and quality blocker who will get the job done when you need it to be.


Toughness: 7.40
Production: 6.50
Consistency/Motor: 7.20

Loves the physical side of blocking at the POA when he is in-line blocking. Isn't afraid to hold onto catches where he knows he will take a heavy hit. Only put up solid to good production in 39 career games at Vanderbilt, highlighted by the 2018 season with 50 catches and 7 receiving TDs. Although he did not have a ton of talent around him so teams could key in on him. He plays the game with a professional attitude and work ethic that doesn't take plays off.


Instincts: 7.20
Learn/Retain: 7.30
Versatility: 7.50

Understands how to get open using small subtleties late in the route. Was able to grasp a varied and pro-style type offensive playbook without much problem. He was used as both an in-line TE and flex TE, as a FB, and also out in the slot.


A combination TE who can be a quality pass catcher and blocker at the next level. As a blocker, he shoots his hands inside target and runs feet on contact as well as showing the required will to fight through DL and LBs at the second level. In pass protection, he shows light feet and the ability to sift through stunts to chip in on keeping his QB clean. As a pass-catcher though is where Pinkney will make his money at the next level. Uses good speed and quickness from a number of positions inline, split out wide, in the slot, and as a move TE to take advantage of his athleticism. He runs his routes with tempo and understands how to use subtle head fakes or moves to uncover and present a target for his QB. He should be a factor in the red zone at the next level.


Will get rocked back by stronger DL when he is asked to block them one on one and will need to continually add strength and bulk to combat bigger DL in the NFL. Can also struggle to anchor in pass protection against powerful bull rushes. Possesses only solid deep speed and won't win many deep routes against NFL quality DBs.


Jared Pinkney is one of the better TEs in the 2020 draft class due to his combination of pass-catching and blocking ability. He didn't have a lot of talent around him while at Vanderbilt or a high-quality QB to get him the ball so he could have untapped potential. He should hear his name get called early on day three. Teams that would be interested in him are the Steelers, Eagles, Patriots, Jets, Giants, Packers, Seahawks, and Bengals. His playing style is reminiscent of Virgil Green.

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