Joe Burrow



6' 4"

216 lbs



Games Evaluated 2019 Vs: Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma

Report By: Ryan Lippert

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. 7.00
Flexibility 7.00
C.O.D. 6.00
Explosiveness/Speed 6.50
Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure 9.00

Burrow isn't a prospect that is going to wow you with his athleticisim. However, I also wouldn't call him "unathletic." He has the ability to take off and pick up yards as a ball carrier but just doesn't have the breakaway speed or moves in the open field to be considered a true dual threat quarterback. The one category that will catch a lot of attention in this category is his pocket mobility and ability to avoid pressure. He has shown that he has a great feel for the pocket and knows when to step up, when to escape/roll out of the pocket, as well as when to get rid of the ball or take off as a runner in order to avoid taking a sack.

Quick Release/Mechanics 7.40
Delivery 7.50
Short Accuracy 8.50
Intermediate Accuracy 7.40
Deep Accuracy 7.30
Big Play Ability 8.60
Avoid Errors/Mistakes 8.80
Arm Strength 6.70
Footwork 8.00

As a passer, Burrow has shown that he can make all of the throws with an impressive amount of accuracy. This is especially true in crunch time as Burrow always seems to pick up his play and make incredible throws when the game is on the line and his team needs a big play. He also makes very few mistakes as far as trying to force passes into tight coverage or throwing interceptions which obviously is always a plus for a top level quarterback. The only thing that isn't great with him as a passer is his arm strength. He lacks true elite arm strength but I also don't think it is a big enough issue to worry about as he still has enough strength to make the throws he has been asked to.

Toughness 8.30
Intangibles/Leadership 8.70
Poise In Pocket 8.30
Consistency / Motor 8.50
Production 9.50
Improvisational Ability 8.50

Burrow's competitiveness is one of the biggest things that stuck out to me when evaluating him. He always seemed to keep his composure regardless of the situation at hand and was the true leader of this LSU offense. His poise in the pocket is very impressive as he isn't afraid to step up in the pocket to avoid pressure. He also is a very tough player that isn't afraid to lower his shoulder as a ball carrier instead of sliding which helps pick up extra yards. Burrow also has outstanding improvisational ability as he can scramble outside the pocket and keeps his eyes up to find the open receiver at the last second while avoiding pressure. All of these traits led to his production in his senior year which speaks for itself as one of the greatest single seasons that we have ever seen from a college quarterback.

Instincts 8.70
Blitz/Coverage Recognition 8.70
Decision Making 8.80
Learn/Retain 8.5

Intelligence is another thing that sets Burrow apart from other quarterback prospects. He has great instincts both inside and outside the pocket when feeling the pressure coming and making his decision whether it be throwing the ball downfield and taking off as a runner to pick up yards. He also does a great job of picking up blitzes pre-snap and reading coverages. As a decision maker, he does a great job of not forcing anything and going through his progressions which led to only six interceptions on the season compared to his 60 touchdowns.

Burrow's production from this season speaks for itself as it was one of the greatest we have ever seen at the position. Besides that, the biggest trait that I love from Burrow is his pocket presence and mobility. He has a great feel for the pocket, showing that he knows when to step up when pressure is coming off the edge, when to step to the side to avoid pressure, and when to escape the pocket with defenders on his heels. While he is doing all of this, he keeps his eyes down field and looks for the open man. He does a great job of making throws on the run, flipping his hips and shoulders to make quick throws. I also believe that you won't find a better leader than Burrow in this quarterback class. As I have mentioned already, you want the ball in his hands with the game on the line as he has the ability. toughness, and IQ to make the plays in crunch time.

As you will see in my scores, I couldn't find many flaws in Burrow's game. One of his weaknesses is although he can make plays as a runner when needed, he isn't what you would call an elite athlete and doesn't have true breakaway speed and elusiveness as a ball carrier like some of the dual threat QBs in the league (i.e. Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, etc.). He also doesn't have a cannon for an arm or isn't what you would call a "gun slinger." However, I believe he has adequate enough arm strength that it won't hinder him too much. Some people might argue or worry that he has only had the one impressive season in college but I think it's important to realize how good of a season he had and that he is still improving.


Joe Burrow was easily the most pleasant surprise of the 2019 college football season. After sitting on the bench in a crowded quarterback room at Ohio State, Burrow decided to move on and pursue a program where he could start. He transferred to LSU in 2018 and immediately took over as the starter for the Tigers. Burrow had a decent but not outstanding first season at LSU, completing 57.8% of his passes for 2,894 yards, 16 touchdowns, and five interceptions. He also rushed for 399 yards and seven touchdowns. Coming into his final season as a Tiger, Burrow was thought by most to be a mid-late round draft pick at best. However, as we all know, he proved us all wrong and set the college football world on fire. Burrow finished his college campaign with one of the best seasons by a college quarterback as he completed 76.3 % of his passes for 5,671 yards, 60 touchdowns, and only six interceptions while also rushing for 368 yards and five touchdowns. These numbers helped Burrow run away with the Heisman trophy. He then went on to lead the Tigers to an undefeated season and a National Championship victory over Clemson. Coming into the draft, Burrow is without a doubt the best quarterback in this class and no lower than a top three prospect overall. He brings all the intangibles that you could want in a quarterback along with a great amount of skill and a true desire to win games. I will be very surprised if Burrow is still sitting there after the Bengals make the first overall selection in the draft.
NFL Comparion: Tony Romo;
Team Fits: Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers;
Draft Projection: Top 3 Pick

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