Jonathan Greenard




263 lbs



Injury History: Severe Wrist Injury (Missed Entire 2018 season), Minor Ankle Injury (2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Virginia (Bowl Game), Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Florida State

Report By: Bobby Greco

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.80
Flexibility: 7.80
Explosiveness: 8.00
Playing Speed: 7.60
Coordination: 7.90

Absolute freak of an athlete. Explodes off the line on every play, which causes havoc amongst the O-Line. Plenty of times the tackle wouldn't get a hand on him, because Greenard would blow past him. Has very good hip bend, which allows him to get past linemen in different ways. Very active with his hands, whether it's with a pass rush move or batting down balls. His ability at batting passes is very fluid for him and shows great coordination. Plays hard, but can take it easy if he thinks he is out of the play. That being said, he is not a lazy player and can change direction easily when in pursuit of a ball carrier.


Initial Quickness: 7.90
Use of Hands: 7.80
Leverage: 7.60
Pass Rush Moves: 8.00
Finish Ability: 7.50

Fantastic pass rusher, who has a wide array of pass rush moves. Can be a speed rusher or power rusher, depending on the lineman he is going against. Can overwhelm lineman when he knows it's possible, like the LT for Virginia. By the end of the Orange Bowl Virginia was double and triple-teaming him. He doesn't always have the best leverage, especially when linemen get both hands on him. He can also miss tackles by losing control of his body if he gets into the backfield undeterred. Has great hands, but his grade is lowered a bit because he is hesitant to use his injured hand.


Toughness: 7.80
Consistency/Motor: 7.40
Production: 7.10

Toughness is not an issue here, he only had two productive seasons. Put up decent stat Freshman year, but was a part-time player. Had a very good in season 17 with Louisville, but lost all his momentum missing the 18 season due to wrist injury, before transferring to Florida. Had his best season with the Gators, leading the team in TFL and sacks. Consistency is high but will stop running on plays he is far from.


Play with Leverage: 7.60
Stack and Shed: 7.80
Gap Shooting Ability: 7.40
Run at Him: 7.90
Run Away: 6.70
Tackling/Hitting: 7.80

Very strong vs the run, especially when the play comes his way. Has good leverage, but linemen with strong hands can stifle him. Powerful player with quick hands, that allows him stack and shed pretty easily, unless linemen can get their hands squared up on him. Better tackling vs the run, than sacking QBs. Seems calmer and under control of his body. He gives up on plays that are far from him. Great at shooting gaps, but guesses too much and sometimes creates huge running lanes for opponents.


Instincts: 8.00
Learn/Retain: 7.00
Teamwork: 7.60

Has great instincts and seems to always know what the offense is doing, but definitely has room to improve since he does guess sometimes. Gets caught up trying to use his athletic ability, instead of reading what is happening. Still gets a high grade for instincts, because 80% of the time he does the right thing. Show great leadership when arriving at Florida. Assists his teammates stats, just by causing havoc in the backfield. Was double and triple-teamed most of FSU and Vanderbilt games, which led to his teammates recording many sacks. Retention is low, because of guessing and trying to do too much.


Has a wide arsenal of pass rush moves and is very explosive off the line. Quick hands allow him to bat away blockers and run past them. strong vs the run and pass. Very instinctual player.


Guesses when shooting gaps at times and takes himself out of plays. Hesitant to use his injured hand. Gets over-ambitious in pass rush and sometimes misses the quarterback.


Overall a strong player with the ability to do a little of everything in a defense. Can playing standing, or in at 3 technique and should be able to fit most systems. Shouldn't be put in coverage much, but has the capabilities to drop back once in a while. Is a day 2 prospect, but someone who can start for a team. Similar skill set to Shaq Lawson, but more of a pass rusher. Would be a great fit in Seattle or even Atlanta.

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