Jeremy Chinn


Southern Illinois


221 lbs



Injury History: Dislocated Shoulder/Torn Labrum (2017), Plantar Fasciitis (2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: North Dakota State, Youngstown State 2018 Vs: Youngstown State

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 8.40
Flexibility: 8.20
Deep Speed: 8.00
Explosion: 8.20
Coordination: 8.10

High-quality athleticism and build. His build, athleticism, and the way Southern Illinois used him is very similar to another high-end prospect in this draft in Isaiah Simmons from Clemson. He has a smooth backpedal and can flip his hips with ease to be able to carry WRs and TEs downfield. He has excellent straight-line speed and the range to get from the far hash to the opposite side of the field in a matter of seconds. He has a ton of quick-twitch muscle fibers and can explode upfield with closing quickness that not many DBs have. His fluidity allows him to be a chess piece defender and match up with all types of offensive weapons. He plays under control and doesn't get off-balanced or reckless when asked to matchup in space.


Man Press: 7.50
Man Off: 8.20
Zone: 7.80
Hand Fighting: 7.60
Hips/Turn Ability: 8.20

Versatile coverage ability in that he played everywhere from Outside CB, Nickel CB, Single High S, SS, to in-box LB. He is athleticism and fluidity allow him to carry WRs and TEs downfield without separation and when you add in his length it does not give QBs a lot of areas to deliver passes. He processes plays and route concepts quickly which allow him to use his ridiculous closing quickness to disrupt passes in zone. He has the strength to not be bullied by bigger-bodied WRs and TEs and can stick with them throughout the duration of the route. He has loose hips and easy transitional skills that has no stiffness to be seen.


Closing Quickness: 8.80
Ball Skills: 8.40
Route/Play Diagnosis: 8.30

Outstanding closing quickness and when combined with his ability to quickly process the play in front of him it allows him to get in on a lot of plays. He has soft hands and plays the ball in the air with a mentality that it is entitled to him, and if he doesn't come down with it then nobody will. Understands route concepts and will keep himself clean from picks or being separated from his assignment.


Quickness Upfield: 8.20
Fight Through Blocks: 7.80
Tackling: 8.20

No reservation whatsoever about coming downhill in run support. He is willing to fly down into the box and corral ball carrier. At times he will take poor pursuit angles and will run himself out of ball carriers lane, but has the athleticism and effort to keep working back to play. He has the length and tenacity to engage and shed blocks against TEs. He is a sure tackler who consistently flashed the ability to breakdown in space and secure open-field tackles.


Toughness: 8.10
Production: 8.20
Consistency/Motor: 8.20

Gritty playing demeanor and is willing to play through pain such as this past season where he battled through plantar fasciitis to still put up quality production. Three seasons worth of great production at a smaller school, but was one of the best defenders in that whole conference. His motor is always red hot and his effort never wanes, that effort flashes on tape, especially when running down ball carriers deep down the field to save his team from giving up TDs.


Instincts: 8.00
Learn/Retain: 8.20
Teamwork: 8.20

Great feel and ability to put himself into situations to make game-changing plays. He has the athleticism, build, and ball skills to disrupt a lot of what an offense wants to do. He played a number of different positions and excelled at them all, so he has the intelligence to absorb a lot of responsibilities. Also showed the ability to line his teammates up pre-snap and communicated what he recognized pre-snap. Team leader who plays with an Alpha Dog mentality.


Twitched up and versatile defensive weapon built out of the same mold Isaiah Simmons was. He has length, size, speed, fluidity, and ball skills to impact the game both in run defense or covering anyone the offense could throw his way. His fluidity and length allow him to play a lot of man coverage on both WRs and TEs. He has explosive closing quickness and can flash into your screen in an instant. He is a sure tackler and has no problem bringing down players in space. Has no problem throwing his body around in run support and is willing to take on blockers.


Not a lot of weaknesses in his skill set other than he at times takes poor pursuit angles and will simply run himself out of the play, but gives excellent effort and will loop back around to run down plays from behind. There will be questions about if he can make the same impact while stepping up in the level of competition. He also has a list of injuries that will need to be vetted and some may question his long term durability.


Jeremy Chinn is a somewhat diamond in the rough that draft media experts are just now coming around to, but when you watch his tape, see his performance at the Combine, and look at his entire skillset there are a lot of similarities to Isaiah Simmons. He played all over the defense at Southern Illinois, but I believe that if he is able to focus on just one position at the next level I believe he could have an impact like former Arizona Cardinals Safety, Adrian Wilson. He has a real chance to come off the board at the end of the first round and if not should be off the board early on day two of the draft.

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