Josh Jones

Offensive Tackle


6' 5"

319 lbs



Injury History: Knee Injury: Missed 2 Games (2017)

Games Evaluated: 2019 vs OU, Cincinnati

Report By: Ali Jawad

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 8.00
Flexibility: 8.00
C.O.D.: 7.80
Explosion: 7.50
Versatility: 6.40

For a player his size, Jones moves well into open space and in position for blocks on screens and kick-outs. Could use improvement in the lower body to help with balance at times will be too high and this allows for pass rushers to move by him easier. Athleticism is one of his biggest strengths he moves with ease when pulling on backside runs and screens. Very fluid in the hips which allows him to open up in the boundary against outside pressure. Thanks to his body movement he is able to change direction on kick-out blocks, as well as getting in position on screens and at times will be seen as the lead blocker. Will explode off the line which puts him in a great position to anchor or open up lanes for the backs. He started his collegiate career playing guard and made the transition to left tackle.


In-Line: 7.50
Movement off L.O.S.: 8.30
Reach Block: 7.80
Pull & Block Outside: 6.80
Adjust In Space: 7.80
Use of Hands: 6.70

Shows the ability to steer defenders to help open up lanes. He can struggle to slide laterally which could cause hand placement to fall but can make up for it with his length. When he lands his hands in the right spot he is known as a people mover. He uses his athleticism to move defenders horizontally. Thanks to his impressive length he is able to excel in reach blocks and also is beneficial in the recovery process. However, at times may look like he is overreaching/overextending on blocks which defenders will take advantage of. Is able to hustle to the outside block and get in position but could be more aggressive at the POA. Feet at times look too heavy but seems to be able to make up for and recover thanks to his fluid hips and athleticism. Keeps his hands moving at all times and will fight defenders even if winning the battle he won't stop his hands. At times, however, he can be late to fire his hands.


Quick Set: 6.00
Protect Corner : 6.30
Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 7.20
Anchor / Reset Ability: 6.00
Handle Games/Stunts: 5.00
Hands / Punch: 7.30

Jones Is not the quickest off the ball, especially when it comes to positioning his hands, but will get himself into a position to get his hands on a target. Confident pass protector in space but at times may need to be able to mirror and position himself better. His feet are fluid and light, which allows for suddenness in mirror situations but he's guilty of over-setting and can be a dog chasing cars versus pass rushers using flashing hands or head fakes. At times feet will get sloppy and defenders will roll right by him. Can be too loose with his posture to walk himself back into recovered stance. He does possess the strength to blow defenders out of the picture. He struggles to sift through and locate stunts or fill against run defenders. Will consistently fight defenders with his hands and has heavy hands on his first strike. Overall hand activity is strong and persistent.


Toughness: 8.00
Consistency / Motor: 7.00
Production: 7.00

Has played through 2 full seasons injury free and was able to match up as the bigger threat to pass rushers around the AAC. He was able to dominate and bully pass rushers in the AAC thanks to his size, and strength. He will not get that same luxury in the pros. Coming off a productive season where he improved as a run blocker. Was named second-team All-AAC. Blocked for an offense in 2018 that was 16th in passing and 24th in running in the nation, and 5th in points.


Instincts: 6.00
Learn/Retain: 5.10
Teamwork: 7.00

At times trust his instincts but needs to be more sure about where the assignment is mid-play. Fundamentally speaking he isn't where you'd ideally like to see a four-year starter. Will need work with his framing, footwork, and patience to not chase and instead covet his leverage and angles. If he can be remodeled on his patience and trust in his foot speed, he'll be just fine. Played for 3 different coaches and maintained a starting effort. The 2019 season wasn't the same as when he played on a 2018 offensive line that played a key role in Houston's top 10 scoring offense.


Jones will rarely lose in rushing sets at the point of attack and does a great job getting up to the second level with ease. As a run blocker he is much more efficient he does a great job in open space pulling up in front of runs. He has several years of starting experience and with the physical tools, he possesses he has a ton of upside especially if paired with a good offensive line coach. His best trait is his athleticism as he is very fluid in his hips and moves well for a player his size.


Where Jones stands to improve the most is on his lower body. Starting with his feet he flashes quickness in his footwork in pass protection At times he can get too comfortable which at times can make him lazy with his mechanics and often times will lose strength against edge rushers. At times seems like he is just trying to get in a defenders way. Needs to be more aware as a blocker in open space.


When I watch Jones play I watch a tackle who has complete potential to be a starter at the next level. His run blocking, superb athleticism, strength, and size give him the tools that teams will want in a starting-caliber tackle. While I think he can start I wouldn't expect it right away. Jones is still raw in certain areas of his game mainly as a pass blocker. With a solid display at the combine Jones could be a potential late 1st round selection. Although I believe Jones will wind up going in the 2nd round. Team fits include the Packers, Giants, Bengals, Chargers, and Rams.

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