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Josh Jacobs


College: Alabama

Height: 5'10"


Weight: 216 lbs

Injury History: 2017: Strained Hamstring, Broken Ankle (Required Surgery)

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 8.16

Q.A.B.: 8.20


Jacobs is an electric playmaker with extremely quick feet and lateral agility constantly displaying a lethal jump cut to bounce the ball outside. With a low center of gravity and a strong lower body he exhibits outstanding contact balance, often capable of regaining his feet if tripped up and dragging opponents on his back to pick up extra yardage. Strong runner with excellent movement ability.

Flexibility: 8.30


Displays excellent flexibility with bent knees and low pads to punish defenders in contact. Will look for contact with low pads and runs with excellent pad level in the open field. Can fully extend to make difficult catches out of the backfield.

C.O.D.: 8.10


Has shown an excellent ability to plant his foot in the ground and cut up field quickly past a defenders face. Utilizes an excellent jump cut to bounce the ball. Showcases good stop-start ability, with the talent to explode back up to full speed instantly. Changing direction doesn't impact speed and is very fluid.

Explosion: 8.50


Very explosive runner who will burst out of his stance and charge the line of scrimmage looking to dominate defenders in the hole. Possesses a second gear to burst in the open field leaving defenders in his wake. Will look to punish tacklers in contact, capable of exploding through his pads.

Top End Speed: 7.70


Has the speed to breakaway in the open field and outrun the secondary. If given sunlight he will burst through the crease and exploit the hole. He has big play ability whenever he touches the ball. Will get caught from behind on angle tackles downfield. Displays the speed to get the corner and turn upfield.

With Ball In Hands: 8.26

Vision 8.80


Displays the best vision in the class, capable of finding holes in traffic and bursting through small spaces quickly. Outstanding ability to find a crease away from the play side, often bouncing the ball and exploding through the opening. He will not often run into a clogged hole.

Cutting Ability: 9.10


Displays exceptional cutting ability in the backfield, often finding openings in the line to burst through. Will cut upfield when bouncing the ball to the sideline to abuse over-pursuers. Excellent awareness combined with a strong lower body and good movement skills make him lethal when cutting up field.

Elusiveness: 7.00


Has the ability to shake defenders in the open field, displaying the quickness to avoid tacklers. Would rather dominate in contact and run through a defender than avoid them.


Yards After Contact: 8.10


A powerful runner who will often carry defenders on his back before hitting the turf. He looks to physically punish defenders as a bruising back displaying the finesse needs to shake arm tackles and the power needed to bully defenders with his shoulder. On multiple snaps, he has stood strong in a pile prior to the yard to gain and pushed multiple defenders downfield to pick up the first down.

Ball Security: 8.30


Does not have a problem with fumbling on limited touches. Holds the ball high and tight with an eagle claw grip on every play. Will grip the ball with two arms in goal-line situations. Smart with ball protection.

Receiving: 6.78

Hands: 6.60


He has soft hands to reel balls thrown away from his frame. Can make difficult catches out of the backfield and has been a reliable checkdown option throughout his career. Will occasionally lose concentration and run up field before securing the ball. Short arms make it hard to extend for the ball.

Route Running: 6.30


Excellent movement ability and speed to gain separation out of the backfield. Has the ability to learn how to effectively run routes at the next level. Was never required to learn a full route tree and didn't play out of the slot or on the boundary very often. used as a checkdown receiver running screens, arrows and out routes.

Ability In Space: 7.50


Very good in space capable of avoiding contact and frequently picking up yards after the catch in the screen game. Will often look to punish defenders rather than avoid them. Can find open space in the defense and cut into the lane with relative ease.

Ability to Separate: 6.70


Displays the quick feet, body control and speed to gain separation on linebackers out of the backfield. Not required to run an excessive route tree, but has the capability and talent to learn. Mismatch.

Blocking: 6.33

Lead Blocking: 6.30


He's a solid blocker who can occupy defenders and delay their ability to attack the ball. Very physical athlete who can drive players out of the play. Extremely competitive and will run down the field to block for receivers or other runners.

Blocking In Space: 5.80


His ability to block in space can vary. His height and length don't help, but his technique and power give him the ability to fight and drive players away from the ball. Can overextend and miss blocks in space.

Pass Blocking: 6.50


Shows solid technique and excellent power to hold his ground in pass protection. Still has room for growth. He can be relied on for third down attempts.

Situational Awareness: 6.70


Shows the awareness to find free runners from across the formation and slide in front of the quarterback in order to pick up the block. He knows who to block on any given play and doesn't get confused by delayed blitzes or stunts.

Competitiveness: 8.08

Toughness: 8.50


One of the toughest players in the class. He looks to dominate defenders in contact on every play bullying them with strong and explosive pads. He has played through injuries in the past. He has a strong built upper-body and exceptionally strong legs that help him push piles and keep his feet.

Production: 6.30


Extremely explosive playmaker who can create out of nothing. Criminally underutilized in a crowded backfield at Alabama. Excellent production on limited touches. Will Get penalized for lack of opportunity. Only one 100 yard rushing performance in career. Was used to drain the clock and put the finishing touches on wins in the fourth quarter.

Consistency/Motor: 8.50


Possesses a high motor who will turn out hard yards in piles. Consistently outworks teammates and opponents. Strong runner who will play through the whistle on every snap, never taking a play off.

Teamwork: 9.00


He is a team leader with extraordinary Character traits. Very humble and hard working who has worked for everything he has accomplished. Very well rounded individual who puts his team first.

Intelligence: 7.87

Instincts: 7.60


Great instincts in the hole. He frequently finds open space to run through. Excellent vision and awareness to know where he is on the field at all times. Good ability to find free rushers in pass protection to keep his quarterback clean.

Learn/Retain: 7.50


He is a reliable player in each phase of the game and possesses an excellent understanding for his roles in each game. Will need to learn a full route tree to help on passing downs in today's NFL.

Versatility: 8.50


He is a strong runner who is reliable in every area of the field including on goal-line situations. Has the ability to protect the passer on 3rd downs, while showing the talent to catch the ball out of the backfield. He always strives to do what he can to help the team. He is a foundational special teams player and will contribute early as a returner and core special teamer at the next level.


Jacobs his a powerful runner who is not afraid to dominate defenders in contact. He has excellent vision at the line of scrimmage and can utilize a vicious jump-cut to break into the crease and explode to the next level. He runs with excellent keane bend and pad level to win consistently in contact and barrel forward for extra yards. He possesses a strong lower body and the determination and balance to stay on his feet and turn out tough yards in a crowd. With exceptional athleticism, quick feet and outstanding lateral agility, he can frequently make the first defender miss in the backfield and break into the open space using his speed to get the corner and work upfield down the sideline. Jacobs vision and elite movement ability make him a nightmare to track down in the backfield. Although he has the elusiveness to avoid contact, he relishes the opportunity to bully defenders and run through them with his pads. He has the home-run speed and big play ability to break a game open any time he touches the ball. Displays the versatility to catch the ball out of the backfield and the technique required to pass block on 3rd-down attempts. Reliable as a player and leader with the work ethic desired in elite prospects.


Josh Jacobs was terribly underutilized during his tenure at Alabama. He has had one game of 20 carries in his career and averaged 6.2 attempts per game throughout his career. His durability has been a concern throughout his career, and without a sizeable workload, it has yet to be seen if Jacobs can handle a featured back role in the NFL. He has accrued just one game eclipsing 100 rushing yards and was never named as the starting back in Bama's offense. Jacob's has sustained numerous injuries throughout his career in Crimson Tide's offense. He has endured multiple hamstring, and ankle injuries requiring surgery to heal a broken bone at the end of his sophomore season. He was never tasked with running a full route tree and will need to learn how to run crisp routes at the next level. Reliable, but not the greatest pass blocker. Can improve in this area.


Jacobs is a hard runner with a nose for the big play. He shows the versatility to run over defenders or make them miss in the open field, while possessing the ability to catch balls out of the backfield. He is reliable in pass protection. He possesses the talent to become a dominant three-down workhorse at the next level. His usage in Alabama's offense is concerning. Having only carried the ball 20 times once in his career and producing one game of 100 yards doesn't sit well with most. He hasn't shown the durability to be a workhorse back at the next level when considering his career workload or injury history. Although he possesses the talent their are concerns with his overall impact as a 3-down back. However, his talent, vision, power, quick feet, lateral agility and versatility make up for all the concerns he could possibly have. Jacobs is a future star at the next level and is worth a first round selection. His character traits and leadership ability are bonuses.