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Jonah Williams


College: Alabama

Height: 6'5"


Weight: 302 lbs

Injury History: 2017: High-ankle sprain and ruptured deltoid

Scout: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.90

Q.A.B. 8.00 


Quicker than fast but an impressively athletic big man. His footwork, agility, and balance should be considered some of his best physical traits.

Flexibility 8.25


Jonah's knee bend and hip flexibility are showcased play after play. In terms of technique, he's certainly the most consistent linemen in the 2019 NFL Draft and will religiously drop his base/pad level, get low, and wins the leverage battle.

C.O.D. 7.50

Rarely ever takes a false step when blocking. With extremely fluid movement and lower body mechanics, Williams is quickly able to redirect and recover against stunts and inside moves with ease.

Explosion 7.75

Explosive when moving forward in run blocking but hardly ever engages or initiates contact when pass blocking. Needs to transfer his power and aggression into his pass blocking game.

Versatility 8.00

Accels in both the run and pass, and could easily make the move inside is asked or required to do so.

Run Blocking: 8.67

In-Line 8.50

Flashes some true power when down blocking and sealing rushing lanes. Typically wins the initial body positioning battle and generates power and push with this lower body and trunks for legs.

Movement off L.O.S. 8.50

Williams is a serious pile mover and dominates at the point of attack. Often driving DT's or DE's 5+ yards off of the line of scrimmage.

Reach Block 8.50 

Athletic enough to consistently get his head across a D-lineman in order to cut him off and seal running lanes due to his quick feet and burst out of his stance.

Pull & Block Outside 9.00

The big man is more than athletic enough to pull from the left tackle position across the line of scrimmage, locate his blocking assignment with ease, and spring open massive running lanes.

Adjust In Space 9.00

Great open field blocker. His mechanics and athleticism help with redirecting and adjusting at the last moment. Does enough to disrupt players path to the ball carrier but doesn't attempt to punish his opponents or drive them to the dirt.


Use of Hands 8.50

Strong mits make it hard for defenders to disengage once he's gained inside leverage but his short arms hinder him against the elites who have the reach advantage over him.

Pass Blocking: 8.67 

Quick Set 8.50

Excellent pop off the snap of the ball, Williams was hardly ever beaten off the line and consistently drops his hips and quick sets with proper technique.


Protect Corner 8.00

His ability to mirror his opponent is arguably the best amongst the draft class. He does a great job of matching pass rushers step for step and never gives up body positioning.

Footwork / Redirect & Slide 9.00

Quick but smooth footwork and reflex allow him to recovery and redirect on a dime. Strong kick slide keeps pass rushers in check off the edge.

Anchor / Reset Ability 9.00

Often gives up a bit of space to absorb rushers momentum but is rarely pushed off his base or driven backwards. Williams is widely considered a body catcher type of left tackle.

Handle Games/Stunts 9.00

Does a tremendous job at recognizing and picking up stunts and blitz in a split second. Jonah has great vision and keeps his head on a swivel in order to track delays and transfers blocking responsibilities like a pro.

Hands / Punch 8.50

Good hand fighter with an underutilized powerful punch but the prototypical reach that limits him verse athletic and lengthy defensive ends.

Competitiveness 8.33

Toughness 7.50

Although Williams should be considered physically tough, his playing style could be defined as somewhat soft or finesse. He wins with technique, not aggression, or toughness.

Consistency / Motor 8.50

High motor ultra-athlete who never takes a play off or shows signs of slowing down. Jonah puts out the same effort and efficiency from the 1st to the 4th quarter.

Production 9.00

Highly productive as a left tackle and could find success across all five positions on the offensive line. Rarely allowed a pressure, much less a sack (Minus CFB National Championship).

Intelligence 8.83


Instincts 8.50

Has eyes in the back of his head and often makes blocks he has no business being apart of. 

Learn/Retain 9.00


Jonah is a high football IQ, lover of the game type, who can diagnose defenses with the best of them.

Teamwork 9.00

Accels at combo blocks and double teams with his guard or tight end. He's a leader amongst men and loved by his teammates both on and off the field.


His technique is so clean, from the footwork, to the knee bend, to his kick slide and redirect, you couldn't ask for much more in terms of form from a twenty-one-year-old in terms of proper form. Jonah was rarely ever pushed back and when he was, he was quick to recover and halt defenders dead in their tracks. His biggest attribute may be his football IQ and ability to recognize blitzes and stunts. Williams game tape refused to point out any instance of him blowing or missing any blocking assignments. In terms of teamwork, whether it’s a run or a pass, he does a tremendous job of assisting the left guard and peeling off the double team to handle delayed blitzes or get to the second level.


Rarely does he initiate contact when pass blocking and often receives punishment instead of dishing it out. His lack of length and arm reach have drawn some red flags for those who are adamant about measurable and could force him to slide inside. When he is beat, it was typically against someone who was able to control the distance with a longer reach. He’s susceptible to the bull rush when he loses the leverage battle and allows edge rushers to win the hand placement. If he can get his arms inside the chest of his opponent, he’s practically undefeated, but due to the fact he is never the aggressor, it’s difficult to consistently win the hand fight every play.


Jonah should be the first lineman off of the board, and will have a solid NFL career ahead of him. The offensive tackle just needs to be meaner and more aggressive on the field. The sound technique Williams possesses doesn't give the same room to grow in terms of overall potential as some of these more physically gifted offensive linemen such as Jawaan Taylor but the talent is there and shouldn't be overlooked by any means. Jonah is a day one starter, a potential 10-year plug-n-play prospect, and has the chance to be a Pro Bowl caliber player by year two in the league.

Projected Round: 1st Round (top 10)
Team Fits: Cardinals, Giants, Vikings 
NFL Comparison: Donald Penn