Jedrick Wills Jr

Offensive Tackle


6' 4"

312 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2018' Vs: Texas A&M, Georgia, Clemson (National Championship) 2019 Vs: South Carolina, LSU, Auburn

Report By: Mason LeBeau

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 8.00
Flexibility: 7.50
C.O.D.: 8.00
Explosion: 8.50
Versatility: 6.00

A great athlete whose fluidity with his feet really helps everything else come together. He has ideal size, not too big to compromise his flexibility and balance, but by no means too small to hold up. He's only played Right Tackle in his career and is a tad oversized for guard so his versatility is rather limited at the moment, but his footwork suggests he may be able to switch to LT if needed.


In-Line: 8.50
Movement off L.O.S: 9.00
Reach Block: 8.00
Pull & Block Outside: 7.50
Adjust in Space: 7.00
Use of Hands: 8.50

Outstanding run blocker whose technique works perfectly with his size and strength to be a positive in this regard. His burst off the line really benefits this, but his hands sometimes will work against him. He doesn't have overwhelming size or strength but can put together enough technique and leverage to move off of the LOS. His true strength is blocking in space, where he can make any time to movement block from a reach, pull, combo, and 2nd level in space. He demonstrated this time and time again and can be a dynamic part of a run game.


Quick Set: 8.00
Protect Corner: 8.00
Footwork/ Redirect & Slide: 9.50
Anchor/Reset Ability: 7.50
Handle Games/Stunts: 8.00
Hands/Punch: 7.00

Once again Wills' footwork shines here and puts him in the best place possible to be able to block properly. So clean and sudden out of his stance, he's nearly impossible to beat around the corner or inside as he's always in the right spot. His hand usage is more inconsistent. Flashes of excellence in placement and punch, but was also liable to aim high and wide and mistime punches. Hand fighting left a lot to be desired but it also speaks to a skill he can learn to improve his game. His anchor is pretty solid as well, leverage and pad level is always in a good place, but once again his hands occasionally work against him and make it harder to anchor. These, of course, are all nitpicks and places to improve, he was excellent production-wise as Tua's blindside protector and shows a great floor and even some ceiling to grow into.


Toughness: 8.50
Consistency: 8.50
Production: 9.00

He plays through the whistle and didn't notice any concerns with body language. Extremely productive as a starter for a team that went to two national championships.


Instincts: 8.00
Learn/Retain: 8.00
Teamwork: 8.50

He was active and aware of stunts and blitzes, decisive when facing more than one blocker, and continued to improve over his time at Alabama. All encouraging signs of future growth.


Evaluators will immediately be blown away by Wills’ footwork. He came out of his stance so sudden and smooth and that set him up for success. He's calm and in control, matching-and-mirroring edge rushers so effectively. His footwork sets him up and his hand usage in terms of placement and control is also very good. His technique is so well tuned that his natural strength shows up functionally in both aspects of the offense. While his anchor is solid, his in-line run blocking is great. His hand usage seems to improve while on the attack, and he's able to move lineman off of their spot and destroy contains. He plays with enough of a mean streak where he puts people in the ground. His footwork is so good he also excels in making every other type of run block. Clean and efficient on pulls. Strong yet fluid on combos. Gets straight to the LB at the 2nd level. Can adjust in open space to seal off defenders. Was impressively able to make numerous reach blocks. Able to do all of this against elite competition. Mental processing also was not an issue, as stunts and blitzes rarely got the best of him, and was able to occasionally find the extra late blitzer. Solid, active eyes.


Wills had a surprising lack of issues but a couple stood out that could keep him from being super successful early. Sustaining blocks in pass pro is my biggest gripe and this probably stems from his grip and punch in pass pro. He opted to not use a punch very often but was still excellent about keeping the defender out of his chest. His grip came and went but pretty often he would make his initial block and then let it through. Because of Alabama's offensive scheme and Tagovailoa's mobility, he didn't need to sustain very long. In the NFL he will need to finish his blocks through the whistle. Everything else comes down to consistency in pass pro with his hand usage, mostly placement and hand fighting. His mental processing is also well ahead of his area awareness. These problems all seem rather fixable which leads to a high prospect grade.


Wills is one of my favorite tackle prospects in the last few years. His technical prowess makes him a very safe bet, but with a few tweaks and improvements, he can become even better. His footwork is incredibly smooth and efficient and that makes him reliable in both the pass and run game. With most of the OL prospects you're getting a play who can hopefully contribute early in one phase but needs to develop in the other. With Wills, you have someone who should benefit both aspects of offense very early in his career. The only potential knock is that' he's a career RT. Nick Saban did him good by allowed him to stay there instead of moving over as he thrived on the right side. While that's a potential knock-on his versatility, both sides pretty much matter just as much now and with Tua's handedness, he was enacted with the responsibility on a blindside protector anyway. Tua's mobility and the Alabama offense could also allude to an easier time, but watching you could see him succeed while others struggled on that line. He was dominant at times with little downtime and incredibly consistent to boot. I would invest a high pick on Wills and lock down the right side of your line for a long-time with a safe floor and elite upside player.

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