Jaylon Johnson




193 lbs



Injury History: Injured Shoulder (2018)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: USC, BYU, Oregon (Conf. Champ)

Report By: Bobby Greco

Scouting Report


Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 7.70
Flexibility: 8.00
Deep Speed: 7.50
Explosion: 7.80
Coordination: 7.90

The prototypical CB when it comes to size and speed. He is a shutdown corner and has the athletic ability to cover any receiver. You can really see his quickness on plays where he gets beat because he is always able to recover in time and still be in a position to make a play. That is also a good indicator of his explosion and coordination because he is able to turn on the jets when recovering from getting beat and most of the time has the coordination to break up the play. As quick and explosive as he is, he does need to improve on his deep speed. When covering a deep ball, receivers with great straight-line speed can take advantage of him.


Man Press: 7.90
Man Off: 8.10
Zone: 7.70
Hand Fighting: 8.30
Hips/Turn Ability: 7.50

He is a great cover corner\ that can play in any system. Has strong hands and is able to knock the ball out of WRs hands with force, especially on quick routes like a slant. He can play both man and zone very well, but he is also a great press corner. The strength in his hands allows him to lock on to his opponents and take them out of the play. The only thing he needs to improve here is his footwork, he sometimes gets happy feet and can be impatient. This leads to getting beat from to time because he will guess on a route and sometimes even has a slow reaction time because he is moving his feet so much. Other than that, he is a top tier cover guy.


Closing Quickness: 8.20
Ball Skills: 8.00
Route/Play Diagnosis: 7.60

His closing quickness is at a very high level and his ball skills aren't too far behind. Even if he is playing soft zone coverage, he is able to react and either make a tackle or break up the play. This ability was on full display in this past season's USC game. Going against one of the top receiving cores in the country, he was playing soft coverage on the Trojans fastest WR and was still able to stamp out any quick route thrown his way. On the downside, he gets impatient at times and that can actually slow down his recognition. When he tries to diagnose a play too early he either guesses wrong or stops his feet and that gets him beat.


Quickness Upfield: 7.00
Fight Through Blocks: 6.60
Tackling: 6.90

Run support is definitely the weak spot in his game. When he is the last line of defense, he will go get the tackle and he usually has good form. On all of the other runs though, it is a completely different story. It just seems like he has selective aggression, where if he is needed there is no hesitation and he delivers a hit. If he can get away with it though, he will avoid making contact. For example, in the Oregon game, it was 1st and goal and he just let the WR block him and they scored. Later that game Oregon ran a bubble screen and he closed on the receiver and delivered a punishing hit. So he has the ability, but he will need to improve his usage of it at the next level.


Toughness: 6.90
Production: 7.60
Consistency/Motor: 6.80

Though he is a competitive player, he doesn't get a high grade here because it's too inconsistent. As stated in the run support section, he has selective aggression and doesn't really enjoy getting physical. It's odd too because he is very good in press coverage and really use his size to physically stop receivers at the line. It's just when tackling and fighting through blocks that he loses his ability. I'm unsure why this is, but it looks like he loses his confidence. This is why he gets a lower consistency grade too because there are too many times that it seems he gives up on a play. On the other hand, he was a very productive player and made an impact right away.


Instincts: 7.90
Learn/Retain: 7.10
Teamwork: 6.70

He is a really smart player and has great instincts, but he needs to improve his physicality. When it comes to coverage, there are really no weaknesses in his game. However, to be a successful starting NFL corner, you need to be an every-down player and right now he is not someone you can trust in run support. This is the reason he gets a low teamwork grade if you watch the past season's Oregon game there are a lot of plays where he just lets his teammates take the hit, even if it allowed them to get extra yards.


Has the prototypical size, speed, and athleticism for an NFL CB. Great coverage skills and even more importantly can fit any scheme. Strong hands, he has great ability knocking balls out of the WRs hands. Very good at press coverage and can stop receivers on line.


Not good in run support and doesn't like tackling. There were too many plays that he would give up on when opponents ran the ball. He gets happy feet from time to time and it causes him to get beat, especially when he guesses.


Overall he has the talent to be a very good NFL corner, but there are areas that need improving first. He has all the traits you look for at his position and has a high ceiling of potential. If he can capitalize on this potential he will be very comparable to 49ers Richard Sherman, because he is great in coverage but doesn't have the best deep speed. If he doesn't capitalize on his potential, he will be more like Eli Apple. I see him as a late 1st round pick at best, but most likely a 2nd round player.

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